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Dating scammer Vera Chugunowa
First name: Vera
Last name: Chugunowa
Age: 29
Vera Chougunowa
Vera Chougunowa
Name aliases:
Verunchik, Verunya, Wera
Scammer's Location(s):
Pechora (Russia)
Russia, 169600, Pechora, Portovaya str,, 24 apartment 9
E-mail address(es):
Fake docs used by scammer:


REPORT N1 (added on February, 26, 2013)
Greg (USA)

Scammer used stolen photos of a cute little blond dancer.
REPORT N2 (added on March, 5, 2013)
Lee (USA)

I was contacted by this supposed woman and she feel madly in love with me in a matter of days.
I have asked her for information and she has not responded as of yet, other than telling me she needs money to start the visa application process.
I did give her a fake address for myself and fake name. She has sent me a few photos including nudes.
Supposedly works as a dance instructor.
She says she only has access at an internet cafe on a limited basis.
I did tell her that before I would send money to her that I would need to have her on video on the internet talking to me, with a 100% verification of her address and other information she is going to provide me. She has asked for about $780.00 US to start application process to come to the usa.
I also gave her my phone number to call me at some point not yet decited when she will call.
REPORT N3 (added on March, 27, 2013)
Ignazio (Canada)

She has been asking for money from the second letter she wrote to me and today i actually sent some money fortunately i was able to stop the western union transaction after noticing the picture she sent me one of many. i would like to thank you i wish the authorities put a stop to people like this vera chougunowa. i have come to know many russians in toronto canada and they are a beautiful people it is unfortunate that someone like this scammer ruins it for everyone else, again thank you for your website you saved me a lot of hardship at her malicious ways.
god bless you.

Scam Letters

Emails from Vera Chugunowa to Greg (USA)
Hello my romantic man Gregory!

I am glad that our relations are developing! We got a lot of information from each other in the letters. I fully disclosed to you, I have no secrets from you. I can communicate with you on any topic, because you are my future man for life. Gregory, I'm glad that my photos *** excite you much. I am not ashamed to show them to you, because God has given me such a beautiful figure. And now it is yours, because you're my man, you have to enjoy my body. Today, I am sending you the most intimate photos! I very much love you Gregory! I can not tolerate, I want to be near you. We need a meeting during this period, until we reached a maximum of emotion and ****** fantasies in the mail. This will allow us to develop our relationship. Do you agree with me?

I am ready to come to your country, even if it's a big step in my life, but for the sake of our love I'm ready to do this. Today I learned about a trip to your country. I was in the office of the largest travel company with offices in almost every city of my country. Since they have a very large number of tourists, the prices are much lower than other travel agencies. They engaged in registration of international passports, and also through them to contact the consulate and make an appointment for a visa. Now I want to tell you what documents I need you to easily leave the country and fly to you:

1. I need to get an international passport. The cost of a passport is

Emails from Vera Chugunowa to Lee (USA)
HI my dear and favourite Lee!!! Favourite mine, I do not sleep at night, I wait, that day when we will meet you. Day after day I think of you, my dear Lee. How you Lee?

Unfortunately, the Internet cafe does not offer webcam, so I have no possibility to communicate with you via webcam. Unfortunately, I have no access to Internet cafes to install software skype. Can you imagine what it would be if every customer Internet cafe came and installed their software. I think that the computer would not stand the load.
Also, my time is limited, so I have no way to communicate online. As soon as I get a chance, I will immediately call you with a negotiating point. My love, I can give you the site of my travel agency. It is called the Worldfascinating, it is one of the most important in my country. Her office is in almost every city. My Love, you can email your questions to the agent on the email! My agent called Darya, the address is on the site travel agency - www.worldfascinating.com!
Unfortunately, they do not accept calls from other countries, but they can respond to your email.

Day after day I speak, as a pray: you the God let stores, let there where the footboard is put by a life, always there will be a reliable hand of the friend, let any pain will not concern you, let your life will be long and happy! My life has changed since then when, I have grown fond of you Lee!!! I all so - think of you Lee and all as I represent you, that you near to

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