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Dating scammer Sookanda Kaew
First name: Sookanda
Last name: Kaew
Age: 27
Khing, Saatapron, Konika, Kaew
Khing, Saatapron, Konika, Kaew
Scammer's Location(s):
Chiangrai (Thailand)
6moo8, Pa Mi District, Chiangrai, 57225, Thailand
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
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Larry (USA)

This person is a real Scam-Rodent. I cannot imagine this person to be a professional and I don't even find this guy or girl to be bright. This person went through the whole scam scenario three (3) times with me. Can you believe not only did I use the same email address but I also used the same exact name "Vin" in each instance.
The person I really feel bad for if the pics being used are of a real person. Hopefully, all these Rodents will get their day. Let's keep reporting them and rooting them out. Below are the sweet letters of scam.

Scam Letters

Emails from Sookanda Kaew to Larry (USA)
Vin darling i would love to come to you, I think you have understood that by now. I have a ticket which I can upgrade or chance the destination off. But I need to know from you to where I have to re route it to and when I am welcome, than I need to apply for a visa which is pretty easy and takes just 48 hours and last but not least I need help buying myself free. I still lack 660 dollar that I can leave and come to you.

I need an international airport in california that best suites you.. So I can change my ticket tomorrow. I will send you a scan of my changed ticket. I cannot go ahead with my visa before I am able to eave here but i can change my ticket as someone else can do so for me. If you are really willing to help me please try to find a Western union or Moneygram agent and send the money to:

Name: Sookanda
Surname: Kaewnet

Address: 6moo8, Pa Mi District, Chiangrai 57225 Thailand

I can pick it up with my boss MOnday night or Tuesday because I am ahead of you and than leave with military transport to Maesai. From there I can go by bus to bangkok.

I hope that i am not dreaming
I am ready for you and I will be an amazingly good wife for you
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