Scammer Angelina Osie

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First name:Angelina
Last name:Osie
Aka:Agnes Essel, Claudia Dadzie, Pamela Linda Gibson, Angie Seun Sailes, Rubi Nana Addy, Angelina Osai, Kate Boadu, Amanda Smith Osai Williams, Rosina Ofosua, Dora Ficsian, Rashidatu Mumuni Chambas, Carmen Clemons, Stella Asiedua, Nelli Boateng, Celestine Achina, Patricia Owusu, Monica Lopez, Patience Aba, Belinda Boadi, Salima Coulter, Alima Slamatu, Rose Bless, Janet, Sheeri, Victoria, Josephine, Joyce Aidoo, Melissa Denislantey, Rhondaline Yeboah, Latifa Soul, Benedicta Agbanyo, Rose Doe, Maya Macdalin, Gladys Lois Appiah, Ellen Collenson, Mercy Badu Opokua, Lauretta Cobblah, Pell, Angel, Kramatu, Erica, Peashet, Andrea Awuku, Joycelyn, Jessica Okai, Mary Mensah, Thelmina Ribeiro, Petra Sammel, Jessica Carter, Faustina Green, Rhodaline Yeboah, Pearl Tetteh, Kelly Adams, Lidia Quartey, Helen Osei Mensah, Karen Dreams, Teresa Hinson, Rhonda Harris, Vida Osei, Sum, Lily Boye, Saharatu Ali, Abigail Lopa Luce, Linda Apprey, Julian Brown, Julietta Brown, Janet Tom, Dorice Dok, Selina Ansung, Selina Flourish, Karen Gifty, Anita, Gladys Foli, Amina Foultz, Sandra Yussif John, Munat Amin, Serwaa Maame, Elizabeth Mensah, Lizzy Mensah, Michelle Mcrae, Marta Cooper, Augustina, Augustine Nkrumah, Janet Fosimaa, Janet Fasimma, Natasha, Vanessa, Jessica Akyeamaa, Adizatu Ibrahim, Elizabeth Tiwaa, Ann, Sarah Barnes, Ramatu Lamptey, Sandra Pyper, Christy Asare, Jennifer Wesley, Veronica Tondoh, Veronica Luvone, Livlyn, Murielle, Tanya Tate, Rebecca Court
Name aliases: Abby, Abi, Agness, Amamda, Aminusechka, Andreea, Angeleena, Angeline, Asandra, Augie, Augustina, Becca, Becka, Benedicte, Berlinda, Beth, Caren, Carman, Cate, Celestina, Christi, Christie, Cristy, Dorah, Doris, Dorris, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Ericka, Erika, Gladis, Heleena, Helem, Helena, Helene, Hellen, Hellen, Hellena, Janeta, Jannet, Jassica, Jenefer, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, Jennefer, Jennipher, Jennufer, Jenny, Jennyfer, Jesica, Jess, Jessi, Jessicca, Jessika, Jessy, Jessyka, Jestica, Joice, Josaphine, Josophene, Joycee, Joycelin, Joyice, Juletta, Julieta, Juliette, Karren, Kat, Katy, Kelli, Kellie, Lil, Lili, Lilie, Lillie, Lilly, Linde, Lizy, Lizzy, Lyda, Lydia, Lynda, Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Marrychika, Marryunya, Marryusha, Marryusya, Martha, Mayaa, Mayya, Meashel, Meichelle, Melessa, Melisa, Mellisa, Mellissa, Merci, Meri, Merry, Mery, Michel, Michele, Michell, Milissa, Millisa, Mina, Monicah, Nataha, Natash, Natashia, Natosha, Nellis, Nelly, Pam, Pamella, Pammela, Pammella, Pat, Patrica, Rebacca, Rebbca, Rebbeca, Rebbecca, Rebeca, Rooes, Rouse, Ruby, Salim, Samdra, Sandrah, Seline, Serwa, Teressa, Terresa, Terressa, Theresa, Theresah, Vannesa, Vannessa, Venesa, Venessa, Vennesa, Vennessa, Veronika, Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victora, Victoriia, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktiorianna, Viktoria, Viktorichik, Viktoriia, Viktorija, Viktoriunka, Viktoriuska, Viktoriya, Vikusechek, Vikusi, Vikuska, Yusifa, Yusiff, Yussifa, Yussiffa
Age: 32
Location(s): Accra (Ghana); Agona Swedru (Ghana); Kiev (Ukraine); Koforidua (Ghana); Kumasi (Ghana); Lagos (Nigeria); Lome (Togo); Tema (Ghana)
Also claims to be in: Torrance, California, USA; Utah, USA; Canada; Italy; Ohio, USA; Switzerland; Germany; Kalispell, Montana, USA; Manchester, England; London, England; Manhattan, New York, USA; Texas, USA; Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA; Woodbridge, Virginia, USA; Essex Fells, New Jersey, USA
Address(es): Post Office Box 14, Agona Swedru, Ghana, West Africa, 00233
P.O. Box 6132 Kaneshie, Accra, Ghana, 00233
23 High str., Accra, Ghana 00233, West Africa
203 Darkuman st., Accra, Ghana, 23321
Box 203, Darkman-Accra, Ghana, 00233
15690 Post Box, North Accra, Ghana
P o box 55, New Achimota, Accra, Ghana
Abeka Road 23, Accra, 00233, Ghana
245 Yemesa st., Dahwenya, Tema, Ghana
Box Ad 255, Adabraka, Accra, Ghana
Joseph Lamptey PO Box 5998, Accra North, Ghana
Abeka Lapaz str., Accra, Ghana, 00233
7 High street, Accra, Ghana
Abeka Lapaz, Accra, Ghana, 23321 5937, Cantoments,-Accra, Ghana, West Africa, 23321
Street 12 Slantos Road, Accra, Ghana
121 Clayton St., Denton, Manchester, M34 6LZ, UK
1 Harrest str., Accra, Ghana
West Legon st. 321 ave., Accra, Ghana
2nd Graphic Road, Accra, Ghana
3rd Street, Accra, Ghana
House No.54, Chapel Square Street, Agona Swedru, Central Region, Ghana
Phone number(s): 233540958071
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media:
Fake documents:
Celebrity website:


