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Dating scammer Olga Potapkina
First name: Olga
Last name: Potapkina
Age: 18
Victoria Ivanova
Victoria Ivanova
Name aliases:
Helga, Hola, Lelya, Ola, Olalasha, Olchik, Olechka, Olechkaanks, Olenka, Oleshka, Oleshka, Olgchik, Olgchika, Olgika, Olgo, Olgoka, Olgulka, Olgulya, Olgunka, Olgusha, Olgushka, Olgushoka, Olgushulenka, Olgusik, Olgusika, Olguska, Olgusya, Olha, Olia, Olika, Olinushka, Oliya, Olja, Olly, Olra, Olshuka, Olsuka, Olunia, Olunka, Olushka, Olusik, Oly, Olyunka, Olyunya, Olyushka, Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victora, Victoriia, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktiorianna, Viktoria, Viktorichik, Viktoriia, Viktorija, Viktoriulka, Viktoriunka, Viktoriusha, Viktoriuska, Viktoriya, Vikulya, Vikusechek, Vikushoka, Vikusi, Vikuska, Vikusya, Volha
Scammer's Location(s):
Tomsk (Russia)
Russian Federation, 634029, Tomsk, Gogol's str., 12-14
Phone number(s):
+7 906-956-8374
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Web Cams


REPORT N1 (added on October, 30, 2008)
Mike (USA)

