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Dating scammer Sofia Chyrchenko
First name: Sofia
Last name: Chyrchenko
Age: 30
Sofia Sichenko, Sofia Shychenko
Sofia Sichenko, Sofia Shychenko
Name aliases:
Safia, Safiyu, Sofie, Sofiia, Sofiya, Sofiyusha, Sofiyushka, Sofy, Sofya, Sophia
Scammer's Location(s):
Kiev (Ukraine)
Ukraine, Kiev, Streletckaya str., 7/6-43
Phone number(s):
38 093 582 6767
38 096 3486780
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
A Pretty Woman, Bride Ru


REPORT N1 (added on April, 2, 2005)
Michael (USA)

She scammmed me out of $35,000. With the mother cancer story I will send you this and proof of Western Union money I sent her. She never did go to final fiancee visa meeting. But said she had visa in hand. I will forward you e-mails. I need time to get money orders copied on disc,s and send them to you.
REPORT N2 (added on May, 14, 2005)
Chris (USA)

REPORT N3 (added on October, 26, 2007)
Wesley (USA)

I saw the profile of Sofia Sichenko a.k.a. Chyrchenko on aprettywoman. We started corresponding around mid-July. I went to see her from 3-10 September 2007. We spent a total of about 15 hours together from Monday to Thursday. We got engaged. On Friday, September 7 I got a call around 7 P.M. from Sofia. She told me she was at the airport on her way to Moscow because her grandmother had just died. I felt she was scamming me, so on Saturday I did not answer her phone calls. I returned to the U.S. on the 10th. When I returned I had second thoughts about Sofia being a scammer. We decided to put the events in Kiev behind us (lucky me). We decided to go through with the K-1 visa process, but in the mean time she had told me that she had lost her phone. So me being the idiot I was I sent her $300 via Western Union to pay for a new phone as well as police documents and certified birth certificates. Sofia had trouble picking up the money because I sent it to a Sofia Sichenko. She informed me that I needed to change the name to Sofiia Shyrchenko, which regrettably I did. She picked up the money and "purchased" a new phone so I could call her. I told her I wanted to visit again in December. She replied that she had talked with her parents and they thought it would be a good idea for us to go on a vacation together. She said she wanted to go to the Caribbean. I told her I didn't have the money using St. Lucia as an example of how expensive the trip would be. Sofia replied that it would be much cheaper to go to Aruba, only $3235. I called her "travel agent", Svetlana, and she said she would only accept cash by Western Union or a deposit into her banking account because she didn't accept credit cards. "Svetlana" also has a yahoo.com e-mail address, vogonnik_travel@yahoo.com, which struck me as odd. Anyway, Sofia did not pay any attention when I told her I could not afford the trip. On Friday, October 19th, I called Sofia at 10 P.M. Kiev time and informed her that I had paid for the trip to Aruba with my own travel agent. Instead of being "happy" about going to Aruba, she became angry and started yelling at me for not using her travel agent and hung up. I decided enough and called off the engagement. Doing research on Sofia Sichenko, I came across her here as Sofia Chyrchenko, most infuriating.
REPORT N4 (added on December, 20, 2007)
Gilles (France)

she is not only a scammer whom stole me 20000 us dollars, she is also a ********** for 1000 us dollars the shot, and 5000 us dollars the **** video.
she stole my credit card after *** action.
she is not really a good *** affair but she is really sure to be too expensive for the result wanted
not so beautiful as the pictures shown, really a bad affair in love, *** and invest, common poor and proud little ukrainian farmer.

