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Dating scammer Ekaterina Nemtseva

DATING SCAMMER Ekaterina Nemtseva

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Nemtseva
Age: 28
Name aliases:
Catharine, Catherine, Cathryn, Ecaterina, Ecateryna, Ekatarina, Ekaterinacka, Ekaterinchika, Ekaterinka, Ekaterinochka, Ekaterinok, Ekaterinoka, Ekaterinulka, Ekaterinusechka, Ekaterinusenka, Ekaterinusha, Ekaterinusik, Ekaterinusya, Ekatrina, Kat, Katarina, Kate, Katenka, Katerina, Katerinka, Katerinochka, Katerinushka, Kateryna, Kath, Katharine, Katherin, Katherina, Katherine, Katheryn, Kathryn, Kathy, Kati, Katia, Katiya, Katja, Katka, Katrin, Katrina, Katty, Katuha, Katunya, Katusha, Katushechka, Katushka, Katuska, Katy, Katya, Katys, Katysha, Katyulya, Ket, Ketrin, Kettira, Kittie, Kitty, Yekaterina
Scammer's Location(s):
Medvedevo (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Russia, 424000, Mari-El, Medvedevo, Proletarskaya str., 23a-44
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Friends Reunited Dating


REPORT N1 (added on September, 3, 2009)
Robert (United Kingdom)

Two weeks ago i had a message from this person asking me to contact her via the e-mail address she left,didn't think there was any harm in contacting,after a couple of days e-mailing i susspected something so i did some research on the internet i realised i was being set up for a scam so i just went along with it up until the sat,22,aug 2009 when she asked for money which i did not give but told her i would just to keep in contact while reported her.I also have bank details which she has sent,photo's,and letters.

Scam Letters

Emails from Ekaterina Nemtseva to Robert (United Kingdom)
Hello my new friend Rob!!!!!
It is very pleasant to me that you have answered my message which I have written to you on the dating site, for me it is for the first time in my life also I hope that we shall take pleasure in dialogue with each other!
That you had the common presentation about me, I'll give you a few information about me!
My name is Ekaterina!!!! My daddy and mum thought for long time about the name for me and has named as called my great-grandmother, I love an astrology and my name means, that I should be a gentle and kind person and a true and devoted half in a life for my second half for the whole life!
All this is true, I'm a very kind person and for me in relations the main thing that they should be based on love and trust!
I was born on February, 10th, 1982 in small village under name Kukuevo,
At me growth of 171 centimeters and weight of 57 kgs!
I live in Russia in the city of Medvedevo, I like this city, it is a small and beautiful city, we have moved to Orshanka when to me was 7 years were executed and I have gone to school!
I like very much productive leisure on fresh air, I like to run in the mornings, to float,
For me water as the ground, I cannot live without water!
I love campaigns since the childhood, we with parents and with the grandmother and the grandfather in the childhood is frequent Went to a wood for mushrooms and berries, I like to visit new places, to find out something of these places new a

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