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Dating scammer Irina Zenchenko
First name: Irina
Last name: Zenchenko
Age: 25
Name aliases:
Ira, Irchik, Irchika, Irchona, Irchonka, Irchushka, Irena, Irene, Irinchik, Irinchika, Irinka, Irinochka, Irinulya, Irinusenka, Irinusha, Irinushusenka, Irinuska, Irisha, Irishik, Irishka, Irka, Irocha, Irochka, Iroschka, Irunya, Irushka, Irusichka, Irusik, Irusya, Irwinka, Iryna, Iryush, Trishka, Yryna
Scammer's Location(s):
Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Phone number(s):
7(8362) 21 377
E-mail address(es):


Basil (England)

Met Irina Zenchenko from the agency after making telephone calls etc and finally met in Yoshkar-Ola. All went fine but what I did notice was everywhere we both went, brother had to follow and she never wanted to properly kiss me. Always asked me to buy things for her.
Family were okay. There was Nick/Mum/Gran/Alex/Dima and the dog. Got home to London fine.
In Jan 2003 we both decided to plan a summer trip to Sochi for the summer, written agreement was made out and signed. Irina asked me to send $970 via Western Union I declined, she was upset about this and said to me, there's not many spaces left and finally money ws sent via cheque electric gram to the account of Irina that I still have a copy of.
We had often been speaking via Go Banna Card. Irina often said to me she wanted to learn how to massage and she was on a course.
Freind Volva at the email address about told me to send Irina $250 I declined.
I soke to the bank in May to find out when the money was cashed they said Yes. Irina said no it hasn't been and won't be until August 16th 2003.
I booked my flight for 25th Jul 2003 met Irina we spend days together again with the brother Alex following again and freinds.
Spoke to Irina about the money, she kept on changing the subject and made out as if she could not speak at all.
What was strange was she said she was going to Moscow and waiting on the train for me. This was a lie, I waited at Yoshkar-Ola Station with some police mates 1hr.
Next day she reache home.
3rd August she acussed me of stealling her bag so I went to the police and they, didn't want to help at all. Virginnia were very good infact god as gold. The apartment Irina got for me one morning her mum came over shouting der via der via which means in Russian give me the money quick I didn't and wasn't scared not to.
I got decieved and done no wrong.
One investigation unit is very interested of all of this as well as advocate. British newpapers didn't want to help as well as Moscow Prosecution service. Eurocontact gave me the details.
Guys keep well away from this scammer. She falls in love with you quick.
Says she wants to travel with you and trys to take your money.
The way the money was taken was bad because I was honest with her. She tells me this lie the bank won't release the money until after a month's time. Big lie. She's not a nurse; unemployed. Leaves home early and who knows where she's gone off to? Either the country home.
An aggreement was made and I was deceived, she says I deceived her but that's her lie.
Guys keep well away from this one.
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