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Dating scammer Trisha Maui
First name: Trisha
Last name: Maui
Age: 29
Sandra Marcy, Linda Smith, Nina Jones, Kate Lonely4luv, Penguen, Cute_baby, Jenifa Baker, Jenny, Joy, Rebecca, Debbie Baker, Janet Brackley, Natasha Williams, Olivia Kate Pepper, Lilian John, Eniola Smith, Annie Edward, Mercy Cynthia Wilson, Mercy Cynthia Miller, Mercy Cynthia Obrien, Mercy C Towson
Sandra Marcy, Linda Smith, Nina Jones, Kate Lonely4luv, Penguen, Cute_baby, Jenifa Baker, Jenny, Joy, Rebecca, Debbie Baker, Janet Brackley, Natasha Williams, Olivia Kate Pepper, Lilian John, Eniola Smith, Annie Edward, Mercy Cynthia Wilson, Mercy Cynthia Miller, Mercy Cynthia Obrien, Mercy C Towson
Name aliases:
Anni, Asandra, Beca, Becca, Becka, Becky, Cate, Cintia, Cnythia, Cyntia, Cythia, Debbi, Debby, Eneola, Janeta, Janeth, Jannet, Janny, Jenet, Jeni, Jenni, Jennie, Jeny, Kat, Katie, Katy, Khate, Liliane, Liliann, Lillian, Lilliane, Lillianne, Linde, Lynda, Merci, Nataha, Natasa, Natash, Natashia, Natosha, Ninchika, Nineluska, Ninochka, Ninok, Ninok, Ninoka, Ninulechka, Ninulenka, Ninulya, Ninushka, Oliwia, Olyvia, Rebacca, Rebbca, Rebbeca, Rebbecca, Rebeca, Samdra, Sandrah, Sinthia, Sundra, Synthia, Syntia, Trishia
Scammer's Location(s):
Lagos (Nigeria); Victoria Island (Cote D'Ivoire)
12 Dairo Street, Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria
12 Allen Avenue, Lagos, Nigeria
80 Olorunsogo avenue, Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria
132 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Cote De'Ivorie
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Asian Euro, Date, First Date, Match, My Year Book, U Got Luv, Web Date, Yahoo Personals, Zoosk
Fake docs used by scammer:


Jon (USA)

Very Smart girl so be careful. Great looking "white" girl who says she was born in the US and lives in Nigeria because of family death.
When you ask more about her family she is very allusive. She wrote an email only via absolute and then had me chat via Yahoo Messenger. I could tell she was chatting with other men at the same time because of the time it took for her to respond. I told her for me to come meet her, that I needed some personal info. She claimed she had a US passport (even though she said she was not a citizen even though she was born here!!) and when she gave me the number, it did not have enough digits and the numbers were consecutive and she put a letter in front of the numbers. When I confronted her on chat, she used US profanity very well and told me Foff!! I have not seen her on line for awhile, so she probably has changed her chat name by now.
REPORT N2 (added on April, 27, 2005)
Will (USA)

Very similar letter written to another individual. I asked if she wanted money - she said no. But kept saying she was poor - but could afford a trip to the internet cafe. blah blah blah
REPORT N3 (added on May, 7, 2005)
Brian (USA)

She First Told Me She Lived In chicago, IL Then She Was Going To Nigeria To Work AS a Researcher Then About 5 Weeks Later After Chating In Yahoo Messenger 3 Times A Week Her User Name Is lindajayz
For Yahoo Messenger She Sent Me A Check From A Co For$3200 And To Send The Funds Western Union It Did It SO How CAn I Get Out Of This She Got All The Funds I Receved Nothing
REPORT N4 (added on May, 26, 2005)
Rudolf (USA)

Here is an extract from her dating profile found on Amateur Match a dating sight where I met her:
Introduction text: My name is Trisha but friends call me (Trishy), I am a lady of 27 years, Portable, light in Complexion. who is very honest and faith ful and godfearing and loves to help those who needs help from me ,I attended my primary and secondary school in nigeria,then i proceed to university to study Business Admin ,unfortunately i drop out of school when i lost my Dad,Because my Mum could not afford the huge amount of the school fees.moreover i would love to continue my education ,so to be a helpful woman in the society and the world entirely. My hobbies are Reading magazines and novels ,sport and meeting people . My likes are very simple , A very honest , humble , dedicated, hardworking ,l oving, caring, trustworthy and faithfulness, And my dislikes is not as many as my likes, unhonesty , unfaithfulness, hatred and selfishness. thats all about myself.
I began to wonder what was going on as she told me she worked from 8-6 daily yet she would send e-mails or be online at odd times and for long periods which did not fit with her saying she made only $85 a month.. so I did some checking and found this sight which showed my doubting to be correct.. I have not confronted her yet with what I've found out about her... but will next time she is online.
REPORT N5 (added on September, 1, 2005)
**** (USA)