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Report N1 (added on September, 30, 2009)

Diese "Frau" hat mich sehr viel Geld gekostet!! (von November 08-5.Februar 09-hoher vierstelliger Betrag!!) - von Passport ueber Visa bis zu den Flugtickets - alle Dokumente vorhanden!!! Es besteht immer noch E-mail und msn kontakt!! Es bestehen noch mehr Internetkontakte zu "Frauen" aus Ghana.

Wolfgang (Germany)

Report N2 (added on September, 30, 2009)

I was contacted on Lavalife by this girl and asked to start chatting on MSN. I did and after only one day she was saying she was in love with me. By the third day of chatting she asked for money as her internet was about to be cut off and she did not want to lose me in her life. I told her I had nothing to give her and never heard from her again. I also traced her re-mail and it came from a town far inland from Accra.

Mike (Canada)

Report N3 (added on March, 24, 2010)

Asks for your 'im' on mate1, then once on 'im' asks for e-mail address, sends story and photos. After a short chat asks for money for food ?75.00, sends above postal address on 'im' but i asked for it to be e-mailed, got all info i could but not a home number.

Gerry (UK)

Report N4 (added on August, 2, 2010)

She asked for money just a few hours after meeting her, uses excuses as money for food cause is hungry, expired passport, etc. etc, she is associated with famous nigerian scamer angie seun sailes. DO NOT SEND HER MONEY.

Pedro (USA)

Report N5 (added on September, 29, 2010)

I met Claudia when I first joined Mate1 dating site. She told me Her name was Agnes Essel from Agona Swedru, Ghana. We corresponed for a good while. I was so gullable and stupid thinking she was serious and I sent her $3000 for airfare, visa, passport and soon she emailed me back and said she needed another $1000 to take care of medicals that she had to get to enable her to book a flight. Again I figured I was already in for $3000 and I sent her another thousand. Then she came up with a tale that the Ghanian Embassy wanted me to send $12,000 to ensure them I was serious and she would be taken care of, or she could not book a flight. She has some man there working with her claiming to be at the Embassy and he tryed to convince me to send her the money.She promised me when I sent her the last $1000 that was all she needed to book her flight and come to me. She lied, cheated and scammed me out of $4000 with no intention of coming to me and even until this day is trying to get me to send her $12,000 more dollars. I want to know if you know already that this woman is a scammer why hasn't something been done to her. I want to press charges against her and see her where she belongs, in jail.

Billy (USA)

Report N6 (added on September, 30, 2010)

Ruby, as she is known to me, first contacted me right after I signed up on Within a few days she was professing her undying love for me and explaining how she knew that God had brought us together. She explained her story that Her father was a Ghana native and met her mother in the U.S. According to her she was born in the U.S. but due to racial tension from the mixed marriage between her mom and dad they left the U.S and moved to Ghana.

