Scammer Eleonora Kasyanova

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First name:Eleonora
Last name:Kasyanova
Name aliases: Eleonore, Elia, Eliushka, Elleonora
Age: 27
Location(s): Kiev (Ukraine)
Address(es): unknown
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Im calling from New York,USA. My story is unique and a bit complicated to write but I will try my best. It is not your usual scam story, as many are a one time scam operation and are short and sweet.

Her name is Eleonora Kasyanova, from Kiev, Ukraine.

This woman does not do a hit and run type of scam. She gets into a serious relationship with you and then gains all your trust in her and all your love for her. She has no intentions of Marriage only Money. She will travel on fiancee visa and come to your country but with no intentions of staying or marriage. She will say that she is homesick and come up with all excuses to go home towards the end of her visa. For the time she stays, she asks for Thousands of Dollars to help her family in Kiev to get a different home because the mother and their neighbors do not get along and they are going to hurt them or even kill them. She says her mother is very ill with heart problems and her mother and father are going to get a divorce because father is alcoholic and beats her. She says she will come back to you on another visa in a few months and she loves you very much. Just wait for her and everything will be OK. She also asks you to come back to Ukraine to be with her for a visits and Holidays because she loves you so much. Then she goes home to Kiev. So then thinking she will return, you then apply for a new visa for her, then you send her more money to support her for that time and for the new visa and travel expenses and for whatever else she comes up with. Then she tells you there is a problem with getting the Police certificate because when she left her country she did not sign back in when she returned, for some tax purposes. To correct the problem she then needs 600 more dollars to get the certificate and pay her taxes back what she owes. Then to make the papers faster because now the time on the pre-visa is expiring she needs another 200 dollars for the Police Certificate for faster service. At this time I know of 2 other men which have been almost scammed the same way. I know this for sure because I have cracked her e-mail address at and read her other correspondances. One man is from England and I have called him to tell him what she is doing. He said he knows her for 6 years and has been sending her and her family money for all that time and she has come to him a number of times on a Fiancee Visa and then returns back home. Another one is from France. She will return to you on a Fiancee Visa but only after she goes to see the other men that she has not seen in a long time, it just like keeping her foot in the door so she does not lose her contacts and incoming money. I wish I knew about this before and I was a little bit late on cracking her e-mail and it cost me alot of money and the others. Im even embarrased to say how much. But I can tell you what the English man told me after 6 years, 20,000 Dollars it cost him. Im not far off from that figure also. This man cried to me after I told him about her.

I want to stop her. Please put her up on your web site so that everyone can know about her. Maybe you can save some one else from this Heartache.

Its not only about the money its also about a Heart which can be broken in two, and also for the honest women who are looking for true love not just money.

Thank You, Best Wishes

Peter (USA)



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