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Dating scammer Grace Dede
First name: Grace
Last name: Dede
Age: 30
Helina Brown, Audrey Anim, Monica Osei, Ciara Jackson, Osei Kwesi, Katrina Sergina, Esther Ansomaa, Rhonda Naa, Elizabeth Senaya, Mercy Donker, Wendy Wayne, Aaliyah Brown, Rena Williams, Rubi Smith, Eunice Nyako, Lasmon Mbeah, Adrianna Williams, Esther Wood, Anita Rauf, Nana Yaa, Hawa Hawau, Anita Raufil, Bernice Lover, Patricia, Belinda Hammond, Alice, Dorice Jane Cox, Mary Rose Micheal, Mary Bart, Agnes Tijani, Gibrine Tijani, Carol Fulton, Mary Addeid
Helina Brown, Audrey Anim, Monica Osei, Ciara Jackson, Osei Kwesi, Katrina Sergina, Esther Ansomaa, Rhonda Naa, Elizabeth Senaya, Mercy Donker, Wendy Wayne, Aaliyah Brown, Rena Williams, Rubi Smith, Eunice Nyako, Lasmon Mbeah, Adrianna Williams, Esther Wood, Anita Rauf, Nana Yaa, Hawa Hawau, Anita Raufil, Bernice Lover, Patricia, Belinda Hammond, Alice, Dorice Jane Cox, Mary Rose Micheal, Mary Bart, Agnes Tijani, Gibrine Tijani, Carol Fulton, Mary Addeid
Name aliases:
Adriaana, Adrian, Adriana, Agnese, Agness, Alise, Audry, Berlinda, Bernicee, Beth, Carrol, Carroll, Ciarra, Doris, Dorris, Easter, Easther, Elisabete, Elisabeth, Eliza, Ester, Gracea, Gracie, Gracy, Jana, Janee, Janne, Kathrina, Kathrine, Katrin, Katrine, Katty, Lizabeth, Lizebeth, Lizzy, Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Marrychika, Marryunya, Marryusha, Marryusya, Merci, Meri, Merry, Mery, Monicah, Monnica, Pat, Patrica, Rooes, Rouse, Rubby, Ruby, Wandy, Wenddy, Windy
Scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Agona Swedru (Ghana); Akim Akroso (Ghana); Cape Coast (Ghana)
Also claims to be in:
La Puente, USA; Port Louis, Mauritius; Rosamond, California, USA; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Cimarron, Colorado, USA
P.O.BOX 221 STC, ACCRA, GHANA, 00233
p o box 171, Accra-North, Ghana
P.O. Box 992, Agona Swedru, Ghana, West Africa, 00233
944, Adisadel College Street, Cape Coast C/r, Ghana, West Africa
P.O. Box 6318, Accra, Ghana
St. John Catholic Church, A133 Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Amateur Match, American Singles, Asian Euro, Badoo, Black Planet, Christian Cafe, Date Me Free, Facebook, Filipino Cupid, Girls Date For Free, Lexa, Match, Mate 1, Mingle 2, Russian Euro, Shagaholic


REPORT N1 (added on July, 9, 2010)
William (USA)

This scammer showed up on match. I traced the first letter from this person to:
Michael Komla Nfodzo
Ghana Telecommunications Ltd.
Telecom House,
PMB 221
Accra North
I kept replying to the letters to get the letters, photos and document.
REPORT N2 (added on July, 24, 2009)
Tim (USA)

New African scammer.
REPORT N3 (added on March, 3, 2010)
John (New Zealand)

Be so aware of who ever this person is, i communicated for almost twelve months and in that time sent her $19,000 NZD! She had me convinced she was genuine right up until the fake arrest at the airport for having 15 of gold bars in her possesion. This person is working in an organisation that is huge, you get lots of documents, phone calls from so called, travel agents, customs officials, police, even her pastor! Watch for the God Fearing ******** she talks of. Her father got killed in a gold mine accident, he was American, her mum was phillapine, she was living back in her homeland, then she got very ill with her ongoing diabeties, then died, she was left all alone in Ghana, trying to finish her nursing studies. In her spare time she gave her time to help in the orphanage? Well she convinced me, YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES :)
REPORT N4 (added on October, 21, 2010)
Jonathan (United Kingdom)