This scammer is different. She doesn't use the, "Need money for visa" approach. Instead, she gives you a sob story how finances are tight for her and with me she said she had some money orders from clients before her job transferred her to Africa but she is unable to cash the money orders there. After building trust with you, the victim, she says she will send you the money orders to cah for her here in the USA and then wants you to Western Union the funds back to her! Yah, right! Very slick person to be careful of.
I am attaching my initial contact letter from a scammer that I met on MATCH along with 3 pictures from that website.
I found this scammer on your website under the name Trisha Maui.
After she gives me her yahoo chat name, I began chatting with her and find that she goes by the name Nina Jones.
After several chats with her, she gained trust in me and said she has a couple money orders that she is not able to cash in Africa and wants to send to me to cash for her and then Western Union the money back to her.
Apparently her scam is passing phony checks to her victims here, they cash them somehow, must be pretty good fakes, and then she gets the cash free and clear sent to her. Pretty clever, don't ask her victims for "Visa" money.
I've attached her initial contact letter with me along with 3 photos that she had posted on MATCH.
Thank you very much for your site in exposing these scammers and I hope more men and women check out your site and are spared hundreds if not thousands
of dollars from internet dating scams.
REPORT N6 (added on September, 13, 2005)
Jos (Netherlands)

Is listed here as Trishi Maui. I recognized the photo on this site and new she's listed on another site. Used a different age. I think sh's no longer active as cut_baby. They change nicknames faster then cars.
REPORT N7 (added on October, 28, 2005)
Randy (USA)

This person convinced me she was in love with me and wanted to come to me and get married. She managed to scam me for 5oo dollars and never arrived to me.
other email addresses are-joyjones00@yahoo.com; rebec_sure1979@yahoo.com
REPORT N8 (added on May, 30, 2007)
Rob (New Zealand)

Has scammed money and has sent a fake passport document.
IT expert has listed this scammer and contact details are below. FBI Internet crime site has been updated with this infor
REPORT N9 (added on September, 6, 2007)
Charles (USA)

She sends model quality photos and tries to get money to help her get back to the United States. She claims that her father has property and she needs to sell it to cover to hospital bills. Her father is sick and she is the only one who can help, but she needs money, and asked me for $620.
REPORT N10 (added on October, 17, 2007)
Kris (Australia)

Known Nigerian scammer.
REPORT N11 (added on April, 1, 2009)
Vincent (Norway)

She claims her late dad left her an inheritance and had many companies, she will only get them if she is married.
She claims she has a blind mother.
REPORT N12 (added on July, 22, 2009)
Chris (USA)

Known Nigerian scammer.
REPORT N13 (added on August, 27, 2010)
Patrick (USA)

This may be a common story, that the woman's parents both passed away at the same time. She said she took over her father's art artifact business and tried doing business in Nigeria. Then she needed a lot of money to get out of the country. She said she needed thousands of dollars because the customs people had her travel documents, and she had to pay her lawyer and the customs people in order to leave the country. She said she is worth $350,000, but cannot get to it unless she is at home in Dallas, TX. She gave her bank acct #, and it is true her bank's checking accts begin with a 101. I asked her to scan her Texas driver's license into an e-mail. I wanted to see a photo of the woman (I thought) I had met in the Zoosk site, and I wanted to see the address on her driver's license that matched the address she gave me in Dallas TX. Haven't heard from her since. I can forward the e-mail she sent to me with her pictures. Probably those pictures are not of the woman I had communicated with.
REPORT N14 (added on November, 29, 2010)
George (USA)