Scam Letters

Emails from Sofia Chyrchenko to Michael (USA)
Dear Michael!
Yesterday it became bad to my mum to do evening also doctors to her operation. During operation have casually damaged{injured} an artery. Clips medical clips have damaged{injured} an artery and after operation there was an internal haemorrhage. There was a greater{big} loss of blood. For mum the substitute of blood for injection is necessary. To her made today injection of new blood. We have decided to buy for mum created blood, we have made for her transfusion and now she to be under supervision of doctors.
At us in Ukraine blood in hospitals acts and undertakes without the analysis and it is a high probability of infection. For new injection it is necessary to buy the created blood. Today in hospital the doctor spoke me that it is necessary to make repeated operation. During inspection of the postoperative period to show that mum has again a part of a tumour Which starts to develop again. And as it is necessary to clean inside and for this purpose one more operation is necessary.
Each person is born with cancer cells{cages} and when that that happens these cells{cages} progress and it is necessary to stop.
The doctor has explained to me on consultation that in such cases apply Rityksah as the doctor has explained to me this{thus} the first monoklonaljnoe an antibody. These antibodies contact a surface of cells{cages} not - hodqikonscis limfome (a malignant tumour limfoadnois fabrics) and start immune mechanisms killing tumoral cells{ca

Emails from Sofia Chyrchenko to Chris (USA)
Dear Chris!
Thanks you for your letter, it very much to please me. I do not know as it to happen I always answered your letters. Really I had problems with mine the Internet mail. As when I to answer you it sometimes passes{takes place}, and sometimes was not present. In Ukraine not so good connection Really. It it is interesting to write to me to you letters and to receive From you the answer. On big a planet to write to two various people each other and to wait the answer. I hope on our happy history " in letters " and then " during a life ".
Every day I dream of ours a meeting and about ours destiny. I know: on the Earth - is available my second half, it he Who waits for me, I to wait for him, my Person to find my big Love. I the lonely woman who wishes to be happy. I hope, that you understand it. I feel, that you also are ambitious, romantic also gentle. I very much wish to hear your voice. I to speak in English. I to study English language now. I was good to speak in the French language, Russian and the Ukrainian language.
You have an opportunity to call for me. At number 38(097) 797 - 60 - 90.
I with impatience wait your inquiry. I hope what a little bit to arrive more close to us to each other.
What do you like to make in your leisure still?
Mine the dream to visit the Europe. I wish to travel very much. I to not see still the world. As the world is fine.
The various countries, travel, impressions.
Now I to finish the letter for you.

Emails from Sofia Chyrchenko to Wesley (USA)
Dear Wesley!

I so am happy after our conversation with you and as to hear your voice! So it is pleasant to me to speak by with you to phone, that you to give me and to understand, that it to make us more close to each other! I to feel, that in my days there was a sense after we to solve all ours not understanding, and the difficult period in a life which I had and my family! I yesterday spoke you, that have started to make documents my birth certificate, I already to give the notary on translation and to pay for it 25 dollars. I to print out forms, that you to send me and to Monday I shall go in special firm which assists to fill these questionnaires of that all would be correct! As on Monday I shall make a special photo for the visa! A paper from militia I shall be inquiry in Wednesday. It is special day for inquiry this paper in militia. To me to speak, that it will cost 10 dollars. I to not find out yet cost DHL, but I on Monday or Tuesday to find out necessarily. As for wh at to make the visa to me it would be necessary to make the information from hospital about my inoculations and as the paper from a house management is necessary for me, that all mine municipal payments are paid! I shall make it on following week. Dear I already to spend all of money, that you to send me. I to pay for the notary and to buy to me necessary things for me now. I yesterday to speak with my parents about you and me, very seriously. I to speak, that you to co

Emails from Sofia Chyrchenko to Gilles (France)
Dear Gilles !

Thanks your good letter. I was interested with your life. You live really good and worthy life. And me it is pleasant that you find time to write letters for me and to be interested in me. Probably we want from a life of the same? We can try. You can call with me as.

My number of a mobile phone

+ 38 096 348 67 80

You are achieve end purposes. I very much liked your letter. You to interest and are frank. I shall answer with frankness, as. I live to Kiev with my daddy, his second wife and my brother (from the second family). My mum and my sister with two children live in other city. My sister is more senior, she has 33 years. I work as. I work in a beauty salon. My trade the manager, I work with cosmetic production, I select the personnel, I conduct records and I use the best efforts for comfort of clients. It very much to interest. I like my work, I am the social person.

I spend my week-end with friends. We walk, we sit in cafe, we go to cinema, in a sauna. Sometimes I visit discos as.




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