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Dating scammer Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya

DATING SCAMMER Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya

First name: Ludmila
Last name: Poltorzhitskaya
Age: 28
Ludmila Barash, Ludmila Maslennikova, Lidia, Natalia Klimuk, Ludmila Potemkina, Galina Garnena, Ludmila Brash, Ludmila Poltoratskaya
Ludmila Barash, Ludmila Maslennikova, Lidia, Natalia Klimuk, Ludmila Potemkina, Galina Garnena, Ludmila Brash, Ludmila Poltoratskaya
Name aliases:
Galchika, Galchonka, Galinushoka, Galinusya, Galiya, Galka, Galochka, Galusha, Galy, Galya, Galyna, Halina, Halyna, Liudmila, Liudmyla, Luda, Ludasha, Ludmilla, Ludmyla, Ludochka, Ludonka, Ludusha, Luydmila, Lyda, Lydea, Lydia, Lyuda, Lyudmila, Lyudochka, Lyudonka, Mila, Milka, Nat, Nata, Natalchika, Natalechka, Natali, Natalichka, Natalie, Natalii, Nataliia, Nataliuka, Nataliulka, Nataliulya, Nataliusenka, Nataliusha, Nataliya, Natalka, Natalochka, Nataloka, Natalushka, Nataly, Natalya, Natalyok, Natalyuhoka, Natalyulenka, Natalyushka, Natalyy, Natasha, Natashechka, Natashenka, Natashik, Natashka, Nathalia, Nathalie, Natika, Natka, Natty, Natulenka, Natusha, Natushka, Natushok, Natusik, Natuska, Natusy, Natusya, Naty, Nutalchika, Nutulenka, Tusya
Scammer's Location(s):
Kazan (Russia); St. Petersburg (Russia); Yoshkar-Ola (Russia)
Russia, 420013, Republic Tatarstan, Kazan, Lenina str., 6, apt. 177
Russia, 191040, Saint-Petersburg, Kolomenskaya str., 10, apt. 7
Russia, 190000, Saint-Petersburg, Konnaya str., 11, apt. 7
Russia, Kazan, Ershova str., 2, apt.17
Russia, 420000, Republic Tatarstan, Kazan, Chehova str., 11, apt. 77
Russia, St. Petersburg, Zelenaya str., 3, apt 11
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on April, 13, 2010)
Jack (Holland)

This girl wrote me 10 days.
She sent me 35 photos.
Now they need money for the trip.
Is a nice girl but I have no money.
They work under different names.
Kind regards
REPORT N2 (added on June, 18, 2010)
Henk (Netherlands)

This lady came suddenly in my mailbox. It looked all very charming; she sent some pictures. Travel scam.
REPORT N3 (added on July, 30, 2010)
Yoda (Italy)

Travel scam.
REPORT N4 (added on January, 19, 2011)
Christian (Belgium)

This young woman had contact me, and i don't know where she has found my mail's address.
REPORT N5 (added on February, 22, 2011)
Ed (Canada)

She wrote me the same letter that Lidia wrote to the fellow in Belgium. I recognized her picture. Its the same one I received to begin with. At the end she wanted money to come & see me.
REPORT N6 (added on March, 25, 2011)
Vince (Holland)

This girl has send me 9 letters al with nice posing pictures and with her last letter she was arranging her coming over, but she had not enough money so asked if i could pitch in, i have said that i have no money still she sended me her adres and with this i went searching on the internet and this came out, dating scammer.
So this is my story, a shame really because if she even look like the picture she have a lot going on for herself.
REPORT N7 (added on April, 27, 2011)
Rudi (Belgium)

After 14 days she asked me money for the come to me, I have her nothing send.
REPORT N8 (added on August, 30, 2013)
Attilio (Italy)

This girl wrote me 30 days.
She sent me 35 photos.
Now they need money for the trip.
Is a nice girl, j love her but no know if work under different names Is scammer or not?
REPORT N9 (added on April, 18, 2014)
Vladmir (France)

One more scammer.
REPORT N10 (added on May, 8, 2014)
Fred (USA)

Contact initiated by subject scammer.