In an effort to secure a $23.7 million inheritance from her late husband (Dr M.C. Wilson), located at SIF Securities and after all of his relatives stole everything of value at their residence. The inheritance was transferred from SIF Securities to BIAO-CI bank and a bank account was set up at RBC bank in Canada. They required funding consistently for the: $13.3K bank transfer fee, accident requires hospital fees, go ahead documents, change of ownership, transfer certificates, account activation, filling countless court documents, powers of attorney, demurrage, attestation letters, ownership certificates, K-1 Visa Application, two attempted flights that were paid for over two years and she missed, and for her sustenance. She and the Lawyer always conveys felling of emailing and sending bank statements, BIAO-CI and RBC checkbooks, imminent transfer and her flight, but every attempt always falls apart. After a final Fee from BIAO-CI of $11,832 is paid then they are supposed to send a user name and password but silence and then nothing but silence.
Barrister Leyon Betty Santos – Lawyer
Barrister Leyon Betty Santos
102 Wolex Ave
Benin De Replublic
661-378-9007, 011-234-165-75656, 011-234-703-152-5088
011-234-806-706-04740, 011-234-401-657-5656
Kennedy Overa Oghale– Money Gram Contact
Franklin Carter Azubuike – Money Gram Contact
Imhansoloeua Santos – Lawyers Wife & Western Union Contact
Ehosa Sydney - Paralegal & Western Union Contact
Sydney Pascal Imhansoloeva - Paralegal & Western Union Contact
Innocent Banda – Travel Agent travelers.agency@live.com
Daniel Jackson – Travel Agent terranovaltravels@earthling.net
Njokanma Chukwunmso - Fraudulent Travel Agent & Western Union Contact
39 Aralile street
Off Western Avenue
City: Surulere
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Dr Eric Moore BIAO-CI Representative
emoore@biao-cibank.org, working for a short time
SIFDr. David Jones sif_security_comp@excite.com
“BOA-CI Bank of Africa Banque Internationale pour Afrique Occidentale" Now there official email
011-234-805-208-9005, 011-234-802-924-0240, 1-936-228-4072

Scam Letters

Emails from Trisha Maui to Jon (USA)

I read ur message and i was lifted, thanks for the mail. to be sincere i like everything about ur mail.i am 26 years of age not married and i have no children. am looking for a serious and understandable longtrem relationship. someone to be with forever.am single....I am from usa but due to some kind of problems thru my parent i found myself in nigeria. i finish my university in nigeria.... i dont have anybody with me and i am staying alone here in a self contain flat.. i will like u to join me on my yahoo messenger just 4 me to chat with u. i really like to meet a very serious person as i said.this is my ID on yahoo messenger or u can send me a mail on this email :
i look forward hearing from u.

Emails from Trisha Maui to Will (USA)
Is nice to hear that work is moving on smoothly
Thanks for the message ,i live in Africa now ,i came to africa with my father ,cos he want to settle there cos he has a business there and brought me there as well ,so as to continue my Education and also look after me ,But unfortunately he died in car accident which i stop school and could not be able to continue my studies.
i have been in Africa for 6 years now .
Hope to hear from u soon .and also know ur response .
Emails from Trisha Maui to Mick (USA)
I saw your message and found you intriguing.
I am a 29 yr old, mixed race female. 5'8, 146lbs with model looks, average body build, no drama and a positive outlook on life.
Take a look at who I am and what I seek. If you like me, message me and i'll see if you connect with my look.
Me: I am a confident, articulate, educated, successful professional that is seeking the exceptional partner.
Athletic, Adventurous, and Romantic individual that enjoys: working out, music, movies, laughter, dining out, clubbing (occasionally) and spontaneous travel. Or, join me in the kitchen and have a glass of wine while I prepare dinner and we'll share deep stimulating conversation. Further exploring the mental chemistry between us.
A relationship that ends up where it's supposed to is what I seek. If that's a serious relationship, good friends or great lovers, I am prepared for the next encounter life has to offer me.
A friendship that is uninhibited and pure fun is what i'm about. Locations, settings and chemistry that will arouse all your senses and moments shared that cross your mind a week later while at the office. Putting a smile on your face while wondering when it's possible to feel like that again is the sensation I aim to leave you with.
I want a man that I can trust without question and who can trust me the same. A man whose loves me for my heart and soul. We would be like two vases of water poured into one larger more beautiful vase, in which we wou

Emails from Trisha Maui to Randy (USA)
Dear Randy,

I am doing good this morning and i hope ou are doing the same, how has your job been going for you, hope you are having a fun filled time there. I got your mail about your free time and the likely days that you might expect Jenny in the State to come meet you.

I ve talked to Jenny i ve asked her over and over again if she really wants you, she had assured me on and on that she wants you and feel that she has a secured future with you. Anyway i want to believe that she knows what is best for her. In as much as she is happy with whatever she is doing am also happy for her too, and would always give her my support. There are some few points that i would want us to get cleared here.

One is that is there any way that you would be able to pay me back some part of the ticket money as soon as Jenny get to you? Maybe say after some few that she might have been with you. The truth of the matter is just that i had to borrow the largest part of this money so that she would be happy cos i know that this is what she wants and as a diligent mother i had to do everything within my capacity to support her alway. I borrowed $800 with my own personal $400 to make the $1200 i paid the travel agent. So is it possible for you and Jenny to be able to pay back when she gets to you cos its gonna be pretty difficult for me to pay back this whole lot of money alone. Another option is for her to get a job when she gets to you so that the two of ou can both work

Emails from Trisha Maui to Charles (USA)
Its my very good pleasure to read from you and also know much about you and i am very happy you are intreseted to talk to me on this site...life is good and it is okay and fine..how is life treating you overthere ?