Tim (USA)

Report N7 (added on January, 25, 2011)

Yes she first contacted me with no pic and used the name Maude. The very next time we chatted she used a pic of angelina and told me here name was Kate Boadu from accra ghana. After only 2 emails she told me she loved me and would need a passport and visa, all the documents and that it would cost about 1.700 us dollars. i give her money to repace a stolen cell and a passport plus phone air time. then i seen her pic delphifaq and that is when i asked her to take a picture holding that days newspaper, thats when she started that i didnt trust her and how could we have a relationship when i dont yrust her. I asked that maybe someone stole her id and she swore that never happened. I asked her to explain how her pics got to the website and she would just ignore my questions, Then she would start to say that i was ruining her good name by posting her phone number and her email adresses. 2 days later she started being super rude calling me every name under the sun i hope by posting a couple pics and reporting to a few websites more people will know she is a scammer. she knows how to talk and screw with your emotions.

Mike (Canada)

Report N8 (added on March, 25, 2011)

She contacted me trough a swedish dejtingsite around the 22:nd march... we moved oru conversation immidetly to a messngercontact.. then she wanted to exchange id and password with me so she we could delete each oterhs profiles on the dejtingsite.. to show that we care and are serios with each other.. than she told me her birhday was the 27:th mars... then she wanted me to be there and celibrati it with her, but ofcourse i couldn't.. she understood that but wonder what i would give to her in present that she could show her friends and family how much I cared about her.. I did not want it after so short while.. and then she dumped me couse I was not serisos when I didn't trust her.. I knew from the very first beginning that she was a fake.. I just played along to see how she was working..

Anders (Sweden)

Report N9 (added on June, 8, 2011)

She was pretending to be a 29 year old catering student born in Canada and raised in Accra. She was very well rehearsed in being a good Christian girl and was being fed material to copy and paste. She even engaged in video chats with me. The only thing I gave her were phone credits $33.

Robert (USA)

Report N10 (added on August, 25, 2011)

She want to help men in different situation but want after i while some money.

Kent (Sweden)

Report N11 (added on September, 15, 2011)

She ask for money, becouse she want to comeover bud she never do, she will ask for more money to pay becouse her dog need to come aswell, than sche need money for the STA paper otherwise she can come.

Patrick (Netherlands)

Report N12 (added on January, 23, 2012)

Picked me up on line can't remember the site,
Sucks you in love and kindness, asks for small amounts of money,
Then as relationship builds will ask for $1000 or more for air fair, and it keeps going, with more things to buy for trip .
And of course no arrival.

Iain (Australia)

Report N13 (added on March, 28, 2012)

Known scammer.

Hossain (Netherlands)

Report N14 (added on August, 3, 2012)

Made contact on Hi5. Shortly after switched to yahoo messenger. I spoke with her twice through Sykpe, so I knew who I was talking to. I decided to help with visa application fee, medicals, etc. Sent small amount first and saw that she actually used it for the purpose. Sent another small amount and then another. I was supposedly being cautious, but she was too smart. She managed to get fake documents to show me where she spent the money. I sent a total of $700. Her words are very convincing and she is a professional scammer. She stopped communications when I kept insisting to see a copy of her passport.

Sam (Australia)

Report N15 (added on August, 29, 2012)

Scammer for sure! She has some kind of webcam but It's not her...

Bill (USA)

Report N16 (added on September, 5, 2012)

She requested I buy a Kente' cloth ($300).

Danny (USA)

Report N17 (added on October, 9, 2012)

Met her some time ago .the usual scammer playbook. two e mails and she loves me. sent several pictures including some not on your site. wants a long term relationship and marriage. Im headed to ACCRA IN January FOR THREE WEEKS AND SHE WANTS TO STAY WITH ME.
Ive been out of town so there have been breaks in our chatting but i did send down $150 for a cam two days ago. Claims her dad is dead and claims she had a boyfriend that used to beat her up all the time. wanted to know if her uncle who alledgedly lives in Houston Texas sent me a new computer for her if i would be willing to forward it on to her. i said no saying the shipping charge via fed ex would probably be $400. this girl is very laid back but very clever

Boyd (USA)

Report N18 (added on October, 15, 2012)

I am proposing to take all my documentation to the Ghana Embassy in London.

