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First name: Maria
Last name: Guschina
Age: 30
Name aliases:
Macha, Maha, Maniasha, Manishka, Mari, Mariah, Marichika, Mariia, Marija, Marishka, Mariusya, Mariya, Mariyah, Mariychik, Mariychika, Mariyka, Mariyoka, Mariyulka, Mariyulya, Mariyushenka, Mariyushka, Mariyushoka, Mariyuska, Mariyusya, Marry, Maru, Marusechka, Marusia, Maruska, Mary, Marya, Maryia, Masha, Mashenka, Mashka, Mashoka, Mashshunya, Mashuk, Mashulechka, Mashulecka, Mashulenka, Mashulia, Mashulka, Mashulunya, Mashulya, Mashunya, Mashushka, Mashuska, Mrusya
Scammer's Location(s):
Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia); Semenov (Russia)
Russia, 424028, Nizhniy Novgorod area, Semenov, The World str., 43, apartment 26
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Ukraine Date


REPORT N1 (added on October, 8, 2009)
Syed (UK)

Dear stop scammers,

I started corresponding with this woman from UkraineDate after she contacted me.
claims was a widow after her husband died in a car accident with his mistress. She was heart broken but after 2 weeks of coreespondence she had fallen in love with me, without even having seen my photo. To prove my love she hinted i should send her a gift through a website that she provided in her letter. she had got bthis website from her best friend who had a gifts sent to her from her fiance who also was from my country, UK.
This escalated to her wanting to meet me and she had already been to travel agency, there may be some obstacles but this could be overcome....
I contacted the ukraineDate website as her profile had been switched off and why this was. The reply from them which i still have was because of unethical behaviour and violation of the rules and regulations!

Scam Letters

Emails from Maria Guschina to Syed (UK)
Hello dear Ayaz.
I hope for that that my letter will reach you and I can see your answer.
You very interesting man also I wish to have serious dialogue with you.
To start our dialogue I wish to be presented and tell about myself.
My name is Mariya.
Now I live in Russia.
I do not wish to hide the age and 30 years can tell to you that to me.
Probably you do not accept my age?
It will seems to me that for our dialogue not a problem.
I live and I work in a city Semenov.
To me has surprisingly carried that I live in the city since the birth.
Now I live together with the parents in one apartment.
In working hours I am engaged in colours.
I very strongly love flowers and I have own shop on sale of colours.
This work is my life and my greatest hobby.
I seem to me that the successful woman.
After all I receive full pleasure from the work.
In my life it is a lot of colours.
Flowers it is pleasure for each person.
It will be possible to you very interestingly to know my favourite flowers.
These are lilies.
I very strongly appreciate these flowers and I feed for them special attention.
I am engaged in flower business about 6 years and my shop is very popular.
Flowers bring to people the romanticism and love.
Probably you have favourite flowers?
For me it will be rather pleasant to know your favourite flowers.
As I hope to learn from you as much as possible in your following letter.
It will be interesting to me to know whom and wher

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