Scammer Linda Morgan

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First name:Linda
Last name:Morgan
Name aliases: Linde, Lynda
Age: 27
Location(s): Lagos (Nigeria)
Address(es): 322 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, UK, M8 OPL
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1 (added on October, 28, 2011)

Hello. I have met a young woman name Linda Morgan online from a dating website called lavalife. I met her online back in March and we been talking online for the past 7 in a half months. She had told me she was originally from Florida in the US but presently in the UK and working for UNICEF as a co ordinater at motherless baby orphanages and her job takes her to other countries while on duty. We had emailed each other back and forth telling each other about ourselves and what we look for in a man and a woman. At the time I thought I had met someone who was decent and true because of her words she expressed to me on here and the way she had felt towards me. She been asking me to send her money for her flights to come over to Philadelphia, Pa where I live to meet me and I had sent a good amount of money to her during these past 7 months. I believed that she was truthful and had found someone decent and to my equal by all the words and everything she had said to me in the emails and when we talked directly on chat almost everyday. Recently back in May she told me online she was down in Nigeria while on duty with her job and I had sent her money for he to fly over to me for us to meet and spend time for my birthday and had claimed she had got into a serious car accident there in Nigeria on her way to the airport there to come meet me and had got an email from a doctor at a hospital later that day my time over here there claiming she was in a serious comma and they needed $450 dollars from me to give her a blood transfusion which I did not have on me and didn t give at the time. She later recovered there and came back online three months later to tell me that the doctors there in Nigeria had to get money together themselves to pay for her blood transfusion and ever since I have been talking to her she had introuduced me to a travel agent in Nigeria who she said helped her fly back to the UK from Nigeria while she was on duty there have recently helped with me with her flight for her to come fly over for us to finally meet in person and I had sent money there to her travel agent for her flight. The travel agent did email me her flight intienary but the funny thing is here I last talked to her online last Thursday and haven t heard from her since. I did get a message from her on chat the other day saying she hope to see me online to talk to me but I was not online at the time. I now feel as though I may have been scammed by this person for these last 7 months and she never had any intentions in flying over to meet me. At the time when we talk online she would go offline suddenly at times and claims she have internet problems there and she was using a pager to be online with me and that the laptop she was using to be online here, the internet had expired on it. She had also said she doesn t have a cell phone or a home phone number there to be reached that she uses a phone booth to make calls and she did call me a couple times from a phone booth. For the last seven months with talking to this woman online here it seems as though she always been having problems with flying out of the airports there in the UK and she claim there that she needed and had a sum of $1500 dollars by UK law she told me she needed to hold on her in order to board her flights there in the UK to come over to meet me. I now feel as though with not seeing her online like I use to now that I may have been scammed by this individual over there and want to know who Linda really is. Is she a real person there or is she a scam artist and feel now she never had no intentions in flying over to meet me at all but just intrested in being online for my money. I will send any proof and all the emails, pictures etc you will need there for this report. I hope to hear from you soon and hope to really find about about this person because if she has been scamming me then I want her arrested for fraud.

Leon (USA)



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