Robin (England)

Report N19 (added on November, 27, 2012)

I met this person on match. She immediately wanted to chat on yahoo IM service after we exchange only a couple of emails. Her behavior seems right on par with all the typical scammers I have read about online. Including excessive grammar errors, posting pictures that I am sure cannot possibly be of her. Two in particular she claims are recent pics of her in Ghana,Africa yet I can plainly see a Standard North American 110v power receptacle in the background.
Her profile on match disappeared 1-2 days after we met which I found very odd. Odder still, was her request that I give her my login and password information for that website so she could delete my profile (I did not). She said this was so she could have faith and trust that I was the one for her. After that she said she would love send me photos of herself only she did not have a camera and asked me to send $90 to buy one. Of course,I did not. Nor did I give her any personal info.
Furthermore, she claimed to have been at the beach today and sent 2 photos. I found it strange that she was wearing different outfits and jewelry in each picture.

Jeff (USA)

Report N20 (added on November, 30, 2012)

I was first contacted on a dating site, out of the blue by this women, have believed it was a scam from the start, to many changes in name and such.Plus the first photo she sent was very simular to a photo i recieved from an other women from a different dating site, several monthe prior to recieving these, from her. Played her along getting nude photos, only a scammer is going to send nudes, as no self respecting women is going to send nudes right after meeting someone on line, plus nude vidios. When i refused to send money, I was then contacted by her again, but under a different name, and email address. Played her again and then contacted again by her under a different name. I have managed to have her waste money on phone calls and send numerous pictures with and with out clothes on. Very persistant, even had her mother die, but could not explain why if she should kill her self how that would help pay her bills. Finally decided she could not get any money out of me, and after my calling her a begger, she wrote back that she was not a begger, she was a scammer. Very angry message, and started to brag about how she was scamming someone else and had already recieved thousands of dollars from him, and that she had a car and gold. Poor english, very hard to understand on the phone, but played her along as much as possible, let her know how it feels to be played, even if it was just time, effort, and several long distance phone calls by her.

Allen (Canada)

Report N21 (added on May, 24, 2013)

She made first contact and wanted to be mine.

Stanley (USA)

Report N22 (added on May, 24, 2013)

Meet her on online asian site. She sent a few pictures in email and she seemed extremely white to be from ghana. I asked her sbout it and she told me her dad was from Vietnam then a day it so later said he was from Canada. She was going to scho to be a nurse and get dad had died and she helped take care if her mother. At first she didn't have a web can then she borrowed one I seen her on it but without sound then a couple days later she didn't have one and wanted me to help her get one and asked to send her 80 western union which I did not do and she was deeply hurt.

Brandon (USA)

Report N23 (added on June, 4, 2013)

It took her 4 days to ask me to send her $100.

William (USA)

Report N24 (added on June, 14, 2013)

She started with a couple form letters. It took her 5 days to ask for $100 for a webcam.

William (USA)

Report N25 (added on July, 22, 2013)

Hi ,she contact me on chinese site and ask me to add her on yahoo so i did as we talk she said she was in uk england in wayles and her mom was in ghana (again same story)i ask her to show herself on cam and was a slow motion video who did not look like her at all and she said sorry my cam is not clear and weak internet connection so it jam the image (ya sure )full recording of someone else and she cut the video and said we could share picture and she send me 3 of them who look to me as someone as scammer i saw long ago on your site ,suspicious yes so we talk a little then she wanted to contact me tomorrow as she said we have 4 hours difference ghana is 4 yes england a lot more so i see her game here so i used eyes pro who bring me on your site glad to see that you have her on file but she have a new look on chinese site and pic i never seen so if that could help someone i be happy so they dont get scammed.

Luc (Canada)

Report N26 (added on October, 23, 2013)

Just talked with her today. She has taken me for some 10.000 in the last 2 to 3 years.

Woody (USA)

Report N27 (added on November, 4, 2013)

Typical Nigerian scammer and typical BS. Was born in the USA, Only child, parents are dead, had to move to Nigeria to live with only surviving relative. Is there to study. Wants to move in with me after finishing her studies. Needs me to wire money for food and internet, and other expenses. Told her no. Communication has since stopped.

Joe (USA)

Report N28 (added on December, 3, 2013)

She meet me on dating site about 3 month ago, she alway talk about send her money so she see me, and she want money pay her bills too, she very bad person, and I find out she a porn star.

Jeanine (UK)

Report N29 (added on December, 12, 2013)

She contacted me on Yahoo messenger and start sending photos to me...After two days she started to ask for money.

Milos (Serbia)

Report N30 (added on January, 23, 2014)

Another african scammer.

Brad (USA)

Report N31 (added on February, 12, 2014)

Says she is in ohio. Was in new Mexico. Do not. Believe a word this girl says.