Has been asking several times for me to send money via moneygram, saying she needs money for her visa so she can move to my country, needed money also for flight, and also said she needed some money because she got into some trouble at the airport, saying she was looking after someones luggage whilst they went to the bathroom, and that person dissapeared and customs looked inside the luggage and found drugs inside and says she needs money for lawyer to represent her.
REPORT N5 (added on December, 3, 2010)
Terry (USA)

Looking for honest man to marry. She will start out without asking for money for a day or two. She will then start to ask for some money for something to eat. She will say her parents are dead and she has no one. Then every few days she'll ask for more money. She may want you to bring her to the U.S. but will insist you send money so she can buy the ticket there.
REPORT N6 (added on March, 24, 2011)
Paul (USA)

Known scammer update.
REPORT N7 (added on May, 10, 2011)
Daniel (Canada)

I have been talking with this girl for one month now and decided to do a search on her as she was wanting me to send her money via Western Union. I came across this web site and searched through the photos on file and found her as a listed scammer, using the name off Rena Williams.. I know her as Rubi Smith.. but they are the same person. I read the report on the last guy she scammed and I feel bad for him. I am glad I caught this now and not later.
At this time she said she is in Accra , Ghana and was looking to move here and take up residents with me. She called me because after finding her out to be a scammer, I had her blocked from my web site and deleted most pictures conversations. I did keep the copys of the medical report and crimmial report , and one picture ,which I will upload to share with all persons interested. I told her on the phone that she is a known scammer and never to contact me again. I hung up and I hope this is the last I see or hear off her.
REPORT N8 (added on August, 1, 2011)
Steve (Canada)

Ask money for food for relocate she tell she's a student there.
REPORT N9 (added on September, 27, 2011)
Ger (Netherlands)

She uses the same tactics as so often before, makes you send some money to enable her to come over to your country. Then she is surprisingly arrested at the airport, needing some more money for legal assistance. sorry i haven't heared of this site before, would have saved me some money!
Hope this will help others!
REPORT N10 (added on December, 15, 2011)
Stephen (Australia)

Had this girl (?) contact me on dating website and redirected me to yahoo using id esther.wood59
Sent me pictures and as soon as I saw them I checked on this website. That's where I found her - don't have image to confirm but pretty certain matched one of those for the scammer known as Grace Dede.
REPORT N11 (added on December, 28, 2011)
Larry (USA)

I met Anita and we chatted for months. During August Anita started with the request for money to help pay the electric bill or her brother needed medicine and she had not money to pay for it, Anita needed money to buy a new computer so we could chat. I did not send her any money, but I knew something was wrong about her. I started to chat with her less and less. She contacted a friend of mine she met while we were chatting one day and asked why I have been missing from chatting with her. My friend told her that I was once scammed by someone from Ghana and do not trust anyone. Anita denied she would ever do such a thing. Today I went on this web-site to check on another scammer that contacted me and there was Anita under the name of Grace Dede. A lot of the photos posted there were the same as what I was sent by her. I knew she was a scammer!
REPORT N12 (added on February, 10, 2012)
Gina (USA)

My father met her on one of the sites listed above and from the very beginning she wanted to move the conversations to a different form, which was yahoo messenger. She started saying I love you very soon and was saying very mushy things from a very early part of them two talking. When asked about a webcam she said she couldn't afford one and started asking for money. She then talked about coming to America again because her story was she came to America at an earlier age with her father and worked in a clothing store in Chicago. Her father passed and she moved back to Ghana to take care of her.
REPORT N13 (added on April, 23, 2013)
Ronald (Canada)

She contacted me on shagaholic and it started out as a normal conversation. Then after a few weeks of talking to her she tells me her mom is in the hospital and she needs money to pay for blood. Thats when i got suspicios and researched her name and didnt find anything. Then i searched with on of the pictures she had send me and bingo here she is. Thank god i didnt send any money to her yet.
REPORT N14 (added on August, 29, 2013)
Dileep (India)

