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First name: Quarshei
Last name: Steven
Age: 32
Princess Quarshei
Princess Quarshei
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana)
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on October, 27, 2008)
Patrick (USA)

I met this lady a year ago and knew she was a scammer from the first day however, I had honed my skills and was able to keep talking and chatting with her for all that time, she is still active, I just stopped chatting with her..she sent me a (form letter) one that I had seen many times..(where you just fill in the name of the person you are currently talking to) and I brought it to her attention that I had the exact letter she had just sent to me, presented by someone else...her response after intense explaing and confrontation was, that she was the originator of all of the scam letters and that everyone was stealing her letters, not the other way around. We went through all kind of changes over that year, with her one day telling me that she had to move to China for a temporary job,,,,would I send her some money so she could get back home....she even gave me a phone number that was actually China based...my theory...she stole someone's cell phone that was visiting Ghana and just used it herself....this lady was good, no matter what lie you caught her in,,,she would have an explaination that kind of made sense...she later confessed that her grandmother was the queen of all Ghana Scammers and that all of the letters the were copied actually came from her family...that they wrote the letters from everyone else to use....I believed her, because no matter what lie she was caught in..she could wiggle out of it smoothly.....she is the best
Created: 2008-10-27    Last updated: 2008-10-27    Views: 363