Woody (USA)

Report N32 (added on February, 17, 2014)

Professional at scamming, but never believe anything she says. Always needs a webcam and/or laptop, even though has many computers already! Says she loves you in record time. Will ask to send money through MoneyGram - don't do it!

Francis (USA)

Report N33 (added on February, 25, 2014)

Says she is nursing student in Ghana parents deceased grandma sent her there for college and is afraid to be there.

Tom (USA)

Report N34 (added on April, 3, 2014)

Typical of the other statements on here.

Tom (USA)

Report N35 (added on April, 8, 2014)

2 Photos she sent me, which are identical to an other girl from England, also found via partnersuche.

Chris (Germany)

Report N36 (added on April, 24, 2014)

Did the typical send me money for a flight thing. Kept asking for money.

Len (Australia)

Report N37 (added on May, 12, 2014)

I met someone called Rhodaline Yeboah supposedly from Ghana. I was looking for love. I was lonely and depressed alot. So I tried website. She contacted me sent me her email address. We emailed each other alot after that. We sent each other pictures of each other. We talked about our life stories I thought we were really close. And I was really attracted to her alot. Then we set up whats app on our phones too. She really sounded like an amazing woman. I truly felt that I was in love with her. I sent her money for clothes bills off and on after that. I even sent her money to get an engagement ring too. So we are supposedly engaged then. Everything was going great. I truly believed I was gonna marry this woman. We both told each that we loved each other everyday and were gonna marry each other in 2014. I was getting a large bonus at work and she was gonna relocate to marry me. I sent her money on Western Union alot until one time my payment was withheld by Western Union. It was suspisious they asked me if I ever met her in person. And they never put payment through. Then she told me to use moneygram after that and I did. But I was suspicious now she told me to send money to her other name she used which was Pearl Tetteh. She said it was her tribe name. I had doubts but I still sent her money because I really felt that I loved her. I got my bonus at work in March 2014. She said she needed $2000 for her passport and police and medical report. It seemed alot for that.
But I was stupid enough to send it to her. But then I checked for prices on internet and it doesn't cost as much as she told me. And the exchange rate from moneygram she lied about too because whatever I sent her she got double that in Ghana money.
She then told me she needed another $680 to pay agency after the $2000 already give to them.
I questioned it alot. Then she told me that she needed another $8000 in a bank account to get her visa. Just to show she had money for herself her. She even told me to sell my nice car to pay for the visa for her. That was the last lie for me from her. I asked her if I could come and visit her first before she came to my country. She got all mad and defensive saying its not safe to come to her country for me. And we had plans for her to relocate. I told her I was having doubts about her honesty. And to even hook up skype so we can see other too. She got mad but eventually set up skype to see each other. I just had enough of the lies so I changed my cell number and email address. Three weeks later she texted me on my skype but told her it was over for good. Then I recently went on stop scammers website and saw A woman named Regina Addy is the woman of the pictures that this person sent me I was really shocked. She is absolutely a scammer. And I also saw her pistures on a christian website now too. This woman or person she be caught and dealt with accordingly. They hurt me emotionally and financially. I hope someone catches her one day soon

Darren (USA)

Report N38 (added on June, 19, 2014)

I met Kelly Adams on yahoo messenger. We chatted for couple of days,then she ask me e-mail address which I gave her. the next day there were photos of her in my inbox. Her beauty was so amazing. we sent e-mail back and forth. She ask me if I could help her purchase a cell phone. she told me its 800. 00. told her that was really high price. her answer was it cost more to be able to call out of the country. So I sent her the money. she did call more many times to tell me thankyou,and to say she loved me. its was not long after that she was asking for more money for her mothers medications. i sent more money,rent was 2 months past due sent money to help. You said that she Loved more then any man she has every met. She ask abt coming to America. She told me of the cost 8,000. 00 in Dec 2012. She also said her uncle work for travel agent company and that he can help us. He called me several times in 2012,2013. Got up the money sent it to her uncle. I ask for travel information for many months never got anything from him. What the details were of Kelly trip to America. he said he would get back to me,never heard from him. i should have stop all commucation then. but kept texting Kelly, she would text back to say i'm working on what you ask for as of this day I have not receive any information on visa,passport,flight schedule,have nothing from here but e-mails,photos of her. texts messengers,and chats on yahoo messanger. As of Aug2012 thru May 2014. I have sent over 25,000. 00 to her. Its real sad I did not no about your web-site until this last Friday 6/13/2014. I felt something was not right. There were times during the last 22months,she has not text me or wrote to me by internet. I would text her but no reply until weeks later she would reply back to say her phone was shut off because non-payment. every time it was always I did not receive your text. or that her phone was turn off. recently I was in the hospital for 3 weeks she did not even text me,or write to me on internet. I chatted with her last night 6/14/2014. She said she was very upset about something and she did not want to talk about it. Since find your site. My eyes have been open to all she is doing to men,she needs to be put behind BARS for what she has done. I do have letters,photos,to send to you. There on my Yahoo account. If there nothing done about this scammer. I will personaly find her myself. I will not stop looking for her. Its wrong what she has done to me and others. She want get away with it no more,she still out there scamming men to this day. She is still trying to scam me for more money even today receive text from her needing money to buy food. I wish I had find your site sooner,but now I no who she is and what she is doing. 25,000. 00 flush down the toilet.

