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Dating scammer Vera Sapozhnikova
First name: Vera
Last name: Sapozhnikova
Age: 25
Name aliases:
Verunchik, Verunya, Wera
Scammer's Location(s):
Danilov (Russia)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Absolute Agency


Remy (France)

She contact me. After 2 letters, she wants to come to me, she falls in love and asks for help (visa) 180 dollars.
Peter (Germany)

If my english is not the best, sorry, I am from Germany.
The lady with name Vera Sapozhnikova contacted me with a e-mail.
She falled in love after the second mail from me. She has stolen me so much time, because her english is really bad, and i spent many time to translate her letters.
After ten days I was critical, if all is true, what she has written to me.
But - I falled also in love.
But she answered not sudden to important questions of birthday, City, street, telephonenumber and other main details.
But - she wants money for a ticket. And I said to her (with mail), it is not impossible for she to come to me, without a invitation.
Yesterday I take a look into a searching-machine, and I gave her name into this searching-machine.And what did i see ?
Vera Sapozhnikova is on the black list of scammer-women. And I do have many photos of her, because our contact went on for seven weeks.
And all the bad things, I during our correspondence sometimes thought about she, are true.
Men all over the world, take care !

Scam Letters

Emails from Vera Sapozhnikova to Remy (France)
Hello interesting stranger!
I have seen the information on you and you very much have interested me. I want to find out about you more and to meet you closer.
I hope that to me too will be interesting to you acquaintance.

I am very glad that thee have become interested in me. I shall tell a little about myself to me 25 call me Vera from the childhood I dreamed to work in hospital and after school I has entered medical college. Now I work in suburban hospital by the medical sister, my operation to me very much to like as working in hospital I help the people which not mediocrely require the help. I live in small city Danilove. It not the large city which is possible to bypass all lengthways and across for a floor of day. Though he and small but here is very many architectural constructions and as monuments. In free from operation time I am fond of sports. To run in the morning. On inclinings my friends and them not I am a lot of in itself modest person. I do not like gloomy days they do me sad, and it not for me, I like to smile. If all people become to smile that to live would be easier. And in general I for that that on ground reigned always world. Working in hospital I have understood that when do kindness to the people that they respond thee same. And it speaks about that that there is au ? a hope on light future and all in our arms. Yes that that I at all about that. I hope that thee will leave without attention this large lett

Emails from Vera Sapozhnikova to Peter (Germany)
HI my love.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! My city to find in RUSSIA. I to know of germanium but if you will not be against that I to arrive to you. It is not important about our any other business in age. Love all age are obedient. Whether not so? I to want that soon very soon we shall together.? I to search but that to find in RUSSIA and I to want to throw in the lot with you how you on it to look? I do not have sisters and brothers. And my parents not divorce and live in a place.
You mine unique and unique. I to feel as to come nearer that moment when we with you we shall be together.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
My largest desire now it to be with you. And this desire soon to come true. Whether not so.
With impatience I wait for our occurring.
On eternity yours VERA.

I to receive from you the letter. I think that you seriously, you to write and to think of sincere feelings. Looking on what I to want to you I hardly to suffer affliction. You see only with you I to understand that I love you. You and only you you best. And you most expensive that for me are. And IF WE SHALL FIND the consent between us. That I to be with you. YOU very attractive and your photo. I LOVE YOU!!!
I you to like I to want to you. And you to be convinced that I to you not of boxes all this time. You see speak that on lie love will not construct. To me to want love is sincere. And for money will not buy. I to want what you to not think of me as whether it

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