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Dating scammer Olga Lyamina
First name: Olga
Last name: Lyamina
Age: 27
Name aliases:
Helga, Hola, Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jule, Julechka, Julenka, Julichka, Julie, Julija, Julika, Juliya, Julka, Jullia, Julusha, July, Julya, Julye, Lelya, Lulia, Ola, Olalasha, Olchik, Olechka, Olechkaanks, Olenka, Oleshka, Oleshka, Olgchik, Olgchika, Olgika, Olgo, Olgoka, Olgulka, Olgulya, Olgunka, Olgusha, Olgushka, Olgushoka, Olgushulenka, Olgusik, Olgusika, Olguska, Olgusya, Olha, Olia, Olika, Olinushka, Oliya, Olja, Olly, Olra, Olshuka, Olsuka, Olunia, Olunka, Olushka, Olusik, Oly, Olyunka, Olyunya, Olyushka, Ulenka, Ulia, Uliya, Volha, Ylia, Yliya, Ylya, Yula, Yulcha, Yulchik, Yulchika, Yulchona, Yulechka, Yulenka, Yulia, Yuliah, Yulichka, Yulija, Yuliy, Yuliya, Yuliyunka, Yulka, Yully, Yulok, Yulosha, Yulosha, Yulunechka, Yulunka, Yulusha, Yuly, Yulya, Yulyasha
Scammer's Location(s):
Khabarovsk (Russia); Moscow (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Russia, 424005, Mari-El republic, Yoshkar-Ola, Mira str., 52 a/ya 19
Russia, 123098, Moscow, Jivopisnaya str., 54A-1
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
First Date
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on November, 24, 2008)
P. (Canada)

Be aware that this woman will take her time and is not afraid to give out many photos and information. Very intelligent and sweet looking. She will write many letters. She says she is a school teacher about ten minutes from her apartment in Moscow (I include a picture). She is only interested in money and when she has received money is gone. Part of her scam is her sister is a travel agent and will supply the plane ticket, so she will need money only for her bank account to leave the country which she will bring back with her. Second part of her scam is her grandmother will die just before she gets on the plane. She will need many thousands of dollars to privatize an apartment she was left by the dead Grandmother. (She will bring this profit with her!)
I am sorry to say I was scammed out of $2600.00 CND ($2300.00 US)
Even after much protest I still sent this money. Trust me she is very convincing. After she tried to get even more money on the premise of the dead grandmother, she did not quit for a very long time until she was thoroughly convinced she would get no more. Then gone! Thanks to you for having this site!!!!
REPORT N2 (added on August, 4, 2010)
Bj?rn (Sweden)

This girl contacted me a couple a weeks ago told me her name was Yulya and that she was working in Khabarovsk. She is really good at english and very convincing. She told me her friend had datingsuccess in Narva (Estonia) and send me some pictures from there. From the beginning I told her my children were my first priority and that I wouldn't ever send her any money, but she didn't comment that or taking any notice of my words. She didn't rush but we wrote to each other almost every day. Last thursday she send me her last letter and when I should send her next letter her mailadress were closed by abuse. Then I found this site and after long searching I found her as Olga Lyamina. I would never have sending her money, but she is so cute and convincing ( for example sending me a picture of her and her mother) so if I hadn't my children I maybe could have! Now she never had the time to ask.

Scam Letters

Emails from Olga Lyamina to P. (Canada)
Hi my darling
Thanks for the remarkable letter
You know. I wait it every day with impatience
I with trembling go on date with you to the Internet-cafe
You really do happy me
Thank you very much
And I am happy to know, that our feelings are mutual
Now I shall answer all your questions in your letters
my love ! Do not worry about money
I shall return them to you
As soon as I shall receive the visa... They are necessary for reception of the visa
The embassy should be convinced, that I am solvent
Otherwise they will not give me the visa
And I do not want to lead the whole year far from you
We have good chance for a meeting now
Yes, I am happy to hear, that you will have a vacation too
It is remarkable :-)
Thanks for your information
I think, that it is enough
Concerning money
I think, that usd is better
Forgive I could not write to you to Saturday
I have been occupied all the day long by affairs of my granny
She has recovered, but she should pass inspection
That everything is OK
And I called on Saturday
You have not answered
I am happy, that we could talk yesterday
Only I do not know how to call you collect :-(
My plans?! :-)
I want to receive the visa and at once to fly to you
I want our meeting and to take all a vacation together with you
And if it is possible will remain with you for ever maybe you will marry me
These are good plans?
I want, that you hav

Emails from Olga Lyamina to Bj?rn (Sweden)
Hello my dear Bjorn!!!
My dear it me Yulya from Russia! Do you remember me?
I am sorry that I am not wrote you so long time!:-( Simply I cant wrote you because I was sick and I lay in a hospital all this time:-(
But now I recovered and now I feel fine! But when I back home from hospital I saw that I have problem with my email account:-( I dont know why but lavabit have problem with sending letters and I decide create new email address on yahoo.com.
My dear Bjorn I hope you will answer me very soon!!!
I will be wait your answer very much!!!
Your Yulya!
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