Damon (USA)

Report N39 (added on August, 26, 2014)

She will ask you for money and then nothing She say she needs papers for visa.

Radek (Canada)

Report N40 (added on August, 29, 2014)

She is very patient & is very antimate about wanting to Marry & she is a nursing student 2 months from graduation wants to video chat on yahoo always wants you on cam gets upset when not. living in Ghana Father has Died Mother Is Sick has younger Brother living with Uncle. she contacted me on match have been corresponding for almost a solid 2 weeks sending texts Video chatting requested a cell phone through Fed-Ex delivery & Money through Money Gram $300.00 to pay for package pick up all were in Hellen Osei Mensah name. I was about to do some things that would have cost me It looks like untill i found pictures of her on DelphiFAQ she would not give me pictures but I took some of her off her web cam & it is most definately the alias's I have posted here Thanks for saving me :)

Gerald (USA)

Report N41 (added on September, 26, 2014)

Says she has been alone for tvo ears, showes her selve on a webcam with out sound and claims she lost/destroied her phon.
Say s she has a trust that her late parents set up for her, and she cant get it until she can show som lawyer she has a man.
She maks fake airline ticets from samples on the net and com on as a real caring person.
Showes face pictures in her profile, looks completly different on cam. Says she is in troble with the tax othoratys in the UK and says she need your help to front her to pay taxes so she can pay you back wen she gets the trust realesed.
Insists that all money tranaction goes thru Western Union.

Halfdan (Iceland)

Report N42 (added on November, 14, 2014)

She says she going to nursing school an wondering how she would pay for fees $3860 an she say she has no mobile phone at 32 come on a women without a mobile! and says her uncle owns mining company in tamale there is some but not the name she gave me! She will sucker you in! She txt are not constant all over the place.

Matt (Norway)

Report N43 (added on December, 5, 2014)

Typical african scammer.

Gal (Turkey)

Report N44 (added on December, 12, 2014)

Contacted me on brazilcupid, and invited me to Google hangouts, same MO as previous complaints, her phone was stolen, no audio on a bad internet camera, said she had an old computer and needed an upgrade, within a couple days she was in love and couldn't wait to get to the states to be with me, I subscribed to the stop scammers site and ran her photos, sure enough she has a very long pedigree as a scammer. Confronted her about being a scammer with an offer to help her in her business and she openly admitted it to being true.

John (USA)

Report N45 (added on December, 12, 2014)

She initiated contact using a different name without a picture on Russian Cupid. Said send email and you will see who she is soon. Soon after she sends pictures, And sends a Skype request. I talked to her for two weeks, within 3 day she asks for money to help buy airtime to communicate with me. And then wanted me to see her but needed a webcam. I sent 100.00 for a webcam (I know they only cost about 30 dollars) She came on Skype with NEW webcam, At first not to bad of a picture, but then picture freezes, jumpy scenes. Nice to watch I suppose though. Then she fell head over heels in love with me, wanted marriage...Then asked for a Iphone 5s, Which I have an empty box for. After showing her the box that is ALL se could talk about, she wanted me to send it to her already activated. She was so in love with me but only wanted to know where phone was, wanted ups tracking number. Also told me she would send pic's to me and told me her mum would take them and send to me. A Mother taking nude pictures of her daughter and sending them to a man???? Told her I would do this, but she still needed airtime so she could text me. So I sent 200.00 Western Union. It must be located in her building, because within 7 minutes of telling her I sent money, Western Union sent me a email telling me it was picked up. I knew this was a scam after I traced her IP address to Wichita, Kansas. Using the tools from this site (Email header analyzer) I confronted her about this and she swore that she was in Ghana, but this is what scammers do... The last contact she came on Skype and did a little show, She would not do anything asked of her though and kept freezing up, so not even a good show, but after said it was late and she needed sleep. I asked her the time there, she said 11:45 pm, as she told me this on Skype I could see the window behind her and it was a nice sunny day. So all of this is pre-recorded, The first two times different clothing but closer shots show exactly the same thing. Beautiful woman but a scammer. I got out cheap at 300.00 total.