I met Olga (Vika) originally on webcams. This girl is a professional scammer and never asks for money directly. Although she is young, I believe she is working under the direction of a man she referred to as Sasha who apparently is running a large scam operation in Tomsk. She and the friend she worked with on webcams, who went by the name of Lena (nadia-777@list.ru), quickly told me they were intested in me after seeing me on cam. They said they were interested in coming to America so I gave them my e-mail address and asked them to write and they did. The very first letter was signed: "With love, Vika and Lena." When I saw them again on webcams Lena gave me Olga's phone number and I called her. She and Lena would in turn ring my phone and hang up as a signal for me to call them. After a couple of calls they asked me to send them a parcel with chocolate. I checked into it and found that persons outside the Russian Federation were not allowed to send candy into the country, which I assume they were already aware of. So, they hinted that I should send money to buy the candy instead, which I did through Money-Gram (Reference No. 22460468). Olga continued to e-mail me almost daily, answering my letters in detail (which is what qualifies her as a professional), and she continued to pursue me. I had originally thought that they were both writing me because the e-mails were always signed either "With love, Vika and Lena," or "With love, Lena and Vika;" however, I eventually discovered that Olga was the only one writing me all along and that she was the one actively pursuing me. Later, the two girls no longer worked together and Lena and I didn't seem to click, so I told Olga that I would write to her exclusively. She always signed her e-mails: "With love, Vika," and sometimes even: "I love you, Vika." In the meantime the two girls were supposed to have been making plans to come to America and were to pick up passports on a specific day. They were able to get me to agree to pay for plane tickets from Moscow to New York, and meant the girls would have to buy their own tickets from Tomsk to Moscow. However, on the day they were supposed to pick up their passports Olga told me that she couldn't get a passport because of new law in Russia in which persons with outstanding credit debt are not issued passports until the debt is paid. This was a hint to see if I would volunteer to help pay the debt, and I did. There was a stipulation, however, that Olga would agree to get a passport and visa and come see me after it was paid. She quickly agreed and I sent her a total of $300 more dollars--$100 (a Money-Gram Reference No. 90353311) and $200 (a Money-Gram Reference No. 37763850). But I became suspicious of her motives after I sent the $200. The reason I became suspicious is because when I attempted to call and ask if she received the money I discovered she had blocked my phone number and I wasn't able to call her. She had told me earlier that she was to attend the Tomsk Legal Institute beginning. Since it was now close to that time my gut feeling was that she had been using me all summer in order to get me to come to her websites (where I had to pay to have live conversations with her) and to get me to continue sending money, which she led me to believe was being used to help pay a credit debt so that she could obtain a passport and visa and then visit me in the Bahamas over the Christmas holidays. She was up to something and it seemed she now wanted to distance herself from me. Therefore, I sent her an e-mail accusing her of lying to me about everything. I told her she did not love me as she had claimed, that she lied about having a boyfriend because I found out from Lena that she did have a boyfriend, and that she lied about liking much older guys--I look 40ish but am over 50, yet from what I was told by Lena her boyfriend was only 21 or 22. She got mad and told me not to write or call her anymore and I thought I would never hear from her again. But I played it off as if my son wrote her the letter and she wrote me again saying she was happy that we were still friends. She acknowledged, however, that it was wrong to take money from me and that she wouldn't accept money from me anymore. Then, suddenly, the very next day she wrote and said she would be not be attending school, but was going to Holland for work instead. Looking back, I now understand Olga's reason for making up this story was because she knew I was catching on to her game of fraud and deceit and she needed to move on. She realized that she had received money from me fraudulently in that she was supposed to have been using the money to pay a credit debt in order to eventually get a passport and visa to come visit me in the Bahamas. The only positive thing she said in that letter was that she would continue to write me from Holland. However, as time grew nearer for her supposed departure she said that future internet at her apartment in Holland was uncertain and she left me the e-mail address and phone number of a close friend by the name of Masha (snegurochka18@yahoo.com). Olga told me that I could write and call Masha when and if she could not correspond with me and that Masha would always promptly answer. I have since discovered that Masha is being used by Olga and Sasha (a man I was later told by Olga herself that she is now living with, and the one I believe is the leader of a large scam operation based in Tomsk) to report everything I say and do. I know this as a fact because everytime I send Masha an e-mail mentioning Olga it is either forwarded to Olga and Sasha or opened at Olga and Sasha's IP address. For the first two weeks that Olga was supposed to be in Holland I didn't hear anything from her but did correspond with Masha. Then I sent Masha an e-mail and told her that a wealthy uncle of mine had passed away and left me $100,000. The very next day I received an e-mail from Olga entitled "Do not forget me!" where at the end she stated, "I about you do not forget!!!!!!!!!!!" That proved to me that Olga was still interested in money. However, when I viewed the full header of Olga's e-mail and checked the IP address I discovered the letter originated in Tomsk, Russia, not Holland. So I confronted Masha about that in an e-mail. In the e-mail I told Masha to let Olga know that someone informed me that I could prosecute her for scamming me out of all the money I had sent. In reply, Olga sent me an e-mail claiming she had recently met a guy named Sasha and that to her he was like a drug; she said she lost her head. She told me that he was living with her, had found out she was writing me and that he constantly checked her e-mails, both sent and received which made it almost impossible for her to write me. She asked my forgiveness, saying it would be easier for her if I would forgive her, and told me she was surprised to learn that I could take an action against her. Nevertheless, she seemed alarmed and said that if I wanted the money back she could borrow it from Sasha and return it to me. She told me, however, that she thought it was given to her gratuitously to help her from a complex situation, even knowing full well what our agreement had been. As much as I wanted to believe her story, I knew she was lying about Sasha checking all of her e-mail. I also wondered how it could seemingly be so easy for her to stop communicating with me if she ever really loved me as she had been saying all along. At that point it seemed too much like faud to me. Therefore, I wrote back and said I didnt believe the story. I knew Sasha wasnt checking all of her e-mail as she stated because I have readnotify and was tracking my e-mails to her. Several of my e-mails sat on her server for the entire two week period in which she was supposedly in Holland and prior to her e-mail to me after learning of my uncle's death. I told her I wanted the money back but she did not even address that. In her last e-mail to me she claimed that it wasn't all about money (yet she made no mention of returning it this time); she claimed that the e-mail I had sent accusing her of lying was what changed her mind about me and it was on that day she decided to live with Sasha because she knew then that I didn't love her. Yet in her prior e-mail Sasha was supposed to have been a guy she had only recently met. Now she was saying that on the day she received that offensive e-mail from me, it was then she decided to live with him. Apparently then she had been with him for a while prior to that. This was simply more fraud and deception. I assumed that she must have been dating him even while she was receiving money from me. I now suspect that Sasha is in charge of a large scam operation based in Tomsk and that Olga may or may not be involved with him personally. However, I do know that Olga's IP address has changed from 213-210-90-** to 213-210-66-** and that there are two (2) computers being used to send and receive e-mail using lyolkaa@yahoo.com. One has both Russian and English language browsers, and the other has a Russian only browser. I wrote Masha once more and stated I would give Olga another opportunity to return my money, but that if she would not return it I would report the incident to the Russian Tax Police, F.B.I. and other authorities as well. The next day I got a text message from Sasha asking me to call him, which I did. I knew he must have been scared because the text came in at 3pm Eastern Daylight time which would have been 2am in Tomsk, Russia. He claimed he couldn't understand why I wanted Olga to return the money because he said that we (Olga and I) had been friends and she thought I had simply been helping her out of the goodness of my heart--another lie because Olga knew exactly why I had been helping her. I explained that the only reason I sent the money was to help her pay a credit debt, with an agreement by her that after the debt was paid she would obtain a passport and visa and come visit me in the Bahamas. He spoke English very well (which explains the English language browser on one of the computers) but said he didnt completely understand, so I told him I would send an e-mail. After thinking about it some more I decided not to deal with Olga or Sasha anymore and instead forge ahead with a plan to take action against these scammers. Clearly I was defrauded. Olga goes by the name Vika Ivanova because, as she claims, she got used to people calling her Vika at work and also claims her father's surname is Ivanova. I hope someone else can give me more information about Olga (Vika) and let me know whether there are others out there who have been taken by her as well. The photos are really her; I know because I actually saw her on webcams, camcontacts and extasycams. Although I cannot prove it, I strongly believe that Sasha is running a large scam operation in Tomsk involving Olga, Lena, Masha and other Russian girls as well. He was obviously worried about my plans to prosecute Olga and knows if that happens he will be implicated as well. One last thing also. All these girls (Olga, Lena, and Masha) have told me that they are, or were, living on their own (Olga claims to have moved in with Sasha only recently) and attending college in Tomsk yet they claim to have no jobs and very little money. This gives more reason to believe they are working together with Sasha in a scam operation which is probably bringing in more money than most people will ever see in a lifetime. These girls must have money because it takes a lot of money to attend college (housing, food, clothing, utilities, tuition, etc.), even in Tomsk, Russia.