And i will like to ask u some questions below :

1..what do u like in a lady ?

2..are u a player or for real ?

3..are u single,married or divorced?

4..do u have kids ?

5..what do you do for a living?

6..tell me about urself ?

7..what do u do for fun and in your free time?

8.. Whats your bad and good experience in meetinga woman on Internet.

9..how do you treat your woman

Hope to hear back from you soonest.get back to me at natty_willy002@yahoo.com


From Cupid.com

Hi Charles,

Thank you so much for your response i really care to relocate if i can find a right man of my choice to be with and take care of me and love me as wife. i am coming back to the States by this week maybe we can arrange in meeting when i come down and may i start to know you from her. I love to have fun and need a real man by my side to hold it down with.I need a man with good conversation, intelligence, street smarts and one who knows how to treat a lady. I want to explore the world and do new things when I come home. I'm willing to relocate. I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy beaches. I like to party and have fun. I don't want no more drama in my life

I live

Emails from Trisha Maui to Kris (Australia)
Hi Kris,

Thank you so much for your response I really care to relocate if I can find a right man of my choice to be with and take care of me and love me as wife.I was born and in ZYrich in Switzerland and I spent 8 years in zurich and later we moved to Australia and we spent 8 years there,I then move to school in Nova Scotia in Acadia University and spent like 5 years in Nova Scotia and now i am going to my 5th year now in the states I'm going back to the States by this week maybe we can arrange in meeting when i come down and may i start to know you from her. I love to have fun and need a real man by my side to hold it down with.I need a man with good conversation, intelligence, street smarts and one who knows how to treat a lady. I want to explore the world and do new things when I come home. I'm willing to relocate. I love warm weather, tropical drinks and sandy beaches. I like to party and have fun. I don't want no more drama in my life

I live life in the fast lane but am willing to see what it is like to chill out and just be. I like romantic evenings and bedroom talk. I'm a real woman looking for a real man, i love be with my loved ones all alone and be with him for the rest of my life i love to be out with friends and be all alone sometimes. I wish to be in states soon but presenly I'm presently in an Hospital in Cardiff Wales UK taking care of my sick father,I will be coming back to States to sell some of his property

Emails from Trisha Maui to Vincent (Norway)
you are always in my mind and i m glad that i have you ,since when i met you .you have always make me happy and i wish that i can be at your side and we can be happy together ..thinking about you make me feel so happy at all time .you are always in my mind .And i m proud of you now and i will always be proud of you forever ..

i wish you think about me the way i do think about you since when we met .you have always be what i have in my mind at all time .imagining being around you .having your baby someday .

do you think you truly want me in your life .the way i do feel about you .Nothing can chance my mind about you ..since when i met you .always feel that some day .if i have the opportunity to be with you in your country .its will be my happiness and i will feel so wonderful that i have some one as you ..I like you very much and i never believe in relationship over the internet and this one that am having for now make me feel so great and wonderful in my life that i found you . How was your day ..do you go to church at all today?do you think about me or dream about me the way i do dream about you too ?

I will like us to take A change to get closer to each other some day and get to know each other .so that we can have a good future and relationship in life soonest ..Am happy that i found you in my life ..you are my thoughts and all what i think about for now ..please dont disappoint me please..I do care for you ..
OliviA Pepper

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Emails from Trisha Maui to Chris (USA)
Hello Chris,

I do appreciate the fact that you are being so honest with me. i''m ready to get my *** out of here and come to meet you so that we can get along to know each other properly. cross my heart because you can count on me. i am ready to come over as soon as i can, Once after the luggage box is being delivered to you at your doorstep.

i am ready to make it up to us and thats why im telling you everything that you need to know about me now so you can help me get out of here, and meanwhile we are good friends already as it takes just a day to know one self.

thats all i have to tell you for now till we meet in-person.

Now, You will write to the security company and instruct them that you want your Fiance deposited box sent to you. While contacting the company, please do not let them know that the box contain money, Just tell them that you want your Fiance deposited Luggage box ship to you because I only tell them that it only my luggage box, which i want to ship out of here. Then you ask them How much the Handling/Delivery Shipment fee would be, you would be paying them the fee as the recipient of my box, who is helping me receive it. I want you to know that you will be the one to pay the fee as the recipient who is helping me receive the box, okay.

N.B: Without you including this Depositing details while writting the company, the company will not acknowledge your e-mail.


Deposit Ref#: GSC-POL-06

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