Scammer Ekaterina Antipina

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First name:Ekaterina
Last name:Antipina
Aka:Anastasia Kolimulina, Anastasia Kolomulina, Natalia Baiybokova, Maria Phorhilina, Valeria Shipighuzova, Safi Yildirim, Daria Letouva, Ekaterina Romanowa, Daria Letoyva, Maria Kuzminih, Olga Kostareva, Natalia Sozykina, Natalia Sozyikina, Anna Skorohodova
Name aliases: Ana, Anastacia, Anastasiia, Anastasija, Anastasiy, Anastasiya, Anastasiyushka, Anastassia, Anastasya, Anastaysa, Anastesiya, Anasteysha, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annia, Annushka, Annushka, Annuta, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyuta, Anyutochka, Asya, Catherine, Darie, Dariya, Darja, Darusenka, Darya, Dasha, Dashechka, Dashenka, Dashik, Dashulenka, Dashunya, Ecaterina, Ekatarina, Ekaterinacka, Ekaterinka, Ekaterinusha, Ekaterinusik, Ekaterinusya, Ekatrina, Helga, Kat, Katarina, Kate, Katenka, Katerina, Kateryna, Kath, Katherin, Katherina, Kati, Katia, Katiya, Katja, Katka, Katrin, Katrina, Katty, Katuha, Katusha, Katushechka, Katushka, Katuska, Katy, Katya, Katysha, Ket, Ketrin, Lariya, Larusushka, Larusya, Lelya, Lera, Leria, Lerka, Lerochka, Lerok, Leruska, Lerusushka, Lerusya, Luria, Macha, Maha, Mari, Mariia, Marija, Marishka, Mariya, Mariyah, Mariychika, Mary, Marya, Masha, Mashenka, Mashka, Mashuk, Mashulechka, Mashulecka, Mashulka, Mashulya, Mrusya, Nansy, Nastasia, Nastasya, Nastena, Nastenka, Nastia, Nastja, Nastka, Nastuha, Nastulya, Nastya, Nastyona, Nastysha, Nastyusha, Nat, Nata, Natalchika, Natali, Natalichka, Natalie, Nataliia, Nataliya, Natalochka, Natalushka, Nataly, Natalya, Natalyy, Natasha, Natashechka, Natashenka, Natashka, Nathalia, Natty, Natulenka, Natusha, Natusik, Natuska, Natusy, Natusya, Nensy, Nusha, Olchik, Olechka, Olechkaanks, Olenka, Oleshka, Oleshka, Olgo, Olgunka, Olha, Olia, Olika, Olinushka, Oliya, Olja, Olly, Olra, Olushka, Olusik, Oly, Olyushka, Stasya, Tusya, Valaria, Valerie, Valeriia, Valerija, Valerik, Valeriy, Valeriya, Valerka, Valery, Waleria, Waleriya, Walery, Yekaterina
Age: 32
Location(s): Ankara (Turkey); Izhevsk (Russia); Kirov (Russia); Omsk (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, 424020, Yoshkar-Ola, Drelevsky str., 16-46
Russia, Kirov, Maison str., 16 app. 46
Russian Federation, 426068, Izhevsk, Petrov's str., 5-13
Russia, 426068, Izhevsk, Petrov's str., 5-16
Russia, 426076, Izhevsk, Lenina str., 30
Russian Federation, 426068, Izhevsk, Petrov's str., 7-23
Russia, 426010, Izhevsk, Delovaya's str., 42-56
Russian Federation, 644024, Omsk, Lermontova's str., 34-27
Russian Federation, 644110, Omsk, Borodina's str., 42-10
Russia, 644042, Omsk, Mira str., 54
Russia, 644130, Omsk, Brooding's str., 45-11
Russia, 644140, Omsk, Borodinas str., 54-12
Russia, Omsk, Amyrskayas str., 10-34
Russian Federation, 644115, Omsk, Amurskaya str., 34-19
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on July, 6, 2009)

New Russian scammer.

Christian (Italy)

Report N2 (added on September, 3, 2009)

Known scammer contacted me on a dating site.

Donald (Canada)

Report N3 (added on March, 31, 2010)

Known scammed. Obtained my e-mail address on the Be2 website, which is also a scam by the way.

Jim (Canada)

Report N4 (added on April, 13, 2010)

She doesn't read my message and always send she is in love with me at the third lettres and now she want quit here job to came in my place, but she do not have money.

Daniel (Canada)

Report N5 (added on April, 16, 2010)

I was searching on your site for a picture that matches the ones I have recieved from this lady, and low and behold i found her.I have recieved 9 pictures of her so far,one of them has her in the same outfit exactly but in a different background and different shoes!! Definatley blowing smoke up my ass!! Thank you for your site, I thought something was up when she fell in love with me after just 5 emails! and never responded with anything about what I wrote to her about! Thank's again!! :)

Dave (Canada)

Report N6 (added on April, 23, 2010)

More or less the same process. starts decalring her love around the 3rd or 4th e-mail and that she is convinced that, like her friend Irina and Australian boyfriend, she is destined to live with me. Will ask about visa and other documents and in next e-mail requests to send her USD500 so she can get the documents. We are not even speaking of travel to Holland. I require something in return and suggest and exchange of more revealing photos for money. Suddenly no reaction until a week later she sends a photocopy of passport and a sob e-mail about trust and how pictures of her breast can be more important than our love.

