Scammer Adrianna Grohall

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First name:Adrianna
Last name:Grohall
Name aliases: Adriaana, Adrian, Adriana
Age: 29
Location(s): Abeokuta (Nigeria); Ogun (Nigeria)
Address(es): 25b, Boehlevard Avenue, Lantoro, Abeokuta, Ogun, Nigeria, 23439
Phone number(s): 2348038885980
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents:


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Report N1 (added on February, 1, 2012)

hi i first saw her on match canada i contact her and she rapidly come back with some question, i start talking with her via e mail in june then fall for her, then some moment later ask me to help her because her grandma was too sick to give her the money to live so nicely i send her 520 so she could hold until her grandma goes better she told me that she was going to give it to me back as soon as she feel better,then after a moment i was asking how she was and she said still verry hill and she talk of me to her she was happy to know that she find someone because the big reason her parent die her father in a car accident and he have a construction australia and her mom pass away from breast cancer as the will of her mom ,she need to get married to get the heritage some 3,000,000 some dollard, then i suspect a dead fish somewhere, i ask her some picture of her then she send me a picture of her in a club somewhere holding a paper with my name on it kind of i love you xxx,i look at the picture and i was sure that have been add by a computer drawing ,then she ask for more money i told her that she was trying to scamm me and that i did not beleived in her anymore then she said i am hungry and no money to pay my rent, i love you and all the rest ,i treat her with verbal insult until she dissaper completely, i flush every thing of her in my computer except a picture that i forget, western money transfer paper photos that i have send to her because she did not beleived me that a chance so you have a proof of that still ,i send her many e mail after asking for my money but never no reply ,until one day i send her a picture that she did not like at all,she reply to me ,what the your problem,i explain to her that i will get her one day and that she will be put on the wall of every scamming site in the world,then she said i am sorry but my grandma die and i dont have any money,so to be able to get some picture of her to show on your site i decide to get some talk with her then she send me her picture now that i have on hand ready she have someone else working with her in england a lawyer who is suposely in charge of the thrust of the familly,she told me that i have to tell him that i was going to maried her this june then i send him an e mail he reply ok good ,i need your passeport and license driver to open the file ,again there the fish smell come back to me,i ask him is adress suposely to send copy by courrier he decline he said a copy will do by e mail,now it s my turn to find reason for have not sending notting ,more on that she send me her passeport and id card from work,but her passeport show a face smilling as a picture she already send me and since your not authorize to smile on a passeport picture i got hit again fish fish.....description of her well she use words like honey,darling,coz,god,church,in her phrase dont speak much of her you have to go fishing to have a small answer or notting at all,never answer question as if she like making love and subject like that she jam right there,musulman ? if that was a man she will have answer my Q but since she dont i beleived it s a married women behind that cover ...

Steve (Canada)



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