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Dating scammer Yana Keat
First name: Yana
Last name: Keat
Age: 23
Name aliases:
Iana, Ianusha, Ianushenka, Ioanna, Iyana, Jana, Janna, Janny, Yanita, Yanka, Yanna, Yanochka, Yanusha, Yanushka, Yanusia, Yanusik
Scammer's Location(s):
Lugansk (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
UA Date


David (USA)

After dropping so many girls who requested I pay for traslation or simply send them money for this or that hardship. I became tired I supose. From what I read it seemed Russian girls were more traditional expecting the guy to pay for things in a relationship. I refussed Yana's first request to send money for English lessons. Writing to her I explaned in reality I did not know her from the next person etc. She replied with the usual... "well I must not care for her or our relationship or that I must not be serious." For some reson I let her slip under the wire, or get past my better judgement. Don't do this guys!!!!! Your first inclination, that any girl, woman, lady worthy and having any integrity at all will not ask you to send any money. I think most are well aware that a lot of scams are pulled over on foreign guys this way. Well having let down my gard and better judgement I soon caved and sent her moneys for the first phase of "English lessons" something like $125. I sent one more then made definite plans to visit her in the Ukraine, near Lugansk. It is my knowlege now that there are a lot of scams running out of this town and this area in general. Guys be extra super careful if you are getting to know a girl from here.
When I got to Kiev she changed her mind and did not want to come to see me. She made some excuse that she had not mentioned before. It should have been obvious to me at that time if not before. I contacted her and sent money for her and friend to travel to Kiev. She had asked for plane fare, but I sent only train fees. Needless to say she never came. She clamed something was wrong and she never got the money. Like a fool I believe this. but I did not send more money, believing she really wanted to see me I flew to Lugansk. Upon arival I found no rooms at the hotel she had recomended. It was late, I did not find cab drivers to be helpful at all, but only wanting to get as much money out of a tourist as possible. I was tired and coulc not believe Yana had not even checked into room avalability while I had traveled accross the globe to meet her.
Days turned into more than a week and I still had not met my Yana? She had made all kinds of excuses, studing for exames, bussy, no trasportation. We had made arangements a few times to meet here or there, she was never there, I waited and waited. Finally she came and we met, it was obvious she had not taken English lessons, it was also obvious she did not care one ounch about me, meeting me, or who I was. I was just the ****** guy who had bought her a new wardrobe. She was decked out in very nice clothes, while it was raining, muddy, and just plane sloppy out side, but she hadn't a spot on her. Her body language said everything. She was no longer interested in her chash cow, in fact she never was.
I later met up with some nice Ukrainians and one who often did translating for me. I asked if he would acompany me out to where Yana said she lived in her letters to me. When we did, that was indeed where she lived. I asked here what was going on and why she had done this.
Yana admited nothing, in plane terms, but did agree to return the last $100 I had sent her from Kiev. Here again my thoughts went to... if I - we show up tomorrow at her place she my not be there, she may have some back up to tell me what to do and were to go. It turned out to be the latter. My friends I know I am not the smartest, but I mistakenly trusted that my new friend interpreting for me had some better understanding of his culture than I. We shoued up at the said time and place only to meet up with two other guys with her. I am no small guy and when these grezzy low life Ukrains started telling me where to go etc, etc, a fight insued were I eventually came away with some brussed ribs and some kind of shoulder dislocation. My "very helpful" Ukrainian friend and I finally got the police to come, and the group of us spent the next six hours in the Jerbalinny police depot. I got my $100 dollars back, but not my health.
Ok, so judge for your selves, if you can not see that you would have, could have ever gotten your self so deep into **** like this, realize I left ouf a lot of the smaller details to avoid writting a book here. If you are more honest with your self, realize it is a very dangerious place over there. Many of the police are on the take, they are so under paid it is almost expected, or it is very common knowledge. Luckly these police maybe were not, or they extorted the rest of the monies I sent Yana by thretening them?? I will never know.
If you have had current dealings with Yana Keat please post them here.
I have to wonder if she has given up her life of crime or whether I help to make a smarter criminal.
Needless to say, never send money, and if she should ask you to she is more than likely a fake and a scammer.

Scam Letters

Emails from Yana Keat to David (USA)
Hello, dear David,

I am glad that I have received your wonderful pictures. I was amazed with the picture with Josh! I have never seen your face so close! I loved it. David, Josh seems to be very busy with something underneath. :-D I am sure that you had a great time with him.:-D He is so cute! :-D
David, of course I understand why you wanted me to go with a friend. I am very happy about your concerns. Thank you very much.
David, I am really surprised that you still doubt where we will meet. I thought that today we will make the final arrangements.
:-D It is 9th already and I need to book tickets if we want to meet in Kiev. You said that you made your reservations... But if you are not sure if we meet there or in Lugansk how could you book a room for me. I talked to one my friend and she promised me to check out today if she can take some time off at her job. Maybe we will come together. David, I understand that it is pretty tough for you to make all the preparations from there and that they cost you a lot... Please, tell me, if it is hard for you to pay for my coming to Kiev I will be glad to meet you here. You are my aim. I imagined us walking along the Kiev streets, but it is really easy to re-imagine everything. :-D
David, I can't wait to meet you. I have already talked to the manager and he will give me some time off. I am so excited! I am overfilled with emotions.
David, don't worry about the language, if I meet you at the airport I won't let


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