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DATING SCAMMER Fatima Khaled Muhammed

First name: Fatima
Last name: Khaled Muhammed
Age: 25
Name aliases:
Fatimah, Fatime, Fattima
Scammer's Location(s):
Kazan (Russia)
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Muslims 4 Marriage, Qiran
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on March, 23, 2012)
Omar (New Zealand)

I met her on Qiran site. She told me she was a born muslima, and her name is Fatimah Khaled Muhamed. she lives with a 21 is old brother and a grandmother. Her parents died on a car crashed while on summer holiday close to turkish border( which I can't remeber ) 4 years ago. After meeting her on internet she gave me her above cell phone number to call her about half an hour later as she is on the school cafe, going to hostel for her ashar prayer. I called to her and an hour later a beautiful voice of gilr picked up and I spoke to her few minutes. during the session she was hanging up frequently and was over exicited. I heared a man's voice she said her younger brother came to visit her.
She is soft minded girl only another time when I rang her she said she was sleeping early in the morning.
on 2nd day chatting she asked me if I can send her $50 or $100 because she lives on hostel and her friend is providing her food. She does not have any income as only grandma send her money.
I replid to her it was too early to ask me any money and will give her little money later date. To bring the trust she gave me her fatimahkhalled@yamail password and asked me to upload a profile picture. In her yahoo messenger she only added me and another young lady name Zainab Mahmud younus ( pretty rissian religious lady). Also her qiran site password to reply on behalf of her. I also chat to her friend Zainab but could not find any difference between what both told me. Also Fatimah gave me her brother Ahameed Khalled's phone number to talk and I did and he recognised me immediately as her elder sister's friend. But he lives 3days travel distance by train. He says he is 21 years of old but his voice sounds like more mature and confident. Zainab is a 27 year old pretty russian woman married to a 31 year old unemployed Nigerian guy and feed him by working at Moscow metro rail way station.
When ever I chat to Fatimah asked her if she has got phonee with her and I want to make phone call but she always reply that she left at hostel for charging and phone is not good quility. sometimes she comes to midnight or after midnight to chat to me on school cafe, smoetimes in the morning or after 3 pm depending on class schedule. But I never get her on the phone same time I am chatting her on MSN. So it make me doubt me that she might not be the same person on the phone.
Few days ago while I rang her after left chatting on internet, the lady picked up the phone I believed the same person could not recognised my voice after asking her about fatimah as I did not tell her my name. There were one other girl also receive the call first was a nigerian accent pass the phone to her. Later when I asked her about phone call she did have no interest about it and told me that she sometimes can not hear or sometimes phone does not ring properly as I tried to call her many more times but no one ever receive the phone. one night i rang her but latter she told me she was went out for finding some casual snow cleaning jobs start 2am at night because she does not have any money for food.
Now I started chatting her to know her better and more and tell her all the advantage of comming to New Zealand she is a very good listener and spend much time with me. Also I have access to her online profile so I can see she is not much responding to any other people and I sometimes respond to them on behalf of her. also people complained that no one ever get her on the phone or in MSN as I can see she gave all of the people a wrong email address. So far seems things going all right with me and her qiran site profile was banned as reported a fake profile and while I asked her she said probably I reported this.
She send me some beutiful photos as to fullfill my demand and her parents photos too, I aksed her brothers photo she agreed. she also sent me one of he pics wearing a head cover. But while I aksed her, she sent me a copy of FAKE RUSSIAN internal PASSPORT her name was writen as Fatimah Khalled and she told me that her real name is that. which I have doubt ( does not sounds russian origin) and asked for her student ID, which she said will sent me later so that I will send her some money.
So far now she is very co-operative and also asking my password to see if I am chtting to other girls but I said my password is case sensative and I use single password for my all site.
after all I doubt her identity and very confused her attitude. I believe she is a girl and always very nice to me and not seriously playing to any other men and she hardly checks all other message or replies back. She recently posted another profile in qiran site which I had a doubt that, that was her so I left a message and she started jocking with me on MSN.
But I doubt her true Identity and believe as she sent me fake russian internal passport and I am still trying to find her real motto with me. If I don't send her any money she will not take it seriously and continue cooperating me in near futue. She also talked about russian poor economy and many other things. She prays for me to get a good job. But everythings I had is her true identity and fake passport.
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