Scammer Lucia Nkaje

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First name:Lucia
Last name:Nkaje
Aka:Alice, Lisa Jones, Joy Jones, Jane Mark, Celina Koneh, Bessie Koneh, Kadiray Mandi, Stella Mabou, Jane Saleeby, Joy Dabor, Nancy Dabor, Loice Gukama, Prisca Fred, Angela Dabor, Dorothy Adams, Doranicebaby, Tessy Fred, Gift, Linda Appolos James, Juliet Marshall, Dorothy Blessing Duke, Jennifer Dokie, Ann Owen Dismas, Sandra Godwin R. Attipoe, Agatha Omaro Roland, Joram Mabou, Tina Naby, Mercy Madzoud, Mercy Al-Khalifa, Josephine Frank, Winny Jude, Nora Makki Karnga, Tessy Mabar, Kelly Williams, Juliet Fredrick, Stephany Godwin, Jennifer Wasi, Susan Silver, Precious Dantong Davide, Teta Khalifa, Blessing Sambo
Name aliases: Angella, Angels, Anjela, Asandra, Blessed, Celinah, Dorathy, Doroty, Engela, Favor, Gifty, Janee, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, Jennipher, Jennufer, Jenny, Jennyfer, Josaphine, Josophene, Juilet, Juliett, Julliet, Kelli, Kellie, Linde, Lucie, Lynda, Norah, Samdra, Sandrah, Stefanie, Steffany, Stephani, Stephanie, Stephenie, Stepheny, Sussan, Suzan, Tinaa, Tinna, Winnie
Age: 23
Location(s): Abidjan (Cote D'Ivoire); Accra (Ghana); Dakar (Senegal); Darfur (Sudan); Freetown (Sierra Leone); Kigali (Rwanda); Koussanar (Senegal); Monrovia (Liberia); Refugee Camp (Senegal)
Address(es): reu, 587 Liberte 11, Cassamas (Refugee Camp), Dakar, Senegal
Des witline unit 155, Dakar, Senegal
Bujumbura Refuge Camp, Accra, Ghana
Block 9/10, Resident 22/1 Africa Street P.O. Box 13188 Al Ganta 11111, Liberia
Phone number(s): 221774874927
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown


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Report N1 (added on March, 23, 2009)

Emailed stating that she was interested in me as she had seen my profile on a dating site. Af the corresponding the question finally came... her father is from the ivory coast and was a political target, he was killed and now she is in hiding in senegal. She has an account with 6 million U.S. dollars and wants my bank acc. number so that she can transfer some... classic B.S.

Nigel (Trinidad and Tobago)

Report N2 (added on May, 13, 2009)

Famous Scammer who asks for money very quickly.

Jens (Germany)

Report N3 (added on July, 7, 2009)

She claims to be the daughter of the late Dr. Fredrick Nkaje.
She says she's in a refugee camp in Senegal after her father was murdered.

Simon (Kenya)

Report N4 (added on July, 7, 2009)

I took contact with her, and gave her my mail adress that I use to find scammers. She answered me and I googling her mail adress and found out she was a scammer.

Thomas (Norway)

Report N5 (added on September, 1, 2009)

New African scammer.
You are requested to take note of the fact and do the needful. Two email ids were used. 1. and dorah

Arka (India)

Report N6 (added on September, 2, 2009)

This scammer sent email from one ID, asking for a reply to another ID. The second ID responded with an 'offer' similar to the Nigerian scams (dad died, had millions in the bank, need help moving the money for a fee). I don't know which dating site she used to obtain my email address.

Dave (USA)

Report N7 (added on March, 24, 2010)

This beautiful girl has &she is still sending me emails with false information that,
She is staying in a refugee camp in senegal following the murder of her father & mum,That the father was an advisor to the head of state who left 9.7million US Dollars.So she wants to send money to my account such thatshe comes out of that life (refugee camp) to come and stay with me in my country.
She has so far given me the late father's account information as
Acc name: Dr Frank Gukama.
Acc number: 43483003
Tel : 00447031845420
Bank name: Rabo bank London.
Transfer officer: Mr Leed Hanson
This lady has showered me with emails every now & then, she has now sent me her late Father's death certificate to help her contact a certain lawyer on
I became suspecious after recieving all that information but i continued with her with the intention of seeing where we can end.Up today we still share messages with her but she isn't aware that i know she is a scammer.Thanks to

Waiswa (Uganda)

Report N8 (added on April, 15, 2010)

Just got an e-mail from this person with the same content as the others.

Ronel (South Africa)

Report N9 (added on June, 4, 2010)

Dear sir,

This girl contacted me from IMVU via 'loveyou4ever01', I checked her out that she was in Brazil. After I replied her and I received her reply via After reading it,she claimed to live in Africa. It read to get close relationship too soon.It seem like a scam and sound fishy to me after being scammed once. For being a fool once was enough. So I took the decision of not communicate with her anymore and besides she's not my type. So there was the only letter.


Terry (Malaysia)

Report N10 (added on July, 29, 2010)

African scammer. Money scam, wishing to transfer inheritance via Bank of Scotland.

Gavin (Australia)

Report N11 (added on August, 20, 2010)

Same killing of father and mother living in a refugee camp blah blah blah.

