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Photo of scammer Zlata Petrova


First name: Zlata
Last name: Petrova
Age: 31
Zlata Victorova, Anna Shemodanova
Zlata Victorova, Anna Shemodanova
Name aliases:
Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, Anika, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annchik, Anne, Annet, Anneta, Annetka, Annia, Annie, Annika, Annulenka, Annulya, Annushka, Annushka, Annusika, Annuta, Annutusha, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutik, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyuta, Anyutochka, Hanna, Nusha, Zata
Romance scammer's Location(s):
St. Petersburg (Russia); Surok (Russia)
Russia, 424027, Surok, Vostochnaya str., 18-32
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Russian Brides


REPORT N1 (added on January, 4, 2010)
Hans (Netherlands)

She took two and a half month to ask for money.
REPORT N2 (added on February, 3, 2010)
Robert (USA)

Has been asking for money to get documents to travel when I said I would come to visit her in a few months she has continued writing every day. i stumbled on this same photo of her as Zlate Petrova on this sight.
REPORT N3 (added on March, 4, 2010)
Kevin (USA)

This girl is smooth. She takes her time over 3 months writing everyday. She never asked for money but found ways to try to get me to offer.
In the end she had gotten all the money for the trip to be with me except $422.00
She even played dumb as to how to get it to her.
She is good a real convincing women.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Zlata Petrova to Hans (Netherlands)
I randomly saw you on dating site and I must say that I would like to meet you. I saw your profile on dating site 2be.se. I have long dreamed to get acquainted with a man from Holland.
About me: I am a girl, and I am 28 years old, I would like to know from you if you do not mind, we can keep in touch with you.
You can write me at my email address: gentlelady31@yahoo.com
In addition, I am sending you my photos, so you can see my appearance and I hope that you enjoy.
I just hope you write me and send me a photo.
Sincerely, Zlata!

Hello Beest!
I am very glad that you wrote to me!
I must confess that I was waiting for an answer very much, but were not sure what you write.
When I saw your letter, it was indeed a surprise!
We do not know each other, but I really wanted to know you better!
I have long dreamed to get acquainted with a man from Holland.
My name is Zlata!
I'm 28 years old, November 18, I'll be 29!
Perhaps, in my opinion the photo I am younger.
Often people who do not know me, very surprised when I tell my age.
I do not know why, but .))))
I hope you like my photos!? I would like to see your new photos too!
If you have them, please send me! I shall be very glad!
I hope that my age appropriate for you?
The difference in our age is not a problem for me because the basic things, like a person feels! I do not know why, but I have always been interested in a man like you.
I am very glad

Romance scam letter(s) from Zlata Petrova to Robert (USA)
Hello my dear Bob!
I had today good day on work. I could be released earlier from my work now. And to walk on foot from my work to the cafe Internet. Weather fine. There is a small snow and air temperature nearby-2 degrees on Celsius. I am going to celebrate New year together with friends.
I can write only the short letter because I have the limited quantity of time to be in the cafe Internet.
I wish warn you that I cannot to write you some time because the Internet - cafe will not work tomorrow. In my country New year - the big holiday. I think I can write you the letter only on Monday on January, 4th. I very much will miss on you these some days. I hope that you will celebrate well and cheerfully New year. I will think of desire at night before New year be with you next year. I trust that my desire will necessarily be carried out.
Have good day. I will think of you.
hugs and kisses........ Anna

Hello my dear Bob!!!
I was very happy to read your letter. I thank you for your letter to me. Bob, you my gentle man and me are very pleasant from your letters. Your words as if in a reality penetrate my heart always.
Without your letters to me it would be now very sad and lonely. Only thanks to your letters I feel well. I am always glad to your letters.
You my happiness and my clear sun. Your words in your letters as if in a reality are audible in my ears. I each time in the beginning will read your letters and

Romance scam letter(s) from Zlata Petrova to Kevin (USA)
Hello Kevin!
I am glad to see your letter, but I am upset a little, that you didn ` t send me yours films.
You have any photos? I wish to see you.
How are you? What your time?
You likely are interested, why on a site other country, instead of Russia has been specified?
I did not wish to specify my real country because I was afraid that nobody will answer me.
You do not take offence? I hope that my silly error will not prevent our dialogue.
You already know that I live to Russia, city Surok. I work as the manager in the cultural and entertaining centre.
I like my work. Tell to me about your work of more information if you can.
I live one in apartment which I remove for residing. I one child in a family. I always wished to have the brother or sister.
You have the brother or sister?
My parents were lost in large accident when I was 16 years old. It was the big tragedy in my life.
My best girlfriend call Susha. We are on friendly terms with it when went to school.
As you know, me 32 years. I was born in June, 1977. I never was in marriage and I have no children.
What your family? You have brothers or sisters? You have children? To me very interestingly it is the nobility.
Tell to me, what you think of love? I think that love - the finest feeling.
The love cannot be bought or sold for money. You agree with me?
Well, I will finish my letter. I hope, what I have set very few questions?
You can set to me your questions. I wish


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