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First name: Natalia
Age: 25
Name aliases:
Nat, Nata, Natalchika, Natalechka, Natali, Natalichka, Natalie, Natalii, Nataliia, Nataliulka, Nataliusenka, Nataliusha, Nataliya, Natalka, Natalochka, Nataloka, Natalushka, Nataly, Natalya, Natalyok, Natalyuhoka, Natalyulenka, Natalyushka, Natalyy, Natasha, Natashechka, Natashenka, Natashik, Natashka, Nathalia, Nathalie, Natika, Natka, Natty, Natulenka, Natusha, Natushka, Natushok, Natusik, Natuska, Natusy, Natusya, Naty, Nutalchika, Nutulenka, Tusya
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Debaltsevo (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Love Access
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Scott (USA)

I corrosponded with this lady only twice and on the third time I got an email from an outfit called L'Angel who claimed to be interpritation agency and if i wished to corrospond more please contact them, when I did I got the letter with the price sheet whick I recognized from this site.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia to Scott (USA)
Hello dear Scott

Thank you for interest in me and for your message, it is really nice to meet you and I really would like to know you better.
But for the beginning let me tell you more about myself.
As you know my name is Natali from Ukraine. My age is 25 and my brithday is on 22 of jenuary. I am from a big family as it is considered in my country. I live together with my parents and they are a very happy married couple that have lived together for more than 30 years and have three children, so I have one sister, her name is Anya and she is a little bit older than me, she is 29 y.o. and she is married and have two children who are my nephew and niece. I love them very much and I like to visit her and to play with her kids a lot. And I have a younger brother, his name is Victor and he is 24 y.o. He is still single and I think he has time to find his love yet.
I love my parents very much and I am very happy to be their child because they are really nice and happy couple and they dedicated whole their lives to their children and I would like to find a man like my father who is able to devote himself for his wife and children. My mother's name is Nina and my father's name is Alex. They are simple workers and tought us to live a simple life and to be honest and fair with people and to love this life but also to do our best to reach our aims.
My my education I am a master of pedicur and manicur and I am working in a salon of beauty and I do enjoy my work.

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