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First name: Elnara
Last name: Askerova
Age: 26
Scammer's Location(s):
Baku (Azerbaijan)
E-mail address(es):


REPORT N1 (added on October, 16, 2012)
Clark (Sweden)

This woman (or who ever it was) operating with lots of patience as she wrote 10 mail before she started to ask for personal bank accounts and personal ID etc.
She was soon very much in love and used lots of sweet words even though we never meet in real. When I asked for her yahoo messenger, she had no access to it, neither a phone to call.
She did not ask for money only an account in my country to use for the travel money she would receive from her aunts husband in India. (Good way for international money laundry)
Be ware as she looks very good on pictures and seem to be ***** to use personal pictures with your name on.
REPORT N2 (added on October, 18, 2012)
Steve (New Zealand)

This woman contacted my email address saying that she got it from eharmony which I can contacted before. She sent photos and said lots of very nice things. Right from the start I was sceptical but replyed any way. As it went on she got more and more friendly telling me that she loved me etc... She kepted saying the same things that other people have reported like her aunt will pay for the airfairs to New Zealand and so on. He would not give me her details, last name, phone number etc. Red flags were going up so I got on the internet and found her quite easly.
The only truth she gave me was her first name and that she lives in Azerbaijan.
She is full of ****! She is a scammer and not a very good one. She is attractive and ***** you in. Beware !!
REPORT N3 (added on October, 25, 2012)
Gary (Australia)

The classic scammer. Did have family photographs. No phone, no SKYPE, no Facebook. The usual clangers. Fell in love in three weeks, concocted deliciously fictitious stories that were great to read. Strung her along, knew something was suspicious when she wrote that eHarmony had given her my email address. Hardly! No real detail on her apart from her first name so I Googled her and hey presto! Stop Scammers had her on the first page I looked at. Had great pleasure in telling her that I am a forgiving sort of person and that if she still was still interested I was waiting for her. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

Scam Letters

Emails from Elnara Askerova to Clark (Sweden)
HI my sweet love ! I am very glad to receive your letter! Your letters warm my day as a sun beam!
I will necessarily call to you! I will call to you next week. Tell to me time when you can talk to me?
My dear at first I would like to arrive to you as the tourist, under the tourist visa approximately for a three month. We should learn each other better and I think it good idea. I communicated with my aunt about whom spoke to you in the last letter. She has married on Swedish man, she has got acquainted with he through the Internet, also as well as we! But now my aunt together with the husband are in India, at them there business. My aunt and my uncle has agreed to help me with money for arrival to you! I understand that now in the world a lot of swindle and consequently I will not ask money you. I am very glad to that they can to help us with realisation of our dream! My dear but my uncle cannot send me money directly. He can send money for the bank account from his bank account in Sweden , but I have no bank account. And besides my uncle can send money only on the bank account in Sweden . My dear, he can send money for your bank account, and then you will send me them through company Western Union. My love it are unique a way as I can will receive money from them. I hope you will help me with it, after all all for realisation of our meeting! They cannot send me money through Western union, because from India the transfer of money through West

Emails from Elnara Askerova to Gary (Australia)
Hello my love Gary ! I am very glad to your letter my dear.
Please do not worry about money. It is a gift from my aunt for me! She wants to see me in Australia also.
I am the fair girl and consequently I do not ask you money. My love, I talked with my aunt today and she has informed me that I could receive money from her, your help is required. You will not spend your money, I promise to you, your help will be simply necessary. Today she will inform me on it and I will tell to you. I hope that you will not deny assistance to me to receive money from my aunt. I miss on you and very much I wish to meet you my dear, as soon as possible. I very much wish to see you and to be only with you my sweet. All time I try to think only of you and about our future meetings. I so wish to see you and to be only with you all time because I very strongly love you. But unfortunately we are divided now with huge distance. But two loving persons who love the friend each other, they we shall necessarily meet and will be together. I know that we shall necessarily see each other and we shall be together. We shall see each other and to enjoy sights.
I very much would like to see you, but I am ready to wait, because I love you my sweet. I shall think only of you! I love you! Gently whole Elnara
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