Peter (Netherlands)

Report N7 (added on May, 20, 2010)

She contacted me by email saying she is working in a company. Her father is a driver, mother is a seller in a store have 2 sisters lyuda and masha etc..... beware she try to get your date of birth address and telephone number. She has a story of irina and james from Australia. A BIG TIME SCAMMER BEWARE!!!

Nick (Canada)

Report N8 (added on August, 4, 2010)

She is posted on the searchpage here Kirov.. with another name...
same pictures found here on the site..
she only writes,but does not answer my questions... and keeps sending pre written a serie i think...

Michael (Netherlands)

Report N9 (added on July, 15, 2011)

After declaration of love is to seek money to leave Russia ...

Hans (Germany)

Report N10 (added on March, 22, 2013)

This scammer contacted me out of the blue. She is an attractive young woman and sent me a series of long letters, culminating in her asking for $500 for a tourist visa, etc. She never answered any questions that I asked and never referred back to anything that I had mentioned in my emails to her.
Needless to say, I have not sent her any money!

David (Canada)

Report N11 (added on November, 18, 2013)

This person started writing me 6 days ago. I saw one of your examples of a fake love letter, it was exactly what I got, except for the name being different. I was confused by her using the word "beterest", I looked it up on GOOGLE, and bingo, I saw this web-site with that letter. I have been fooled!

Mike (USA)

Report N12 (added on December, 2, 2013)

This woman is a scammer for Money I have several letters from here starting as friends then lovers and now asking for money to be with me.

Marty (USA)

Report N13 (added on December, 11, 2013)

Recieved email introduction. Stated she received my email from a dating website. Ten emails with attached photos to each before asking for $500 US. I asked if this is all or will tickets etc cost more and she replied no $500 is all she needs. Asks for Western Union money gram.

Ralph (USA)

Report N14 (added on December, 16, 2013)

Was looking for someone to get to know and then was in love and wanted to meet but needed 500.00 to get Physical and visa, really played out the falling in love and family and working at a place she did want to work at since she met me.

Jim (USA)

Report N15 (added on March, 13, 2014)

She is verry good I'm glad to see her photo here!

Barry (USA)

Report N16 (added on September, 30, 2014)

Olga kostareva, contacted me last spring, and said that she found my email address on a dating site. I don't recall the site. But thought I'd be nice to her. Quicly she escalated to wanting to get married and out of Russia. She sounded sincere. I'm a commercial fishermen in Alaska. Not always near cell coverage. She sent pictures. I was unaware of scammers, so I sent her the money for a visa, 500. Then 2000 for her plane ticket. A friend smart on computer said he would check her out. He showed me pictures and letters the same as I received. Shocked I tried to find her on this site. But could not find her with out joining. Gave you my card numbers, but something about cookies, I have no clue about I was denied. I'm still in contact with her. I have not let on that I'm on to her. She still wants 3k to get on the plane.

Steve (USA)

Report N17 (added on November, 4, 2014)

She initiated contact by contacting me via my email address. I don't know which web site she used but she said she saw my profile on a dating web site which is not true as I have not given any details about myself for her to contact me like this. I would like to find out how she did this. She contacted me just over two weeks ago and I am still in contact with her even though I know this is a scam as I have seen her picture on the scammers web site but I am still talking to her to try and get more information from her so that perhaps the people responsible can be caught. She has just asked me for $500 for a visa and the person who can supply all the necessary paper work for her is a friend of her mothers called Tatiana.
She never replied to any questions I asked her and never posted any pictures of any members of her family even though she said her fathers name was Mihail and her mothers name is Elena. She also said she has two sisters and a good friend of hers who is engaged to some Aussie guy called James. You see I too am not stupid as I have strung her a story that I am going to the UK to help a friend and will be returning to New Zealand at the end of November and that I can stop off for a week or two and meet her so called imaginary family she so talks about and nothing else. She says she is religious and is an ecologist, I DONT THINK SO. She is vague and very deceptive on answering any of your questions. I have asked her to send me a copy of her Russian passport so that I can arrange for her plane tickets if she would like to return with me to New Zealand and I am an honest man with no intensions of taking advantage of her as I already have a lovely wife. I thought that maybe I could at least offer her the opportunity to see NZ and experience a part of the world that not many people get to visit. So much for being honest and thoughtful . Her passport does not have her name on it so that's a no go from the start. Do you think this is a gang of men using this ladies stolen photos or do you think it is her who is trying to deceive people into sending her money? Its a shame if it is her as she looks like a very intelligent individual but we will probably never find out the truth behind this scam. I wonder if the pictures were stolen then who is the real lady in the photos.? Final outcome is still to happen. I have given her a chance to come clean and tell me more about herself and to produce pictures of her family before I even consider sending her any money even though I wont.

Dave (New Zealand)

Report N18 (added on January, 6, 2015)

You already have this girl in your database, I found same letters as you have on file, and photos also. This is her new email address, along with address she provided to me. The n in Natalya is not capitalized. She gave me this address in Omsk, but she spelled her last name in the last letter, Sozyikina.

Mike (USA)

Report N19 (added on October, 7, 2015)

This person had sent me a e-mail stating she had talked to me, after taking her letter and finding the same letter here on this site, I was 100% she/he/it was a scammer.

Colin (USA)