Scammer Cumisha Jones

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First name:Cumisha
Last name:Jones
Aka:Dammy Tucker, Dammy Jones, Tina Bediako, Samira Rashida, Iddrisatu, Monica Brown, Rachelle Love, Abigail Jones, Leticia Amoo, Gil Dawuud, Vivian, Abigail Smith, Ophelia Asare, Quin
Name aliases: Abby, Abi, Damy, Gill, Iddris, Iddy, Letecia, Liticia, Monicah, Rachell, Rachelle, Rechel, Semira, Tinaa, Tinna, Viv, Vivi, Viviana, Viviane, Vivias
Age: 35
Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Guangdong (China); Osun (Nigeria)
Address(es): 125 Fajuyi rd., Iie Ife, Osan, Nigeria
147 Gazin street, Osu, Accra-North, Ghana, 00233
p.o box 503, Nima, Accra, Ghana
Phone number(s): 2348032099506
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents:


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Report N1 (added on August, 2, 2008)

She has take contact me on a dating site, afther a view days she say. that she wants to com to me but she has no money for a ticket. i have pay !!! then she get in a cap to the airport. i have wait and get a mail from the hospital in Lagos that she has a bad accedent. now she will have mor money for the bills. i have now about here that she do this more to others.

Peter (Holland)

Report N2 (added on October, 3, 2008)

This woman is very good at what she is doing and sends sexy pictures (new ones that I could not see here). She fooled me for days but then she was asking for money to get a passport and I'm sure she is going to ask for money for a plane ticket too. Suddenly she is in a hurry. It's like she lost her patience and wants to get it over with. I''ll try to get more info from her.

Hans (Sweden)

Report N3 (added on January, 6, 2009)

She contacted me in yahoo, I discovered she was a scammer, then later she contacted me with same name and pics in hotmail. I confronted her about her being a scammer after I got some information about her.

Gerry (USA)

Report N4 (added on January, 28, 2009)

There are other scammers on the site that used the same picture, samira and jones.

Herve (USA)

Report N5 (added on January, 28, 2009)


Clinton (USA)

Report N6 (added on July, 22, 2009)

Asked me questions to find out who i am,then answered with all the right answers. this one,s smooth. had me believeing all the way.friendtold me to look here and wow there she out for this one.

Jay (Canada)

Report N7 (added on July, 24, 2009)

I am reporting this girl abigail jones.
She in already on your site but this picture is not..
You have her down as samira rashida.
She contacted me on mate 1.
Then we moved to yahoo messanger to talk.
I soon worked out she is a scammer visited your site and there she was there.

Daniel (Australia)

Report N8 (added on June, 3, 2010)

This lady asked for a expensive laptop and money for a fund for food.

Jack (Netherlands)

Report N9 (added on July, 29, 2011)

Contacted my said she met me on zoosk chat room (was never on it ). started chatting with her and after a couple times had said she needed money so she could show me her on a web cam sent me many pics.

Peter (USA)

Report N10 (added on June, 28, 2012)

Lost all info before when you asked another question when I submiited. She contacted me about 10 days ago form Eventually she started asking for money a little bit at a time. I ended up sending her a tracfone and $20. A couple of days later, said she could not pay the bill to stay on line unless I would send her money. So, even thought I was a little suspicous, I sent her $150, because i still wanted to chat with her. then she asked for money for a plane ticket to come be with me. I denied her request saying I did not have enough money. Then the next day later, she sent me a sob story about needing $$ to get here grandpa out of jail. I again told her I could not afford that. She is still asking me for $$$$.

Christopher (USA)

Report N11 (added on June, 19, 2018)

This "girl" is pretty good and I can see where someone could get sucked in. After the initial professional photos she sent, I knew I was probably being scammed. But even I looked at those photos and thought, "if there’s a chance..." So I played along. Plus I wanted to see how long before she asked for something. I think, as I pushed for "real" photos, "she" saw time was getting short and "she" needed to win me over, thus the flowers. Almost worked. Until I pressed for more "real" photos. Not the professional ones "she" had been sending.

Bill (USA)



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