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Dating scammer Cassandra Schmidt
First name: Cassandra
Last name: Schmidt
Age: 30
Cassandra Belkis, Anita Bence
Cassandra Belkis, Anita Bence
Name aliases:
Casandra, Kassandra
Scammer's Location(s):
Riga (Latvia)
Kalaciena 17, Riga, LV-1007, Latvia
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Love Access


Scott (USA)

Started out looking for a friend and in a few letters all the sudden she can't live without me, that's when I figured out what was going on so I had a friend of mine send her some mail also and continued my corrospondance, her letters to him were exact duplicates of the letters she sent me so I kept it going until she asked me for money which was about the 10th or 11th letter.
Here is all the corrospondance from Cassandra, Same old routing in a few letters she suddenly falls madly in love with you and cant live without you and then boom needs money for visa, must be a tourist visa though because fiance visa is too much. Hope you guys let the world know what kind of women are out there. I have corrosponded with many nice women but a few are most definetly bad apples.
She is 30 years old and she is retail sales. Her email address is casschmidt@mail15.com
I also had a friend of mine write to her to see what would happen and he got exact duplicate letters as the ones she sent me I will enclose those also.
I have enclosed his letters also so that you may see they are form letters and not personal, I saw this one coming from a mile away and ran through the motions so that others may not get suckered by this lady, I hope all this information is put to good use. Thanks for your website.
REPORT N2 (added on March, 26, 2005)
Fernando (USA)

I was receive comunication about the loveacces. I never answer before for any girl, because i never pay for the service. One day i receive the mail for her. Inmediatly im open webdate.com and her profile its eliminate. I receive a mail for loveaccess.com too . I hink maybe its strange and how im receive a letter for girl is im never pay. In the next weeks i receive more emails from her.
For me its strange when she said me "I love you and i cant live with you".
I the other mails she said me about her problem about for the visa from Usa, and need money. In the first time im answer yes i send. But i never send money, i ask about first for her adress, and never give me. Finaly she's give me when i write her why are need her adress. For send a surprise(gift). And she give me. Sorry for my grammar Im Hispanic and im learn english, and i can understand perfect but i have the problems when im try express myself.
However she send me pictures ..im ask for more pictures for her..and she promise send me more.
Actually she's write me often..but i have any questions about her, and im decide search in the web pictures for her. An finaly im catch this web site...i think...be carful guys with this girl, maybe me i never send the money..but if you are receive mails from her ...dont answer her SHES A SCAMMER ..and im fell but about for the lie...

Scam Letters

Emails from Cassandra Schmidt to Scott (USA)
Hi, Scott!

I was very glad, when has found out your letter in my mailbox. I am 30 years old. I was not married.

It would be desirable to learn little bit more in detail about your birth, and, may be, the origin of your family had historical character?

You, probably, would like to learn more about my character. I can tell about it only, according to environmental people. When I studied at university, my teacher of the English language spoke, that I too open, simple person, that anybody may take advantage of it in the the purposes. Precisely, that I itself can tell that I'm sociable and purposeful woman. Like to be in a circle of cheerful, clever, cheerful friends. In a circle of people with which I communicate, I have not found the person with whom it would be possible to cast in the lot.

It would be desirable to tell some words about my family. My family consists of three members, mum, daddy and me. daddy works as the driver, mum works as the seller. I have ended university and now I'm a school teacher initial classes. Scott, you know, that my student's years were the happiest in my life. We had cheerful, friendly company which well had time to take a walk and simultaneously well to study.
And you, Scott, what may tell about the student's life?

It would be desirable to tell some words about our beautiful city. I live in Latvia, in city Riga. Though it is small on the sizes, for that it has set of sights. I very much like to visit our museum

Emails from Cassandra Schmidt to Fernando (USA)
Hello my love, Fernando.
Thank for the letter! I am glad, that with you everything is all right. Your health is good?
I want to give birth to you to two children. I today have woken up very much early because early yesterday has gone to bed. I have woken up in the morning with ideas on you. I each morning shall awake you kisses. My love while I am far from you, you should protect the health. When I shall come to you many forces are required!:-) we shall love each other all night both the first and the second and a third, in general we shall love all night each other. How many time you may be engaged in love? I each time present our first night. YOU will take me on hands in your house and bear in your bedroom... Then accurately put me on bed... Remove your white shirt, I begin to caress your ***** ******, and you cautiously unbutton mine a shirt and remove it... Then you unbutton mine *** and it falls on a floor after my shirt..
You cautiously will kiss mine *******, my dummies I shall are intense and will be poured by blood. They I shall stand vertically when I shall lie on a back! And you easy movements of language will caress my dummies!.. .. And I shall cave in an arch.... You a mouth grasp my shorts and slowly I shall pull them downwards, and will look at me.... And then you will touch a mouth mine ***** and I all to shiver and I shall groan... And then you will enter me... And we together shall reach ******..... Also we shall have a rest, having em

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