Scam Letters

Emails from Olga Potapkina to Mike (USA)
Hi, dear Mike!
We very much wish to communicate with you, is simple we often we happen are very borrowed, or at
Us a problem with Internet.
We are very upset that to us chocolate will not come.
We in Russia have such chocolate, but it costs very dearly. (((
We have no money that it to buy.
We shall be very grateful to you, if you will send us of money by mail,
Approximately 200 $
It would be magnificent!!!!!
We very much wish to arrive to you on a visit and to see you.
You can send us of money for the same address and for too name post
At all of us it is excellent, only Lena it is a little sick.
How you? How at you business as your examinations?
What new at you occurs? Also what with your friend?
Mike, please, do not take offence at us, you still our friend. Simply
Often there are problems. Because of which at us difficulty with dialogue.
Once again we apologize.
wich love, Vika and Lena.

Greetings, Mike!
We are very glad to receive your letter! Many thanks to you!
We wish to inform you, that your name Mike sounds in Russian as Ieoa (Misha)
It shall be possible we you so sometimes to name?
At us is in Tomsk Western Union so transfer will not have problems.
If you will send us it tomorrow that probably we tomorrow them and we shall receive, it
It would be very healthy!!!!

We shall be glad to see your son tomorrow. At you one son?
We are always glad to your calls, but often we


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