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Dating scammer Emilia Mihalache
First name: Emilia
Last name: Mihalache
Age: 28
Florentina, Tina
Florentina, Tina
Name aliases:
Emilian, Emiliia, Emiliya, Florentine, Tinaa, Tinna
Scammer's Location(s):
Bucuresti (Romania)
Strada Racari, 12/32-79, Bucaresti, Romania
Phone number(s):
40(74) 199 04 70
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Millionaire Match


William (USA)

When she wrote all seemed on the up and up. Then the hints of travel and visa started in a few letters. I then ran a check on her name on google and found it listed but could not access the site to be sure it was her. When confronted her reply was it is a common name. Since I have the money I decided to take a chance and if she was a scammer then I will be doing a service exposing her. After the $500 was sent the letters took a strange turn. They became so floral I could smeel the stink all the way from Romania. I continued to play along. I ran a scam letters search and found nothing then I had the idea of running key phrases thru good old google and I found she was taking love letters from a site called loveingyou and then doing a cut and paste. I confronted her again and this time she did not reply to my letter, all she did was use a previous letter for her reply. She acted as tho nothng was wrong and tried to get me to send money for a plane ticket. Which brings me to this point of filing this report. She also said she used the money to get a visa but did not realise I have a list of appointments for visas and she never was there.
Thanks for your time and if we catch this women then it was worth the $500 to save a few people from scam.
REPORT N2 (added on April, 6, 2005)
Marinus (South Africa)

She pretens to look for a relationship on the internet. After a few letters she then hints that she needs money. Once she got what she needed the letters starts fading away.
REPORT N3 (added on April, 14, 2005)
Jim (USA)

This woman is a known scammer, and used pictures of her friend.
The letters were so sad; How her father was killed 5 years ago, and her mother had cancer, so all the savings were gone. Didn't ask for money directly, but spoke of bad day trying to find $270.00 for university diploma. No one to help her. Soon she was in love with me, and said she had wings to fly. I had to laugh at that one. She made the mistake of sending me a picture of her and her friend. I don't know who is who, but the friend was found on agencyscams.com. The girl I though I was speaking to was not Florentina Emilia Mihalache. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I confronted them about this, and never heard from them again.

Scam Letters

Emails from Emilia Mihalache to William (USA)
Hello,I am so sorry about that message.I have a problem with my computer ,i think is a virus and that why you received again my fist message.Do you remember,this was my first message to you.I am so sorry ,please dont be upset of me.
.Today i had a very busy day,i have to solve some important problems with my school but unfurtualy i dont solve nothing.
Is so difficult ,i dont know what to do and nobody dont listen me ,nobody dont want to help me.My friends when they need help came to me and of course Tina every time help them ,but when i need their help,nobody dont look at me.
I dont understand this world,why the life is so hard?
I am a little tired and i think in this night i will go to sleep earlier.Iwas thinking to you very much and now i am glad because i can write you again.I dont know but I feel that we could be a soul mates, think and feel very much the same.My dear, I think that before anything to have a good relationship come to accept each other as we are, you have realized it. I think that is the question you should ask yourself first before getting involved. I took me much longer to realize the importance if it than to you. I think that you know there is no princese to come to your life, they are in fairy tails only. But, even real life can be like a fairy tail, I am not talking about the material things, I am talking about the feeling and harmony with two people.
I like to talk things over if something comes up. If two people love each oth

Emails from Emilia Mihalache to Marinus (South Africa)
I hope you still remeber me,i am t_babe26 .I want to aplologize for my english,i am trying to do my best when i write so you will be able to understand me.Untill now i haven't used this language,i was stuying at hightschool and please forgive my future mistakes i will make by writeing.From now you can write me to this email adress if you want us to corespond and to get to know each other better,i will love that,who knows what that future has for us.I really hope that you will write me soon and you also send me a picture with you.I wish you a good day.

Hello dear
Thank you very much for your message,I hope it is not the last one. Pleased to meet you very much.With great interest and with the same timidity I am beginning this letter. It's my first experience when I am writing to somebody I know just a little about and can only imagine.
I want to tell something about me and my inner world.
I hope that this can help you to know a bit more about me, and my interest as well as my personality.
I am very glad to meet someone, whose heart is alone too.
Let me introduce myself at first.
My name is Tina I am 26 years old,i was born on 30 december 1977,i have 1.73cm and 54 kg,my size are 93-62-90 and i live in the capital of Romania,Bucharest.
I study law to university,i am in the last year,i will take my diploma and probably i will become lawyer.In this moment i work in the library of the university,i am librarian.I work and


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