Scam Letters

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Jack (Holland)
Hello my lovely Jack!
Thanks for a beautiful photo.
I'm so happy to receive a letter from you. When I get it it brings me joy and highest spirit. My heart is filled with emotions though it's difficult for me to express myself in english.
I feel that every day we become closer and closer to each other. I'm sure you don't forget about me within a minute. I also think of you a lot. I think "What is He doing now? How is His day?" I really enjoy reading your letters they're so kind and full of real interest. Noone ever wrote me like you.
It's rather cool now here but I'm fond of walking in the open-air. I like nature and animals. Especially kittens and puppies. They're so marvellous! Do you like going outside? What kind of trees grow in your locality? Here there're lots of birches, maples, oak-trees and fur-trees, of course.
Today i and my Dad went to the grandmother's and he told her I'm corresponding with a foreigner. I thought she would be strongly against it but to my great surprise she wished me a good luck and heppiness. She was so glad that I'd found a person who appreciates and respect me and whom I'm so interested in. This person is you my dear Jack. I feel this way now.
We have a bath in the village. It is very popular in Russia. it' s our pride I can say. Have you heard about it? If no, I'll explain to you.
Russian bath is a small wooden building made of logs. There's a bake there and a chimney. It's very hot there about 90 degrees

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Christian (Belgium)
Good day. I was a young girl with RU. My name Lidiya. There are twenty nine years. I live singly. I do not know how to do the knowledge in Internet, but here prover. I am very alone and I would want to find a man. I am looking for a serious relation, friendship and love. I send my photo to you, hope you like.
perhaps I and you puo to obtain something. If you have interested to acquire familiarita, then to write to me to my e-mail: krasalidiya@yahoo.com
I wait for your message. Lidiya.
Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Ed (Canada)
Hi my new friend Ed! this is NATALYA KLIMUK! I'm so happy to receive a letter from you. Franckly speaking, I didn't hope that such a man as you're would answer me. It's very pleasant for me! Now i'm going to tell you about my hobbies and interests.
I found your email address in your spam!
I like plenty of things. My favourite colour is a colour of red roses. I'm fond of reading stories about love. I'm rather romantic you see. I listen to different kinds of music. It makes no difference to me. But the music must be beautiful. I like classical things like Beethoven (especially " a lunar sonata "). Also I go for "Roxette", Celin Dion, Madonna. And I like "Scorpions", their song "The wind of change" makes me cry. At the same time i listen to pop music i like Avril Lavin "when you're gone" that's a thing! Sjmetimes i prefer R&B you know Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado. Very rythmical music. I don't go to disco clubs often i prefer staying home making myself comfortable on the sofa in front of TV.
I like "Beautiful woman" with Julia Roberts. This story is worth admiring. I'm fond of films where love wins, it is so touching! . I also love films about residual friendship (" We were the soldier ", "the Blade ", " the Brotherhood of the wolf ", "Gladiator"). From a comedy I love comedies where plays Jim Carry: his unforgetable "Mask", " Silly and still Silly ", also love film of " Criminal literary dust" and film with Al Pachino " Aroma of women ". Hav

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Yoda (Italy)
Ciao amore mio!
Come stai oggi Jeff? Va bene tutto? Spero che stai bene.
Sono contento di leggere il tuo messaggio e per imparare che posso sperare sul vostro aiuto in pagamento presso l'Agenzia. Caro, mi sento un po 'a disagio perche dovevo chiedere aiuto. Mi sono sempre considerato come un persona indipendente che puo risolvere qualsiasi problema. Mi dispiace tanto sono stato sbagliato pensare che saro in grado di pagare per tutto me stesso. Ma io sono felice, che ora ci sei tu Jeff - un uomo che puo venire ad aiutarmi nella mia la vita. Dopo il nostro incontro molto e cambiato. In precedenza mi consideravo come una persona forte e indipendente ed e stato piacevole sentire che io si cura della mia vita me stesso. E ora mi sento semplicemente come una donna che ha bisogno di sostegno. Ma e piacevole per me sentire il sostegno di un uomo che mi protegge da tutti i guai della vita! Jeff, ** detto al Menager la destinazione del mio volo. Egli ritiene che il mio viaggio mi costera 1024 $, il prezzo include:

L'assicurazione: 90 $ dollari.
Il passaporto internazionale: 140 $ dollari.
2 biglietti aerei andata: da 794 $ dollari.

Moscow, Russia (DME) to Verona, Italy (VRN)

** ancora i soldi dopo il pagamento per la prima parte del mio viaggio contratto. Si tratta di circa 200 $. E ora e necessario pagare circa 824 $ dollari in 3-5 giorni per la seconda parte del mio contratto di viaggio. Spero caro che questo denaro non e una difficolta gran

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Attilio (Italy)
Buona giornata! Come stai?Il mio nome e Galina, ** 28 anni. Io vivo in Russia, nella bella citta di San Pietroburgo! Il mio compleanno e il 21 agosto 1985. Vivo con i miei genitori e il fratello piu vecchio. Io lavoro in una scuola - insegnante di scuola elementare, (perche amo i bambini piccoli). Nel suo tempo libero, vado in palestra per tenermi in forma. ** grandi progetti per il mio futuro! I - una persona sincera e aperta!Devi essere sorpreso di ricevere questa lettera, ma non e un errore. So che avete un profilo su un sito di incontri e per questo che ti ** scritto. Voglio incontrare nuovi amici provenienti da altri paesi, e forse sara il mio vero amore, quindi se siete interessati, allora potete scrivermi al mio indirizzo e-mail: galinan@gmxmail.nl Ti mando la mia foto in modo da poter vedere cio che sembro ...galina