Jeff (USA)

Report N46 (added on December, 31, 2014)

She says that she had graduated nursing in Ghana with a Phd. She also works with an agent called Agent Rob ( All the pictures that are on this site I received also. Gave her money 2500.for plane ticket, then sends a paper saying the Immigration won't let her leave without 7000 in hand in case she contracts Ebola, then that money will help with medical issues. She always wants the money sent to Linda Apprey says she is close friend. Also promises 500k in gold bars when she gets married from her late father. ALSO passport and visa picture are of Margaret Atu Rama Stobe, also on this site. Both are the same woman ..BEWARE.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!

Jeff (USA)

Report N47 (added on December, 31, 2014)

I am not sure if this woman is a scammer or not. I would like to know if she is in any of your databases. I meant her on the website... ColombianCupid But hse says she is currently in Ghana living with her mother....

Robert (USA)

Report N48 (added on January, 21, 2015)

I have been scamed out of a lot of money from selina over two years now and just found out that she and her brother mark ansung are scamming guys for money things ask for cash sent byee western union or through money gram I reasonently found multible sites and multable names she uses such as roderline wright :janet tom:doris doku;and so many others as I found when I searched.

Kevin (Canada)

Report N49 (added on February, 17, 2015)

Think she has tried to scam me before under other name reported her before.

Tony (Australia)

Report N50 (added on February, 17, 2015)

2/9/15 met this lady on Wayn. She got booted shortly after meeting her there.
2/10/15 contacted me through my yahoo email, sent photos that night. Going to nuring school in Ghana birthday given 2/18/83 Have tried for last couple days to get last name & address, no response back from here, found photos matching photos sent to me.

Norman (USA)

Report N51 (added on October, 27, 2015)

This lady contacted me about 48 hours ago. She claims that she randomly got my name from the Skype directory. Within 24 hours she was telling me that she was in love with me. Today, she began asking for money to buy a new laptop. Telling me that the price would be $1500.00 and wanting to knw how I would send her the money. I asked he rto send me a photo and she sent two which I checked against the photos in Stop Scammers dta base. Both photos came up showing a person that obviously has many names and e-mail addresses etc.
Since she contacted me through Skype I have now blocked her. I do have the two pictures that she sent me which were the basis for my search on Stop Scammers as her name never showed any rsults when I searched using it.

Mike (Canada)

Report N52 (added on November, 25, 2015)

This woman only want you to send monye for a new webcam if you dont she say go away this is from skype.

Warren (Sweden)

Report N53 (added on December, 15, 2015)

She contacted me on skype, we had contact from 12/6-10/2015 - she first tryed at 11/28/2015. First it was only nice talking by written chat and she asked me for ? 50 to buy a web-cam which I sent her. We used the cam and it was conspicuous, that I couldn't see her arms move when she was writing text. This made me suspicious. I asked her once, but she didn't react. I think someone else was typing for her outside of the picture.
She tried to get money for her sick grandma in hospital for doctors and medicine. I gave her ? 50 for a new webcam by Western Union. She uses Whatsapp with above phone no. and skype with changing accounts: Munat Amin, Serwaa Maame, zxcvbn2681, zxcvbn9570, zxcvbn4911, xeniaxenia19.

Karl-Heinz (Germany)

Report N54 (added on March, 11, 2016)

I was contacted on match by simpleheart986 and she defiantly knew how play on a man's emotions. Then we exchanged email addresses and she sent me 3 photos she had long dark hair and was very beautiful but one of the pictures didn't match the others and now that I think of it neither did the one on the web site. The next day we began chatting on Skype and her web cam wouldn't work, in hindsight that was the first sign something wasn't right. I had a feeling in the back of my mind it was to good to be true. I live in western Canada where the winters are long and cold and when I asked her if she had ever experienced snow she said yes when she lived with her dad in Texas. I'm no expert on Texas weather but that was another red flag. She also said her dad died in a car accident and she was living with her mom and younger brother and a uncle lived a mile away in Ghana western Africa. We chatted for about a week. Her asking me to buy food stuffs was the thing that finally woke me up. Luckily I never gave the bitch any money.That's when I found this web site and realized who she really was. I feel like a dam fool. P.S. I was also contacted by a woman with the username happyheels who said she was from Dallas Texas and also could of been a scam.

