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Dating scammer Angie Carson
First name: Angie
Last name: Carson
Age: 25
Tracy Mathins, Kate
Tracy Mathins, Kate
Name aliases:
Cate, Kat, Katie, Katy, Khate, Tracey, Traci, Traicy, Treacy
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):


REPORT N1 (added on June, 2, 2009)
Jelle (Netherlands)

I contacted you with concern to another article on this site on name of Tracy Mathins.
Same thing happened to mee, too many matching factors with link/article on your site, it couldn't be coincidence.
We also had a lot of contact via msn and lots of matching factors there of an ex-boyfriend involved with drugs, her dad who died some time ago, 25 years old, moved to the Netherlands (Europe) a few months ago to start a business here.
REPORT N2 (added on July, 6, 2009)
Jeroen (Netherlands)

This girl is a scammer.
She has the most fantastic story about that see live in holland in a place called vlaardingen that she in in nigeria to do bisuness in jewelery and that she has no money to pay for the taxes to go home. that she has nobody to help her because she has no one left she can ask for.
She say that you are the one and only for her.

Scam Letters

Emails from Angie Carson to Jelle (Netherlands)
How was your night?, hope it was fine, and peaceful.
Well mine was ok, kinda too long, because i was feeling alone again.
And most times i will wanna come open the computer just to talk to you.
But i had to calm things down, and pray that it's day break again.
Well just a lil something from me...Hope you like it.

Because you're a beautiful person,
I wanted to send something beautiful to you.
Because you always fill my world
with laughter and happiness,
I wanted to send something bright to you.
Because our friendship is true,
I wanted to send some pink roses to you.
It's not much,
but I hope this greeting will do.
In my own special way,
I just wanted to let you know that
you're in my thoughts today,
and I'm sending some good
wishes your way.


Hi sweets,

Hope you had a peaceful night.And got the rest you "really" needed..LOL.

Anyways mine was good. And err headed for a long day already..
But can't wait till evening to talk to you.
And how's work with you going today ?.

Hope fine, and not stressful :D.

Have a great day..


Hello Jelle,

Am sorry to hear that, but i guess it's part of the sacrifices you gotta make for the company..:D
Any ways you really must be busy, guess my day's the opposite of yours, coz am back now, and you're not.

Hope the day's going well.
Kisses, from me.

see you soon,

got a number from the hotel you

Emails from Angie Carson to Jeroen (Netherlands)
Good morning ****,
Sorry i couldn't write back yesterday.
and i couldn't get online equally, something happened on my way back from the union office..
My self and the hotel driver were attacked by some gun men.
We had no idea where they came from.. all i remember was waking up to see a gun pointed on my head. I fell asleep in the traffic.
They searched me, and found the money.. in my purse..
i begged they should please not hurt myself or the driver, and that i needed that money so much.. but one of them shouted at me, saying to the others "let's have her"!.
i didn't understand what they meant actually, not untill right there on the road, he began to unzip his trousers, and i screamed. onlookers couldn't do anything about it. because the men were armed with guns.. i wondered whether there's a police force in the country..
I had to give up the money rather than loose my virginity to unknown evil men.
My virginty is for the one i love, and that's you. and i am not ready to trade it to any other person. i was hit on my shoulder by the same guy that wanted to have me. before they scrambled and left. it hurts me so much. i just came in from the hospistal this morning, and i decided i must write you to let you know what happened.

Am sorry for keeping you uninformed all this while.Please forgive me.

love you.



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