Scammer Veronica Sozonova

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First name:Veronica
Last name:Sozonova
Name aliases: Veronika
Age: 28
Location(s): Cheboksary (Russia)
Address(es): Ivanova str., 12-23, 428018, Cheboksary, Russia
Nikolaeva 45-34, Cheboksary, Russia
Phone number(s): 7(355) 67 83 45
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1

I can’t be sure, of course, but this girl (Veronika Sozonova - contacted me about two weeks ago and suddenly started talking about love and marriage… Too fast to be true, don’t you think… Well it wouldn’t be a problem if nothing else happened.
Last Tuesday she wrote to me and said she could visit me here in Portugal! I found it strange but, nevertheless invited her… Yesterday she said the papers were being prepared and that she could come in August.
Today she wrote again finally asking money (not much, but I think it’s only the top of the iceberg…).
This seems like scam to me?

Sergion (Portugal)

Report N2

This lady began to mail me from the above site. She quickly began to have strong feelings for me and told me that she would travel to visit me. I was suspicious about her from the start because her photos looked professionally done and she looked like a model. I asked her who had taken the photos and she did not tell me however she forwarded a professionally taken photo which she stated was taken by her friend the night before!!!
In her last letter to me she asked for 140$ to be forwarded to her by Western Union which I have refused to do. She has told me that she is flying to me but cannot state to which Airport!!!

Billy (Ireland)

Report N3

I was contacted by this girl, first, saying that she liked me a lot, bla bla bla. Since the beggining I suspected she was a scammer, she did not answer any of my questions neither report anything of what I wrote in my letters. Finally she wanted to visit me, for her vacation, even when I told her that I will visit her first, then she asked me 140 US dollars for helping her with the visa. The same old story. Of course I did not send her a cent. I posted this to warn all guys about her.

Fernando (Portugal)

Report N4

The classic wants to come and see you .. then suprise suprise needs money!! hahahhahaahaha I dont think so!!!

Gary (UK)

Report N5

I'm a 30 year old single male nurse from Austria. She contacted me, her first mail came on July 3. I had contact with a few scammers before and from the first mail on the style of her letters were typical "scammer-style". She did not read my mails and also i sent only 2 normal letters, then i filled them with useless characters - and she did not even ask about it... so i was sure that she was never reading my mails. I was never writing anything about love, visit or something like this.

Thomas (Austria)

Report N6

It only took this woman ten days to ask me for money.

Jack (USA)

Report N7

One day she sends to me an e-mail and after a few leters she says she will travel here te visit me and ask me for money. I dont send any buck there of course! She sends me some beautiful pics of a lady, but now I dont know who is in the pics.
Thats all.
Take care.

Em (USA)

Report N8

I was contacted by Veronika Several weeks ago we have since exchanged many letters. Then she asked me for $140 for a Visa to come and see me. Thata when the alarms went off.

Rob (Canada)

Report N9

She sent me a number of letters and photos saying she wanted to visit me and was in love and ready to get married. On the 5th letter shestarted asking for money to cover insurance and other things.

Thomas (Canada)

Report N10

This girl contacts me by email, sends photographs, increasingly tender letters to me. Ends up falling in love with me and all alone decides to come to see me at my airport: She asks me to lend money for the voyage to me: Too much funny: never, it answers questions. Her letters are standardized.

Remy (France)

Report N11

We exchanged mail during more than a week.
The letters of veronika were always impersonal and she never quoted my name.
First contact, she called me love, pussy-cat but never my name The Answers to her letters did not have any sense with my questions.
She said to me that she want visit me august first.
The letters of veronika were always impersonal and she it) never quoted my name.
Finally,she requested me 140 US dollars or Euro for the medical insurance for visit me...Of course, I didn't send anything...

Jef (Belgium)

Report N12

For the poor souls that have sent her money she will reply from Moscow asking for another 380$ as her plane ticket is only one way and she can not successfully apply for visa with a one way ticket.

Rob (Canada)

Report N13

She did not answer questions, fell in love very quickly, sent unsolicited naked pictures of very high quality, asked for money after less than 10 letters 140$ american or euro!

Ken (USA)

Report N14

All her emails are vague and general but in gushing personal tones. Never addresses you by name only slushy sweetheart stuff. Never reads what you have written. Sends revealing photos with suggestive email. Starts with hints of taking vacation soon then hey presto! All is arranged and she is visiting me 1st August. Eventually the request for money comes with bank details for her pickup. I am still playing along to see how far they will go in arm stwisting money from me. Don't worry I'll not be sending any!

Michael (UK)

Report N15

Contacted me, continued to write unstructured letters, that never addressed questions asked by me. Sent very good photos, always the next photo was better than the last, finally sent erotic photos. I got really suspisious when in one photo she was wearing at least a 1 carat diamond ring.
Finally said she was coming to New Zealand for a holiday, her work was paying the tickets & Visa (nice company she works for??) but she needed money to legalize her papers and for medical insurance.

Richard (New Zealand)