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Dating scammer Ekaterina Lesenina

DATING SCAMMER Ekaterina Lesenina

First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Lesenina
Age: 28
Liana Salikaeva
Liana Salikaeva
Name aliases:
Catharine, Catherine, Cathryn, Ecaterina, Ecateryna, Ekatarina, Ekaterinacka, Ekaterinchika, Ekaterinka, Ekaterinochka, Ekaterinok, Ekaterinoka, Ekaterinulka, Ekaterinusechka, Ekaterinusenka, Ekaterinusha, Ekaterinusik, Ekaterinusya, Ekatrina, Kat, Katarina, Kate, Katenka, Katerina, Katerinka, Katerinochka, Katerinushka, Kateryna, Kath, Katharine, Katherin, Katherina, Katherine, Katheryn, Kathryn, Kathy, Kati, Katia, Katiya, Katja, Katka, Katrin, Katrina, Katty, Katuha, Katunya, Katusha, Katushechka, Katushka, Katuska, Katy, Katya, Katys, Katysha, Katyulya, Ket, Ketrin, Kettira, Kittie, Kitty, Lianna, Yekaterina
Scammer's Location(s):
Moscow (Russia); Novosibirsk (Russia); Ruem (Russia)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on September, 2, 2011)
Luca (Italy)

Travel scammer.
REPORT N2 (added on January, 31, 2013)
S. H. (USA)

Classic travel scam. Getting her tourist visa in Moscow to travel to meet me when we have not even spoken. Does not answer questions or even mention my name. Generic template letters.

Scam Letters

Emails from Ekaterina Lesenina to Luca (Italy)
Hello my friend Luca.
Can I call you my friend?
So I can easily express their thoughts and feelings. I'm glad that you found time to write me!
I am pleased to write to you! I think a lot of things to write about before I to do so. I write what I think and I say what I think. I put all my ideas and thoughts are. I think this may be my fate to meet with you to the Internet, this is my first experience. Maybe it's your fate, too, we do not know yet. Therefore, I begin to write to you with a smile on his face and with a great mood! If you do not remember my name Katya Lesenina I am 26 years. I was born in 1984 year. By the way, I'll be glad to know you better too. I want to see if you understand me, and my thoughts. In this case I want to tell you about myself. Thus, very soon you will know me better.
If you do not want a serious relationship, please write to me about it, because I find a serious person here who is ready to create love and relationships. I want to find my love, I want to find someone who will understand me and share with me all the feelings and thoughts.
As for me, I was born in Moscow, Russia. My parents and I lived in Moscow for 16 years. My father was a firefighter job in Moscow. As I understood later, it's a dangerous job in Russia, my father put out fires and rescuing people. So my dad was killed 9 years ago. It was a tragedy for me, because at that time I was 16 years old and I studied in school. Once on a sunny day in my

Emails from Ekaterina Lesenina to S. H. (USA)
I am very glad that you have answered me !
All this time I was thinking about whether you are interested in me or not. I am in good mood now because of your message and want to write you something back.
From the first lines of the letter. I want to wish you a Happy New Year.
I wish you all good health and happiness. All your dreams come true.
First, some info about me. My name is Liana, my age is 30. I have birthday on March, 4. I have never been married and don't have children.
I work as manager of sales at one company. If you would like to learn about it - I will write more.
I live in Russia in city called Ruem. It's located in easter part of the country.
You can find it on the map in Internet. I think that it wouldn't be problem. How you feel that I am from Russia? Is it obstacle to our communication? Please answer me on this questions honestly, because I don't want that we would have problems with it in future.
I am sure that you are interested also in reason because of which I wrote you. I found this site quite by accident. My girlfriend recently has met the man from Finland and adviced to try also. I hesitated for a long time, because such type of communication is new and unknown for me. I have never tried this before and hope that you will support and help me in it. On the site I wrote to few men except you, but I haven't heard from them anything so I really glad that you wrote me. I hope that we will be able to find common langaug


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