Scammer Snezhana Zhuravleva

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First name:Snezhana
Last name:Zhuravleva
Name aliases: Snegah, Snejana, Snejanna, Snezana, Snezhanna
Age: 28
Location(s): Omsk (Russia)
Address(es): 32 Komarova Street, apt.# 54, Omsk, Russia
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Hi, my name is jerry, I am 48 years old living in the usa and was contacted by snezhana zhuravleva from the singles website Iwantu. She sent a photo of herself and letters that followed with more describing her life and job in russia. She said she lived in the city of omsk, russia. Within weeks she had fallen in love with me and said I was the only one she wanted to talk with now even though she was having conversations with 2 other men. She told me she communicated on the internet through an internet cafe where she bought time on the internet. She would usually write every other day and seemed to be very real. I had found out about the website russian dating blacklist and checked to see if her name was listed. I could not find her name listed and checked every now and then to see if it had been added. Within a short time she wanted to come and visit me in the united states. She asked for money to help out with the ticket for airfare and said she could pay for the passport visa. She knew a lot of information about how to send the money via western union. I delayed sending the money for a while and continued to talk with her. I then gave in and sent money to her. She seemed so real that it was convincing that she was not a scammer. She asked for money another time to pay off her bill at the internet cafe before leaving citing that she could not leave with bills unpaid. I could tell her intentions were to come here and end up going for marriage with me. Finally she went as far to write me to let me know she was in moscow getting ready to fly. She stayed there for a week I was told and then asked for 140.00 for insurance in case of an accident while in the usa. She said this would take the liability off of me and the usa while visiting. I had asked eariler if she needed anything from me about visiting as I had heard she needed a written invitation. She insisted her firm would take care of everything on a work visa and for me not to worry about anything. She would not say what she was doing while in moscow for a week and then I received a letter that she was back in omsk russia due to the fact her mother had been involved in an accident in a car wreck and was in the hospital. She said she would not be able to write me for 2 to 3 weeks but would appear to me by the middle of september for sure. I did not hear from her until 4 weeks when I got an e-mail stating she had been in the hospital herself with food poisoning and needed me to write her letters again and wanted to continue our relationship. Nothing was ever told of what had happened with her mother. That was the last letter I received from her when I finally went through the pictures submitted on the website and found two identical photos under the names, Olesya Ivanova / AKA : Cveta and Natasha Yakimova.
I also found identical letters that I had been sent that were word for word with the names changed to send to me.
I found more letters and a listing in her name snezhana zhuravleva on the stop-scammers website with identical letters also that I had first received. I hope this will help someone else from being scammed and to listen to the website on not sending money.

Listed below are letters and pictures that were sent to me.

Jerry (USA)



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