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First name: Mandy
Last name: Lewis
Age: 26
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
64 Western Avenue, Dagenham, Essex Rm10 8XH, England
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Amateur Match, Yahoo Personals


REPORT N1 (added on July, 15, 2008)
Patrick (USA)

This contact was a dozzy. I was contacted by her out of the blue and just didn't quite know what to make of this. I read her profile on Amatuer match but DID NOT INITIATE A CONTACT. Apparently she MUST have looked and seen who have visited her profile on that site. It was odd reading her profile because it mentioned that both her parents were decesed (a very common thing among scammers), and that she lived with a grandmother who is very sick. At first, upon having the intro conversation, she was very defensive once I revealed that I HAVE been contacted by other women who tried to scamm me before. Eventually after an HOUR into our first conversation she mentioned that she wanted to travel to my place (red flag!!!......on our first meeting???) and that she would pay for it herself but only IF I DEPOSITED $30,000 OF HER MONEY INTO MY BANK (CHECKING) ACCOUNT. SHE THEN ASKED FOR MY ACCOUNT NUMBERS SO SHE CAN TRANSFER THE MONEY INTO MY ACCOUNT (YEAH, RIGHT!) SO SHE CAN BUY HER AIR-FARE USING MY ACCOUNT. GENTS, I WASN'T BORN YESTERDAY AND AM NOT STUPID EITHER BUT I WENT ALONG WITH HER PLOY TO OUT-FOX HER. I promised to sent the account numbers by e-mail to delay time, after a couple of day went by I sent a note to her that I was gravely ill for the last couple of days and was not able to find the account nubers due to my illness (I faked it,....heh). Our third conversation revealed that she want me to send her about $400+ dollars for her ailing grandmother for her meds. I confronted her about the $30,000 and became silent about her. Obviously, I caught her in a big lie and have the recorded conversations to prove it. Her plan was to get into my bank account and clean me out. Normally this is a common story you hear about scammers in Africa (Nigeria, Chad, Ghanna, etc,etc.) but it was odd coming from the U.K. One note:: She is on Yahoo 24/7 looking for someone to scamm, SO BEWARE OF THIS LOSER!!!
Created: 2008-07-15    Last updated: 2008-07-15    Views: 386