Scammer Svetlana Kiselyova

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First name:Svetlana
Last name:Kiselyova
Aka:Marina Omarova, Anna Reshetnikova, Alena Demidova, Irina, Semfira
Name aliases: Alenka, Alenush, Ali, Aliona, Ally, Alona, Alyona, Alyonchik, Alyonka, Ana, Anechka, Aneshka, Ania, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annia, Annushka, Annushka, Annuta, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyuta, Anyutochka, Ira, Irchona, Irchonka, Irchushka, Irena, Irene, Irinka, Irinuska, Irisha, Irishik, Irishka, Irka, Irocha, Irochka, Iroschka, Irushka, Irusichka, Irusik, Irusya, Irwinka, Iryna, Iryush, Lana, Marinka, Marinochka, Marinoka, Marinusha, Marinushka, Marinuska, Marisha, Maryna, Marynochka, Nusha, Olena, Sveta, Svetik, Svetla, Svetlanka, Svetlanoka, Svetochka, Svitlana, Trishka, Yryna
Age: 33
Location(s): Engels (Russia); Novocheboksarsk (Russia)
Address(es): Russia, 429000, Novocheboksarsk, Sosetskaja str., 71-53
Russia, 429000, Novocheboksarsk, Soviet str., 71-53
Russia, 429000, Novocheboksarsk, Lenina str., 30-5
Russian Federation, Engels, 413100, Krasnoarmeyskaya street 19-27
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Scam media: unknown
Fake documents: unknown


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Report N1 (added on April, 6, 2005)

She contacted me through AmericanSingles. After emailing back and forth, for about a month she fell in love with me and asked for $260 to get a passport.

Ken (USA)

Report N2 (added on April, 30, 2005)

I meet this lady via american single she got already 4000$ from me for passport visa and trip to england she was supposed to be there the 17 01 05

Alain (UK)

Report N3 (added on May, 7, 2005)

She contacted me through Yahoo personals, and asked me to e-mail her at We exchanged letters for about a month until I found her on this and other websites. Although she never asked me for money (I didn't let it get that far), I confronted her about her being a scammer. She denied it until I sent her the various alias', pictures, and e-mail addresses I found that she had used in previous scams. That is when she cursed me out in Russian! I haven't heard from her since. I should have been smarter and continued to write her as a prospective scam in order to gather more information on her and list it here to help others who are being contacted by her.

John (USA)

Report N4 (added on May, 7, 2005)

Ann contacted me on american singles in Oct.04. We sent letters up and back,then she said she is in love and wanted to be with me. She asked for money to come to the US. Then little by little she asked for more and more money. Then nothing.

Thomas (USA)

Report N5 (added on May, 7, 2005)

Marina claims to be a "medical psychologist" who has no phone in her flat or in her office. She wants to find a foreign husband and get married so her children can have a good life. Claims not to have a computer of her own, and has to use a computer at a cyber cafe.

Sam (USA)