Dileep (India)

Report N12 (added on September, 23, 2010)

Known scammer.

Paul (Ireland)

Report N13 (added on December, 14, 2010)

I signed up for Yahoo Quepasa and immediately got contacted by this woman. Of course she didn't have a pic or profile and wanted to send me a letter and pic. A letter search turned up two matches and the first had the same pic as I was sent. It's the typical African bank scam.

Jonathan (USA)

Report N14 (added on December, 27, 2010)

Nice looking scammer.

Dileep (India)

Report N15 (added on January, 26, 2011)

This new girl has approached me with the usual "my dad is dead and left me lots of money but" scam email. i felt it my responsibility to bring her to your attention.

Alan (England)

Report N16 (added on February, 15, 2011)

Unsolicited email. Nigerian money scam.

S. H. (USA)

Report N17 (added on April, 20, 2011)

Asked me to help her with a big lump some of money.

Grant (Canada)

Report N18 (added on May, 11, 2011)

She left to me her email adress, and when i wrote to her, she repled with a long letter and two photos. in this letter, she told me that she is in a refugee camp in senegal after her parents death in civil war in Ruwanda (her home country). thus, she told me that her father left an amount of money in one of european banks and she needs somebody to help her get them for she is the heir... automatically, I knew she is a scammer.

Lhou (Morocco)

Report N19 (added on July, 15, 2011)

Miss Linda wrote email to me that her late father left a lot money to her in Scotland Royal Bank, and she want me to be her trustee, and her lawyer called Salu Ndiaye who live in KM3 avenue chieck anta diop and his telephone 00221-773454102, his email This lawyer asked me to send money through western union to make the documents to send it to the bank in Scotland. They took from me 8000$.Could you help me to find this lawyer and LInda.
Note that she stay in refugee camp in Dakar and use the telephone of pastor called Paul Micheal.
The pastors telephone is 00221-775038124

Ahmed (Egypt)

Report N20 (added on August, 31, 2011)

Normal begging Letter, mum and dad killed in civil war, left me all this money, want you to share it with me, blah blah blah.

Gordon (United Kingdom)

Report N21 (added on September, 5, 2011)

She contacted me on wayn and i knew directly she is a scammer but waited some messages from here. she told me she is Miss jenifer dokie, a Liberian in West Africa and presently residing in a church orphanage home in Dakar Senegal. her late father Dr. dokie was a politician and an international businessman. When her father was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading financial institution, 9.4 Million US Dollars. she askt me to help her this money get to my account and come to me.

Klaas (Netherlands)

Report N22 (added on February, 3, 2012)

Very tradional West Africal refugee scammer.

Harri (Finland)

Report N23 (added on November, 1, 2012)

Another scammer trying hard from WAYN. No picture just a message with this email address.

Stephen (USA)

Report N24 (added on November, 29, 2012)

Parents died in civil war and she wanna transfer some millions into a good samaritains account. talks about God a lot.

Batanani (Botswana)

Report N25 (added on December, 25, 2012)

Typical scam scenerio much younger woman trying to date a much older man and also wanting money transfered into a bank account. This scammer claimed to live in Ghana and both her parents and a brother were killed. Wanted to finish off a medical degree somewhere safe. I've tracked this scammer who I might add is probably a man using pictures of women. On some other sites they claim parents both killed and they are a refugee living in Senegal and wanting their money from an inheritance transfered to a bank account so they can leave. The only transfer I 'm giving this scammer is in here in the hall of shame. The funny thing was I hadn't even been on my dating site for a few weeks. They wrote and said they liked my profile so they must have been on CC and thrown off. They probably knew my e-mail address becauses it's a scammer I have had dealings with before using different women. I haven't been scammed but it's sad that alot of men have been. Some advice. If a woman says they are from an African country becareful particularly if they are a white. If they are too young for the men they are writing to. And they make out they want money put into a bank account.

Paul (Australia)

Report N26 (added on May, 27, 2013)

I found the few photoes same onese that her send us. also it consists when we type this darkar senegal refugee camp, we can obtain the same photoes using as scammers.

Thili (Sri Lanka)

Report N27 (added on June, 26, 2013)

Well she is a boring scammer, she doesn't reply to the questions you ask, she is on her own, as if the same old copy paste format.
once in a letter i asked her or rather mailed her this hi got your mail. thanks for that.
but i want to ask a question to you. if i make you my lifepartner then what will be the situation. will you still offer me the same 15%. or will it be like living together and having a happy family?
please answer this then i will say whether i will help you in this transaction or not.
for which she didnot reply, but told me to contact the bank authorities for the transfer of money, and of course she offered me a total of 20% her total amount.

Dileep (India)

Report N28 (added on June, 18, 2014)

Another inheritance scam.

Timothy (Canada)

Report N29 (added on August, 22, 2014)

She claims to be Blessing Sambo, daughter of late Dr Abakar Sambo, who was killed by rebels in Sudan her country. She claims to be living in a refugees camp in Senegal and her father left her with ?5.3 million British pounds and later demands money from you. Her fake lawyer's information is as follows: She claims that the money is deposited at The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC. And the Bank managers email is as

Brown (South Africa)