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Photo of scammer Lisa Keith Mascot

DATING SCAMMER Lisa Keith Mascot

First name: Lisa
Last name: Keith Mascot
Age: 29
Kelly F. Gabrielle, Kelly Flowers
Kelly F. Gabrielle, Kelly Flowers
Name aliases:
Kelli, Kellie, Lissa
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
20 Croydon street, state Penge, United Kingdom, SEZ 7ZY
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Dating, Lava Life


REPORT N1 (added on July, 7, 2008)
Mike (Canada)

Hello, Very crafty person here, best scammer I've run across. Responded to her smile on lavalife. After a couple of emails on lava, she sent me her hotmail address.She took her time with me, most every night we chatted thru MSN instant messenger sometimes as long as 2 hours a night. She claimed to live with her mother and sister in london. She also claimed to live in Las Cruces, New Mexico with her father up until a couple years ago when she died. She claims to be working part time as bookeeper at store in london. She claimed to start a three week vaction a couple weeks after we started to be in contact, and wondered if she could come visit. We chatted some more and she wanted to know if I would pay for ticket because she didn't have enough money. I offered to buy ticket online for her. She wanted me to send her money for ticket, I declined, so she said she would pay for ticket instead and I offered to repay her upon arrival. At this point I was pretty convinced of her well intentions. We chatted for another week, she finally sent me a pretty legit looking air canada ticket via email due to set flight in couple days. Then she said she was broke at this point and asked for some money in the meantime.I did offer $400, she accepted, she only wanted it sent by western union, I did. I sent it to
Lisa Keith Mascot
20 Croydon street, state penge
united kingdom SEZ 7ZY
I know you must provide identification to recieve western union so this person should be real.
She phoned me at work to tell me of flight details after I sent her money and we chatted online until the day of her flight.I was quite sure she was real deal. I went to airport to pick her up, she wasn't where I instructed her to be.
REPORT N2 (added on July, 24, 2009)
Greg (USA)

Yes, very slick scammer here. This person emails you from information she gets off some dating sites. She sends you a starting letter telling you that she likes your profile and that you are very attractive to her. Then in the next letter, she tells you this really sad story how she was cheated on and then forced to go to Nigeria with her boss, who then trys to **** her and she gets fired. Now she is stuck in Nigeria with no money and no way home. She needs $800.00 for a plane ticket to come and live with you. This one can certainly tell you some stories. When you offer to get her help through the U.S. Embassy there, she turns on you and will break all contact. Possibly due to worries of getting caught. Stay away from this one, she is on every scam list on the internet.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Lisa Keith Mascot to Mike (Canada)
Hello Honey, am so glad to speak with you today..honey you really made my day i can't just wait to be with you tomorow evening..honey i got the ticket rectified.the lady that issued the ticket made mistakes giving me another person's flight details.now i got it all rectified so i will be with you tomorow evening..honey thanks so much for the true love and care you have shown to me..i cant really wait to be with you...Have a wonderful day and think about us together..just as am doing right now....Kisses and Hugs...

Lisa Benjamin

Hi Honey, how is the going? honey i had a terrible day at the airport today after i had checked in my luggages and about time to board the flight the immigrations stopped me and asked for my documents and i showed them all which was valid and intact..Honey you never told me i would need hold certain amount before i could fly out of u k to canada..honey the immigrations officer asked me if i had Basic Travelling Allowance (BTA) of $1200 which i have to have on me before i would be granted pass to board the flight since am not a citizen of canada.he said this is according to the rules of canada goverment for immigrants for securities purpose..honey you should have told me this earlier so i save for this..i felt so emberrassed and disgraced at the airport argueing with the canada immigrations officer that cheked me..honey i was not granted pass for this reason so i had to come back home t

Romance scam letter(s) from Lisa Keith Mascot to Greg (USA)
Hello Sweety ,
I am very happy and excited to hear back from you asap , i am so glad that you could trust me with your personals and everything about you , i understand i have been hurt badly in the past but i still believe there will still be the right man for me out there that would make me feel happy again in life so that was the reason i gave this a chance to see where it will leads us to between me and u ... i am hoping we can meet someday to share our dreams together and make it come true. I have been through so much and i have always understand life is about pleasure and pain and i am very sorry for your past too life could be like that , we are in life to learn from our weakness to be a strong and big hearted lover.You really sound very intresting to me that was why i am very anxious to see how this goes .
So what would you like to know about me hon ?
I am very active attractive sweet caring honest romantic passionate witty ... i have a very big heart and i am laid back ..very Open minded ...I am very compassionate .. I am very Loyal and Spiritual ... i dont like lies or head games .
I have never smoked , drink or do drugs ....I am very honest and easygoing with life and people .
I am italian canadian , I weight 125 pounds .. i am 5'5 tall .. I am athletic fit/ average ...Black hair ...Blue eyes ...well i was adopted .
I was adopted because i lost mom during birth ....and dad was not a caring soul hes more intresting in maki


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