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Dating scammer Larisa Shubina
First name: Larisa
Last name: Shubina
Age: 41
Name aliases:
Lara, Larica, Larischika, Larissa, Larisulka, Larisusha, Larisusya, Larris, Lora
Scammer's Location(s):
Kaliningrad (Russia)
Russia, Kaliningrad, Ul. Klinovaja, dom 15, kv.3
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Fdating, Free Personals


REPORT N1 (added on May, 14, 2009)
Don (USA)

There are different types of scams, and scammers come in all forms. Larisa and I met on freepersonals.ru and corresponded for a long time. I wanted to feel some security about her before spending money on travel. When I did travel to Russia to meet her, everything seemed ok, and we got along very well. We agreed to be exclusive, and we planned for my return to Russia in 5 or 6 months for a second visit. A month after returning home, I sent Larisa money so she could purchase a web cam, microphone, headphones, and get high speed Internet which would allow us to speak on Skype and use web cams. It was my suggestion to do so. I was spending more per month on phone calls than what her Internet would cost, so this seemed like a good idea. It would also allow us to speak longer and more often. Larisa works in a library which is a government job. Due to the bad economy, Larisa claimed that her paycheck had been cut by 25% (early 2009). I haven't been able to verify it. Since her salary was fairly small to begin with and starting a couple of months after my visit, I occasionally sent her small amounts of money to help out for which she seemed extremely grateful. She never asked me for money, but she did complain a lot about how she wasn't able to buy this or that, pay her bills, and financially she was struggling. Given our situation, the length of time I had known her, the time we had spent together, and that I felt comfortable with her, I was ok with sending money. Altogether, I had sent her $850 to help out her and her 14 year old daughter. A couple of months after she got the Internet connection, I felt that her attention for me was waning a little. Her communication both by e-mail and phone were decreasing some and she seemed less enthusiastic about our communication. I could see in Skype that she was on-line quite a lot, but she couldn't seem to find much time for writing to me or contacting me in Skype which she knew was forwarded to my cell phone so I could take her calls at anytime. I talked with her about this on a few occasions, and each time, she agreed to be better about communicating, but nothing ever changed. This is something that never should have to be mentioned. If a person has interest enough in someone to be considering marriage, of which we had discussed the possibility, and with the distance between us, she should be excited to communicate often. All along, we had been discussing our plans for my next trip to Russia. Soon, I started to become aware of a few other things. She mentioned that she had a page on a web site where she was being contacted by old friends and schoolmates. No problem. I asked for the address of her page a couple of times so I could see it, but she ignored my request. She also mentioned that she was often solicited by men wanting web cam *** which she thought was a silly thing. Sometimes when we were talking, I could periodically hear a little computer bell ding in the background, which I rightly figured were chat messages coming in (from her new personals ad it turned out). One time when we were about to say goodbye, I more or less jokingly said, "I'll say goodbye now, so you can talk with your computer *** men." She didn't respond to that in any way. Other times, I could hear her typing on and off while we were talking, so I was sure she was chatting while we were talking. I finally got curious enough about her web page and searched for it. I found it on my.mail.ru. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. She had quite a few photos posted of both her and her daughter, some of which I had taken. Her contacts consisted of her cousin, a female friend I knew of, and 2 men. I searched a little more and found that she had a personals ad at mamba which will show up on a number of different Russian personals sites. I placed an ad posing as a local Russian man which included photos. I said all the right things in the ad that would appeal to her and made some ****** references. After 3 days, at a time when we were both on-line at the same time (and I should have been at work), I sent her an instant message through the site. I said "hello beautiful" (in Russian). After a few minutes (she was checking my ad), she responded with, "hello lover of unbridled ***!" I told her I wanted to meet her, and she answered that she was intrigued. We arranged to meet in 2 days on a Friday evening. She asked what I wanted to do. I suggested we have dinner and maybe ***. She said ok, but we will wait and see what the circumstances are (about ***). Obviously, she was stood up. I am convinced that if she had met this man, she more than likely would have had *** with him. My guess is that she had been meeting random men for NSA *** up until the time we met in Russia. It's possible that she had stopped for a month or two after that, but I think she had probably begun again meeting men for *** at least one month before I set my trap. In the end, she broke my heart by cheating on me and being deceitful, and she took $850 from me knowing that she was doing these things. I had also spent quite a bit of money on her and her daughter when I visited them in Russia. It's possible that she could have been leading on other foreign men at the same time. I have had experiences with a few Russian women. Russian women have a lot of good qualities, and in general, I like them very much. My experiences also show that being deceitful and lying does not seem to be a big deal to many of them. They all say how honest they are and that honesty is a very important trait in a man. My advice is to be very careful no matter how good it all seems. Given the circumstances of our relationship, I had a lot of confidence in Larisa and had no reason not to trust her until my suspicions were raised near the end. Beware of this woman, she is very deceitful. One other warning, most Russian men refuse to wear condoms, and many women go along with it. Be VERY careful. ****** and Gonorrhea are very prevalent. I wish you good luck in your search. There are some good women out there, but it's difficult to find them. I was convinced I had found one.

Scam Letters

Emails from Larisa Shubina to Don (USA)
Hello Don!!!!
Thank you for your mail. I was glad it to receive. Certainly, I want to know you better.
I am glad to that you want to know about me more. It is really good, and suddenly, we those two lost half, which we searched for all life. I want to meet the destiny. I want to love and to be loved!!!
I will give brief information about myself.
My name is Larisa Shubina!
I was born on December, 31st, 1967. I am 40 years old.
I live in Kaliningrad that is in the West of Russia.
I have light hair and brown eyes.
My height is 171 centimeters, my weight is 68 kg.
I have higher education.
I am bibliographer
I have the daughter, to it 13 years.
My interests include the sea, the nature, travel, needlework, reading, fitness, navigation, skis, theatre, cinema, exhibitions, pets and floristic. I like to prepare and create coziness in my home.
I like classical and popular music.
I like melodramas, mysticism, psychological and cognitive films.
I like the psychological, cognitive, mystical literature and memoirs of known persons of history.
I like the Italian, Russian, vegetarian kitchens, seafood, a barbecue.
I do not smoke and I drink very little.
I know English language a little.
I am quiet, counterbalanced, kind, close, gentle, sincere, opened, reliable, true, and cheerful, with sense of humor.
For me the main thing in a life is: family, children, the house, sincere harmony, and harmony with itself and with the world, creativ


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