This lady is using a stolen picture.
REPORT N15 (added on October, 11, 2013)
Paul (Australia)

I received a message from a lady claiming to be a beautician living in La Puente U.S.A. Under the name Lookinguponhim. The site was a Christian dating site so this name would seem appropriate. She was only on for about 3 days then thrown out of CC. This would almost certainly be a romance scam operated by men/man probably out of some African country.
REPORT N16 (added on January, 13, 2014)
Peter (Australia)

Didn't take her very long, within 24 hours she was keen to get a new IPhone as her last one didn't have functioning camera etc and as it was her birthday, she would really appreciate it, suspecting a scam, visited and found her on this website, I have several additional Pictures as well.
REPORT N17 (added on February, 14, 2014)
Pitt (Wales)

African scammer.
REPORT N18 (added on April, 19, 2017)
John (Brazil)

She asked me to send her $350,00 so she could buy a video camera which would allow her to do live *** shows for me to participate in every evening.
REPORT N19 (added on May, 9, 2017)
Berlin (USA)

I've been talking with Mary for about five months. She approached me initially to help her to come to the United States. She stated that she had the necessary visa, passport, and ticket but needed a small sum to get to the airport and money for baggage fees and food.
Mary is very skilled at her craft of scamming and quite adept at playing on your sympathy, using her beautiful and charm to keep you interested while persuading you to assist her by continuing to send her money. Over the course of my dealings with her I lost about $3500 but thanks to this website I found out the truth.
REPORT N20 (added on October, 10, 2017)
Frank (USA)

Here is another one.
REPORT N21 (added on May, 13, 2019)
John (USA)

Known scammer.
REPORT N22 (added on July, 1, 2020)
Josh (Australia)

"Hello Good evening to you Mr how are you doing,,My name is Mary i am new on this site i am seeking for relationship with good love so we can meet together one day and see what will come next sorry for not puting my pics here you can invite me on hangout so that we can share pics and see where it will take us add me now maryaddei500 at gemale."

Scam Letters

Emails from Grace Dede to William (USA)
Hello Dear.
Nice to meet you and am glad that i have got your mail address to delivered this message to you.Well my name is Grace Dede. A single woman never married before i don't have any kids. i live alone. i will be much happy if you can come on msn messenger so that we can talk more and share pictures more and much better and talk much to know each other better and more.my msn id is gracy_dede11@hotmail.com add me now if you have msn messenger for us to talk. hoping to hear from you ...

Hello Bud.
Very nice to hear from you now, Am very delighted to hear from you then..Well Bud Am single Woman as i said early on. I have never married and am so serious looking for a caring man with a hamble heart to settle down with.I feel much happy and very interesting to see a lovely picture from you and your lovely daughter then.Anyway what is your name of your daughter then and how old is she ? she is married then.Bub i want to Let me tell you much about me so that you will me more and a lot about me...my height is 5:7tall my weight is 64kg.my favorite co lour is pink ..what i dislike in my life is a cheat and dishonest person and what i like most is someone who speak the truth and someone who also don't cheat or lies.Am a person i was born alone without a sister nor brother.i have lost my both parent ,i lost my dad when i was a kid,,when i grew up i was with my only lovely mom whereby i lost her also through Canc

Emails from Grace Dede to John (New Zealand)
Hi ****,
how are u doing today????????????? it been a while since i heard from u and i believe things are ok with u. i wanted to send this mail to check on u and also for u to know that i care about u so much and patiently waiting for u to return home so we can plan our meeting. darling i never got the details or MTCN for the $800 and i hope u will do your best to get that for me love u the most my king and i believe u are taking very good care of yourself for me always know i care and i love u
your wifee

Hi darling,
here are some nice pics i made for u and i hope u are going to love them
i'm off to bed sweetie and hope to chat with u soon
take care and enjoy your day
your asian princess and future wifee

my luv,
it is my wish that this mail get to you and find you in the best of health and in good shape, my luv. darling, i am really sorry for putting us into this situation. i didn't know it was illegal for me to travel with such thing but to my little knowledge as a lady i decided to hide them in my cloths so that when i get to you we will sell it and make lot of money to better our lives, our future and thats of our kids.

