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First name: Bola
Last name: Peter
Age: 25
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Web Date


Ned (Spain)

hello friends and thanks for this website and your colaboration. my story begin in receiving a letter from a lady from nigeria in webdate asking me a relation, she sent me some e-mails and then we spent about three weeks talking in yahoo.messenger everyday. she told me that she was born in england-liverpool, his father was married with nigerian woman. and she lost his father and went to nigeria with her mother to live there. and after 4 years she lost her mother in a traffic accident. she told me that is a lone in this life and she need a man who cares her and to marry with her. also she has the diplom of management there. and work in a copmany three days with salary 480 $. she falled in my love as always and began with the tender and romantic words. she sent me some photos and i asked her to make new photos and she made tow and sent them. i asked her to send me a copy of official documents and she did it, she sent me a copy of her driver license, her work identifity and the copy of her diplom of university (sure all are false documents ) so we begin to organize our meeting. sure the first is asking me money to obtain her lost birth certificate from london and there was agent who will help her to get it. she asked me 650 $ and i was generous and sent 800 $. and yes, she sent a birth certifacate of engalnd that made me sure that a english girl never can be a scammer. well she now has the birth certifacate to get the english passport. but there was a problem.. she needs now the transcript of the birth certifacte. that need 250 $. having the birth certifacate og england i trusted in her and sent her this money. well all went good... and the second step was sending me a copy of the passport of england with number and photo.. oh a good passport. with it i was sure that this woman never can lie is european passport and from great britain. every day she called me by phone and talk with me. one time cried of love. now is the step of the ticket, she will need 1000$ to have the ticket. i begin to sospect in this time and i told here that i shall send here the ticket by the british airways agency to london. and she denied, she wanted to receive it by western union. it was a bad idea to coninue but i sent her 1000 $, i made the reservation in british airways, being a british citizen and having the copy of her passport and her document, there will be not any problem to do it. but the new problem and my sorprise was asking me more money, this time was that the nigerian authority ask her the BASIC TRAVELLING ALLOWENCE and it must be 2000 $ to leave the country. i was very sorprised, i begin a story and have entered in big ocean of lies and cheats. and what happen if she told the true. i was talking with her that she is a british citizen and does not need it,but she insisted and told me that she cross nigeria and all her documents have been lost with the death of her mum. she never sent me the photos of her dad or her mum, i asked her but never. and after much discusion and asking me that is the last step having the resravation and the ticket i decided to send her 2000 $. she got the number of code of western union and told me that will mailme inmediatly with the details of the travel and callme but she disappeared forever.

Scam Letters

Emails from Bola Peter to Ned (Spain)
hello ned
how are you doing ?
its good to hear from you , i really appreciate itand i look forward to know you better in the nearest future well i will like to tell about about myself in brief, starting from my back ground , i was born of a bristish dad and a nigerian mum and we used to live in liverpool till i lost my dad , after finishing my school days in uk , i crossed over to nigeria with my mum to finish my university studies , which i read business management and i obtained a first class degree in it . i happen to work with a packaging firm , where i m in charge of the packaging of goods stuff over here , i am not a full worker , i only work , three times a week and i get paid as i work.i am a casual worker there.
well i like swimming and going to gym , and i love this activities alot cos it helps me to keep fit and also to be in good shape , i am also into my bible , i love the scripture words and i read them daily and apply nit to my life.
my dreams and goal are like this , i want to get a man in my life , one who will be responsible for the love in my life one, who is faithful and honest ,one who is going to be the father of my kids.
i have never been in any relatiosnhip so deep and i know what i am looking for now is going to be forever cos i am ready to build my home and be happy in life i don't know what you are looking for but if you feel the same way , you can mail me and tell me also about your self and i know if we both are aiming for

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