Ciao Attilio!
Sono molto contento che hai risposto alla mia lettera, perche io sono il prima volta nella mia vita, incontro un uomo su Internet. Non riesco nemmeno a trovare le parole, perche per me questo e il primo ed e cosi insolito. Io piacerebbe molto fare la conoscenza con voi piu vicino e conoscere meglio. Penso che tu sia uomo molto bello! =)
Chi non voglio dirvi molto su me stesso.
E cosi comincio.
Il mio nome e Galina, ** 28 anni, il mio compleanno e il 21 agosto 1985, la mia altezza 176 centimetri, il mio peso e di 54 chilogrammi. ** appena voglio dirvi che non dove non era sposat

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Henk (Netherlands)
Hello Henk!
It Lyudmila, is my new mail box.
In this letter i'd like to give you more information about me. i'm 29 y.o. my weight is 54-56 kg and i'm about 171 cm high. i'm trying to keep fit so i'm in good shape. I live in city Kazan it is in european part of russia. i share the flat with my daddy and brother. i work as a teacher of art learning children how to draw. i love my job. it gives me a good chance to communicate with children as i don't have any myself. that's why i want to meet a person to create a family.

I dated a person from russia but he deceived me. i found out that he had serious relations with another girl. that was rather hard to me..
. i don't want to deal with russian men anymore as they do respect women and very many of them are alcoholic or drug abused you might happen to know... i tell it to you because i want to be honest with you. i don't want any misunderstanding and mistrusting.

I don't trust people since that but i'd love to try with you. i try to follow a proverb "don't wish a person smith you don't wish to yourself". it would be perfect if all the people followed it. i hope you understand my letters because i'm not perfect at english. i understand pretty well, either i can talk. i like this language i studied it at school and later at university. i try my best to have a good command of english. i think it's enough for the first letter.
tell me what you think about all this. if you want to learn more you

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Vladmir (France)
Hello Vladmir!
I am very pleased that you responded to my letter , because I'm for the first time in life met a man on the Internet. I can not even find the words
Because for me it is the first , and it is so unusual . I would very much like get acquainted with you closer and get to know you better. I think you're very an interesting man !
Who does not want to tell you a lot about yourself .
My name is Galina, I am 28 years old, my birthday on November 28 , my height 168 centimeters, my weight is 54 kilograms.
I live with my parents and older brother in a separate apartment in the one of the most beautiful cities in Russia - a city Saint-Petersburg! you probably heard of Saint-Petersburg?
I want to tell you right away that neither when was not married and I do not children. Now I 'm looking for the man she loved .
I - a sincere and open person and never hide anything from your family and your loved one ! I do not like lies and liars , I hope what do you have in this support? I have very few people I trust , the trust for me is very important, especially in a relationship.
I work as a dance teacher . I love my job ! I finished dancing as a professional and I am now devoted . all my time for the kids !
I'm with my students often travel to different competitions and we often wins prizes ! I teach classical dance , ballroom and modern dance !
I appreciate my parents and am proud of them , I 'm trying to maintain and help , always and everyw

Emails from Ludmila Poltorzhitskaya to Fred (USA)
Hi my new friend Fred! I'm so glad to receive a letter from you today. it means that I'm interested . It is very nice to me! now I confident that we can know each other better .
I want to say that I do not have facebook and various other social networks because I do not communicate with people on the Internet. I like live chat when I see a man .
I love my writing . I think it's very romantic !
I like to wait for your answer and I have the excitement when I read your letter.
I want to tell you about one more reason that made me write to you ... How do you know I'm 28 years old and I have my family. on Actually, I really want to have my happy family, a loving husband and children. But it's not really find a good husband in Russia.
I had a friend , but we broke up a year ago ... It's hard to say all these things. But I feel that I need to tell you all about it , you to understand me better ... And so in the beginning everything was fine with my friend, we were the happiest couple in the world . At the time when we lived together it did not work all the time he promised me that he would find a job and will earn and support his family .
I was paying our bills , I bought food, pay the rent went to work , one word did everything that has to do loving man !
One day my friends told me that they saw my boyfriend with another ******* the street, they were kissing .
We had a serious talk and he told me that he has another girl ! I could not believe i


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