***, all thought i may be in custody but u are still my luv, i love you for who u are and no matter how hard the situation maybe or how long they are going to hold me, nothing will ever change what i hold in my heart for you. my wish is f

Emails from Grace Dede to Tim (USA)
Hello my Dear Tim and nice to meet you in my life here is my Pics hope u will like them very much

Hello My Love Tim..... Here is some Pics of me i promise i will send to you Ok Hope u will like them very much as well and am still waiting for you here Ok

Here my love Tim.......here is my Information for the money .try and send to Western Union

Name: Ciara Jackson
Address: P.o. Box 992
City : Agona Swedru
Country: Ghana West Africa
Zipe Code : 00233
Emails from Grace Dede to Ger (Netherlands)
I don't know how to explain this am even thrilled and disappointed and so down...I don't know why all this had to happen this way... I am writing to you straight from the airport on their front desk... I was having a chat with this lady i met at the airport who also was a Canadian we were both talking about flights and life and change of environment.So i wanted to ease my self and told her to keep an eye of my luggage for me so i went straight with to the washroom i didn't leave my hand bag for her any way.I came back and she was no where to be found and my luggage was there.I was about to get on to the proccess my luggages and then i was called there is something illegal on my luggage i went to the customs office they opened my bag and to my surprise everything was different. same luggage with different stuff. they took some stuffs in Brown paper and asked me what it was i was so confused and they say they have to hold me back... They have to run a 24 hour search and let me know. They wont even let me go home i had to plead with the Immigration officer to allow me use their Computer to write to my husband and tell him... I also called few friends to come over. I told them it was not my luggage and they said i was the one with it so they have to go through stuffs. I am so sorry but am innocent of this.I don't know how to prove... Is like the happiest day of my life turned to be the worse. I hope you get this...I will get intouch with you as soon

Emails from Grace Dede to Gina (USA)
Dear Mr. Willie,

Thanks for the mail...I hope you are doing great.

I can lend Nana $500 for part of the traveling money.



Dear Mr Willie,

Thanks for your mail . I am waiting for you and Nana to see what to do right.


Mr Samuel Obiri.

Dear Mr Willie,

Thanks for your mail. Is true Nana had found 1500USD for her trip with my help.

I will reconfirm her flight for her to travel on Saturday if you can send the 1500 USD today. I will advise you to send the money today so that Nana will Fly on Saturday and arrive on Sunday for you to have your money back to pay your Son College fees on Monday.

Nana will have today and tomorrow to pack her luggage and travel on Saturday.

I will get you the Flight details immediately you send the money. There will no be any delay because I will make sure Nana arrive at the States safely on Sunday to enable you pay your sons College Fees.

This will work out for you and Nana to meet. I knew how long you and Nana have been talking and this is the time both of you has to meet . Nana is excited to meet you.

I am also happy for both of you.

I am waiting to hear from you soon and call Nana or send her sms immediately you send the money.


Mr Samuel Obiri

Emails from Grace Dede to Frank (USA)
Nice to meet you how are you doing? My name is Agnes am 30 years Old,I am Single , black hair, Gray eyes, My height is 5 feet,7 inches.i weight 58kg.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. ,And i have Loss My Dad and i am Now Living with My mum and my Father is from Canada and my mother is a Ghanaian ..i have been In Ghana for 3 year now ..... I am a Hard working lady and very friendly.i have no Kids and Never Married..... late Father pass away when i was Only 26years Old well I will say my Father a was the Best man i have ever Loved He is so caring,loving,God fearing,respectful and responsible father and Mother but i trusted and Believe in God and I know God is Doing is Things In his Own way. i have learn To be a Strong woman have hard working ..... i have been In a Relationship which end Up 2 years Ago because the guy was very unfaithful it has Cost me alot Of pain and i am now Looking for a Loving God fearing and Responsible man To settle down with that is why i am Here So If you Int rested Let get and know More about each Other ...................In any good relationship, there should be trust, communication, understanding, and honesty. Life is a precious gift from God, and it should be lived with love and joy. I enjoy various activities. I can bowl, skate, swim, play chess, checkers, draw, bike riding, a little fishin


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