Scammer Svetlana Panteleeva

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First name:Svetlana
Last name:Panteleeva
Name aliases: Lana, Sveta, Svetik, Svetla, Svetlanka, Svetlanoka, Svetochka, Svitlana
Age: 33
Location(s): Sevastopol (Russia)
Address(es): Ul. Katernaya 41-1, 99008 Sevastopol, Ukraine
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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I want to report a scammer. This lady (Svetlana Panteleeva, or whatever she will call herself after this) is very smart, she must be a professional scammer. I think that she even is organized that it is a whole criminal organization which is behind this, so organized seems it to be now when I think about it afterwards. I blame myself very much because I sent so much money to her. I cannot blame the contact agency (A Foreign Affair), because they even adviced me to not send any money both on their homepage and in their newsletters. But I had very strong feelings for Svetlana and she seemed to show so much engagement and enthusiasm that I fell for that. I wanted to send the money to Sweden's Embassy in Kiev, and then this money would be reserved for Svetlana for visa and passport application only, but they did not bother to answer me, so I felt that I had no choice but taking the chance to sending her the money. I have sent her totally 210 $US, this money have been ment for visa application, passport application, travel with bus or train from Sevastopol to Kiev and back and emailing. She lied to me and wrote that she was in Kiev and needed money to hotel because she needed to stay there for two days and speak with the Ambassadeur. Later I called to the Swedish Embassy and the secretary there told me that they had never been contacted by any Svetlana Panteleeva and the applicants never speak with the Ambassadeur to apply for visa and passport. After that she has claimed that she has got sick when she was out in the cold in Kiev - it is apparent that she has never been in Kiev - and got pneunomial bronchitis or something like that (read the letters). Now she is begging for medicines and write to me that she want to stop her email correspondence with me. Under all this time she have been aware that I have had very bad economy myself. I have even borrowed money to give to her. Be careful! This woman is a biological sensation - she has no heart!

I found her at a foreign affair and later I found that she had quit in this contact agency and instead was found in other contact agencies.

The letters (I want to spare you to read all of them, I take just the first, the last and the one's where she is begging for money)...

I will give you many letters here where she is begging for money so you will recognize it later even if she would have changed name.

This was the last letter she has sent to me, and I see the last two letters as proofs that she has been cheated me all the time. If she now would be sick as she is writing it would not be any difference for her if I send the money direct to her or buy medicines to her. She would feel thankful instead of be angry about that I am not trusting her. She also wish me good luck to find my woman in my life, just as not she would be that. I have more pictures of her, I will send that to you in my next letter to you.

Facts that I base my theory of that Svetlana is a scammer:

1. She avoid to tell me about her job, as a children's doctor.
2. She avoid to tell me exactly where she works, only at the big Children' s Hospital in Sevastopol. She does not want to give me the address to the big Children's Hospital, despite I was asking for it.
3. She went up to Kiev two days too early to "speak with the Ambassadeur" for applying for visa, became sick in bronchopneumonia, had to go back to Sevastopol again, without speaking with the Ambassadeur (she wrote. I am convinced about that she never have been in Kiev, not for this purpose anyway).
4. When I called the Swedish Embassy in Kiev and asked about Svetlana Panteleeva, they told me that they never had been contacted by any Svetlana Panteleeva. And they never speak with the Ambassadeur to apply for visa.
5. Svetlana told me that she was put into hospital, but she did not want to tell me the address to it, when I asked about it. I told her that I wanted to send her roses at Valentine's Day, but she only replied that she wanted to have money to medicine against her pneunomia, not roses.
6. I answered her then that I really wanted to help her and wanted to have her healthy. But I could not send her the money directly, I would send the money to her hospital she was put in, or to a drugstore nearby. She would then have the same treatment, so it would not affect her if she was telling me the truth. But instead of being thankful, she only replied: "You do not believe me, and that is bad. We stop our email correspondence here. Write to me via postal mail when you have changed attitude".
7. At Valentine's Day she sent me an email where she wished me good luck "to find the woman in my life". Just as she did not want to be that woman.
8. She only complains that I do not take any care about her because I do not send her any more money, despite I have sent her 210 $US already.

If you put all this pieces together it is unmistakably a proof that she is a scammer. I have never seen her at any antiscam page before. That does not need to mean that she is an amateur.
1. She can have a lot of identities and go through every contact agency's archive of women to find her face would take a huge time for many people.
2. To avoid that the "goal-keeper" (Svetlana in this case) not would be too emotionally involved in the "client" (me in this case), I think that one another person, maybe even a man, is writing the letters to me. That would explain that she so firmly stick to the principles.
3. If you go through the letters, you can see that there are some "stages", which have coming exactly in right time. I do not think that an amateur would be able to do it so perfectly.
4. This, that she is not found at any antiscam page, is maybe even one more sign of how professional this organization is. A less organized criminal pack would probably not bother to look for any scam pages to hire her first.

Thomas (Sweden)