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First name: Olesya
Last name: Timofeeva
Age: 28
Olesya Kandakova, Valentina Ivanyuk
Olesya Kandakova, Valentina Ivanyuk
Name aliases:
Alesia, Alesya, Lesya, Ole, Olesea, Olesechka, Olesenka, Olesia, Tina, Valentine, Valentinka, Valentinulka, Valia, Valiusha, Valya, Valyusha
Scammer's Location(s):
Tomsk (Russia)
Russia, 634021, Tomsk, Kolhoznaya str., 4, apt.-3
Russia, 634063, Tomsk, Torgovaya str., 15, apt.-7
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Badoo, Connecting Singles
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on August, 8, 2011)
Jeffrey (Germany)

After her asking for 240 USD I got thinking, and she had almost the exact same text, but is sending a lot of pictures to make it look like the real thing.
REPORT N2 (added on August, 12, 2011)
William (Australia)

Travel scammer.
REPORT N3 (added on August, 30, 2011)
Cory (Canada)

I originaly contacted her, but then suspected she was a scammer so I stopped. She then contacted me 2 or 3 times a week with pictures. All the letters she wrote were all generic, she never responded to my emails in specifics or answered any questions, then she asked for money for a plane ticket and i told her to stuff it and she got mad. I did not hear from her for about a month then she started writting again, after a few weeks she said she had a visa to come to Canada and that she had sold her fur coat to pay for it but now needed money to pay for some of the ticket to get here. She claimed that the plane ticket only cost just over $900, which i knew right there is BS cause it costs over $5000.00 to fly from Canada to Russia. So I told her to have a nice life (not in those words lol) and I have not heard from her since, at least she didnt put some voodoo curse on me like the last one I told off (obviously the curse didnt work).

Scam Letters

Emails from Olesya Timofeeva to Jeffrey (Germany)
Hello Jeffrey, I am from BADOO.
Thank you so much for your reply. I was surprised and happy to hear back from you.
Sorry for the delay. I don’t often use this e-mail address.
I accidentally decided to check my mail box and was happily surprised to see your letter. I have another e-mail address and I use it to correspond with my friends. So please, write me on this e-mail address olesyakandakova@yahoo.com. I will send you a detailed letter from this address so you know it.
Well, I do hope that you’ll forgive me and write me back very soon.
I would like to get to know you better. I am sure there is so much interesting we can find about each other.
I promised to send you my picture and so here I am attaching my picture.
I will tell you more about myself in my next letter and will send it from my main, I will be waiting impatiently for your reply.
Have a good day!
Take care.

P.S. If you liked my picture and you are interested, please, write me soon.
And if you are interested , please, don’t forget to send letters on this e-mail address - olesyakandakova@yahoo.com.
This is my main mail address.

Hello Jeffrey!
This is me again. (from badoo)
This is my main email, write here.
As I promised I am going to tell you more about myself now.
My name is Olesya.
I am 28 years old.
I have never been married and I have no children.
My height is 5.4(166cm) and my weigh is 110(51kg). You can have an impression

Emails from Olesya Timofeeva to William (Australia)
Hello William,
I am glad, to receive your answer.
Unfortunately, I can’t talk to you on-line, as I write letters to you from the internet cafe and the time is limited there.
I wish I could chat with you but right now it is just impossible as I don’t have a personal PC.
But I shall continue to send you email letters and pics.
I am going to send you my address here. As I already told you I rent my apartment and I don’t have a phone there. But here is my address, in case you decide to send me a card or a hand-written letter: -

to Olesya,
apt.-3, Kolhoznaya street 4,
Tomsk, 634021, Russia

Yes, I am going to come to your country. Somewhere in a month. I am going to enter the University or college. I am doing all the paperwork for this now. That's why I asked you about the colleges or Universities close to your place. So I could study and meet with you there.
I shall live in campus.
Do you want it? You want that I lived near to you in your district?
Do not forget to send me your photos.
As soon as I finish this letter I will go and have a short walk.
You know walking is one of the things I adore. It is so nice to have a long walk and then find some small cafe and get a cup of coffee there. I don’t have a car and I don’t really want to have it right now. And it is too expensive for me. I have no money to buy a car. I have never tried to drive a car and I have no license.
Walking is much more pleasant. Unfortunately, most of the times

Emails from Olesya Timofeeva to Cory (Canada)
This is me again. (CONNECTINGSINGLES)
This is my main email, write here.
As I promised I am going to tell you more about myself now.
My name is Valentina.
I am 28 years old.
I have never been married and I have no children.
My height is 5.4(166cm) and my weigh is 110(51kg). You can have an impression about it from my picture.
Many people says that I am looks like Angelina Jolie.
My friends says the same. I have already heard this from many people. But you must understand I am another woman.
And I am woman with own soul character and we looks like the same on pics only.
I am a very affectionate person. I believe in a life full of physical, emotional and spiritual happiness. And I want to share such a life with a person who wants the same.
I love the outdoors, spending time at home with a beloved person.
I love nature, water, picnics.
But I don’t do this as often as I would like it to be as I don’t have the one who could share it with me.
I am honestly ready to open my heart to a person who could really appreciate this.
I work as a shop-assistant and do sell clothes for women (skirts, trousers, blouses ). I really like my job. It is great when you can help someone to look more beautiful and I like to be around people.
I live in Russia. The city is called Tomsk. If you look at the map, you will find it close to the center, in the beginning of Sibiria. but somewhere I am going to get a student visa and I am going to come to

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