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Dating scammer Maureen Ifa
First name: Maureen
Last name: Ifa
Age: 26
Maui, Sammie Largos
Maui, Sammie Largos
Name aliases:
Sami, Sammi, Sammie
Scammer's Location(s):
Manila (Philippines)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Free Personals


REPORT N1 (added on September, 25, 2009)
Charles (UK)

A young fillipino, called Maureen, Maui, or Sammie - she changed her name three times during our correspondence - asked me to chat to her using Yahoo messenger, which I did.
Things went ewell for twenty minutes or so and then my heart sank as she asked me the killer question - was I generous. So I said yes. So she said was I generous enough to pay a year's schooling for her. So, I said, sure if I'm sure we're in a relationship, I'll do that.
Then a bizzare thing happened. Someone else turned up wanting to talk to me. I accepted the request and the person - called Bianca - asked if I remembered her. So I said 'no', she then said 'are you busy talking to someone else', I said yes, but it would be over in a minute because I was talking to a girl trying to scam me and was about to terminate the chat session. Then all **** was let loos as both women began hurling abuse at me for failing the 'trust test'. Apparently, if I'd trusted Sammi, I wouldn't have called her a scammer, I'd have agreed to give her the money! I deleted both their profiles from my contact list but they kept popping up again! Sammi kept protesting her innocence saying she wasn't a scammer because she hadn't asked me for any money, except in a test! I suggested that becasue I didn't know it was a test, it was a real question.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, it all ended in tears! When I went to Russianpersonals to report her, she'd already deleted her own profile.

Scam Letters

Emails from Maureen Ifa to Charles (UK)
hello charles

first and foremost...
my real name is sammie largo..and maui is just my nickname.why maui?its a long long long story..hhehhee....i have to change a new email add.because theres a lot of rude people are emailing me.i have chatted to a lot of guys on the internet.but they are not serious.they dont want a true love.they just want a pleassure and fun...it is really dissapointing charles becos i am not here for that..i am here to find my lifetime partner..i have a dream to follow and dreams to be fullfiled and that is to marry a foriegn man abroad and have a happy family..but i guess it will remain as a dream and it will not happen...goshhh so so sad..well enough of it about my work..being a waitress is not so eassy....my salarry is enough for the bills for the rent of the house,electric and water bills and for our foods,...my mother is a vegestable vendor at the market.she help sometimes too.i dont have a father.he left us and go to his mistress.he is not a good father to me and a husband to my mother.he always hurts us when we dont have a money to give for him....i am glad that his gone now..and me and my mother is happy and helping each other.
i am looking for someone who can love me and accept me for what i am..and what i have in life....sometimes foriegner judge filipina that they are after money.that is wrong..yes as we all know money is a way to survive...but they dont know that even if we have lots of money.nice cars,big hou

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