Bruce (Canada)

Report N55 (added on June, 21, 2016)

This Scammer approached me through Asian Kisses, and have until 3 weeks ago regularly communicated with her.

Claus (Denmark)

Report N56 (added on August, 8, 2016)

She wanted to scam me... wanted to have me help her in some way to move from Ghana and Get a job. etc. typical Scammer. once I got her picture it was easy to find her profile on your site.

John (USA)

Report N57 (added on August, 8, 2016)

Wants money to buy a cam but wants me to send the money in her uncle's name.
They copy and paste a lot of the conversation and many times send the same message. Same scammer with a different name.

Barry (USA)

Report N58 (added on August, 13, 2016)

This report deals with Janet Fasimma, a scammer working from Ghana. She first contacted me via Facebook Messenger in the name of Janet Fosimaa and then we conversed by Whatsapp in the name of Janet Fasimma. She sent me four stolen photos of Porn Star. She has not asked for money and given little of the usual "I love you" chat, and probably never will contact me again as I think that she suspects that I am baiting her.

John (Brazil)

Report N59 (added on February, 2, 2017)

This woman stole over 5,000 dollars from me. She told me she was a student in Texas and she needed money for her sick parents. She said she would come see me, never came.

Jamie (USA)

Report N60 (added on February, 2, 2017)

I want to add another name, and email this person operates under.

Bernard (New Zealand)

Report N61 (added on November, 7, 2017)

Starts off good, then alleges she needs a medical and police report to leave country at a cost of ?250 each. Then days her mum says she needs to be married at a cost of ?750.
Then wants flight money, after that her mum gets cancer and she can't leave.

John (UK)

Report N62 (added on November, 20, 2018)

She apparently hacked an profile and sent me a message to text her because she wanted to get to know me better. I thought she was from Wisconsin until she told me she was living in Virginia. She claimed it was her eHarmony account that was hacked. We started on the eHarmony site, then switched to texting, then finally to texting through Google hangouts. Also had a few cellphone calls with very poor sound quality. Lost her phone number. We communicated for about 2 weeks. She used emojis heavily in her texts. She always changed the subject when I asked her to video chat or Skype. When she finally agreed, her image was frozen and there was no audio. Said she recently came out of an abusive relationship.

She says she came to the US (Virginia) from the Ukraine where her father, a journalist, was killed by a Russian airstrike in 2014. I did some research and found that no journalist were killed by airstrikes in Ukraine. She said that her mom was still living in Ukraine. She initially said that she was a beautician, but later said she was recently laid off from her job in the Human Resource field. She supposedly had applications out and interviews set up for a possible new job. I asked her why she was interested in a guy 21 years older than her who lived a thousand miles away. She said age was just a number and that she was considering relocating to where I lived and going back to school. One odd thing is that when I was talking on the phone with her she was unsure of the year she was born.

Eventually, during one of our phone conversations, she said her mom was in danger in Ukraine and needed to get out. She asked me for $900 so she could get her mom out of Ukraine. That's when I ended the communication. She tried calling me many times after I stopped communication with her and had to block her number.

Mark (USA)

Report N63 (added on January, 14, 2019)

Contacted by Jennifer Wesley Essex Fells NJ or so she says, on dates. After having a couple of very short back and forth emails she finally made contact writing me a book and calling me by someone else's name obviously this was mass produced. I never gave her the.chance to ask for anything as I quickly cut her off. This report is for additional information on a very busy girl adding more to her profile. Thank you.

Chris (USA)

Report N64 (added on August, 29, 2019)

It started out slow but them amped up over last few weeks. Said was in ghana going to nursing school while living with 82 year old grandma, parents where dead and uncle raised her, said she was actually Astralian by birth. She was getting ready to graduate and was needing help with renewing her Visa so she could come to the states to be with me. Then asked for a phone as hers was not a smart phone. She also said she lived in Texas as a young woman with her uncle.

Bob (USA)

Report N65 (added on January, 14, 2020)

First saw her as Rebecca Court in mid 2017. Saw her using the image of Talia Shepard. Saw her again in mid 2018 as Tanya Tate. I knew this would be a scam so I contacted her. I told her that the images she used were porn stars and she said she did that to protect herself. She proceeded to give me her real name as Grace Ibeveil. I played along and eventually told her that she was playing games and I knew what she was doing. She denied that she was scamming but she had no credibility and I stopped the conversation. Please remember when you see porn stars you are being scammed. Get image search to check the pictures. Use tools out there to protect yourself. If it's African its a scam.

Joe (USA)



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