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Photo of scammer Svetlana Evdokimova

DATING SCAMMER Svetlana Evdokimova

First name: Svetlana
Last name: Evdokimova
Age: 28
Svetlana Konstantinovna Novikova
Svetlana Konstantinovna Novikova
Name aliases:
Lana, Sveta, Svetik, Svetla, Svetlanchik, Svetlanka, Svetlanoka, Svetlanulka, Svetochka, Svitlana, Svletana
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Sevastopol (Russia)
Ukraine, Sevastopol, Generalya Lebedya str., 49
Ukraine, Sevastopol, Generalya Ostryakova Avenue
Phone number(s):
Operates on site(s):
Army of Brides, Love Me
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REPORT N1 (added on June, 26, 2013)
Luke (USA)

Svetlana Evdokimova is her former married name. Novikova Svetlana Konstantinova is her full maiden name. Svetlana and I wrote to each other over 100 times starting in November 2011 through Army of Brides, but she is also on LoveMe.com. Svetlana started writing to me first. In July 2012, I visited Sevastopol and spent a week with Svetlana. Prior to our meeting, she said that I would meet her family and friends, but at our meeting I met no one other than her, the translator, and her son, briefly. The translator, Valentina, who is a blond woman about 5’ 5” tall, interacted with Svetlana and I the entire time. I found out later that Valentina’s husband, Sasha, was also the taxi driver. One time when Sveta and I met, I called her phone to confirm that it was her cell phone (+380505293188). She answered the call while I was watching her. This will be important later. We took the taxi numerous times to Yalta and other places. I made it clear to Svetlana that I wanted to spend time with her meeting her friends and family and not touring sites. During my visit, I asked Svetlana to marry me. She said yes, and we were very clear that she would move to the USA to be with me. She said we would work on this as soon as possible. From that point on, in her letters and in person, she said that I had nothing to worry about and that she was mine and she would marry me. During the week in Sevastopol, she told me that she had a son. This was a complete shock as she never mentioned him before. On the last day in Sevastopol, I had still not seen her family or her apartment. I asked her directly to see her apartment and her son. She seemed angry about it, but she agreed. I met her now 5-year-old son briefly. She brought her son to her mother’s apartment at 49 General Lebedya Street, and we then went to her apartment near Generala Ostryakova Ave (in an apartment building behind a bowling alley). Everything in the apartment was covered so I have no idea whether or not another man lived with her at the time. Before I left Sveta asked for money to help pay for a better apartment in a better neighborhood. I told her that I would only give her money because she was my fiance. She said that of course she was and that I had nothing to worry about. I left 4000 grivnas ($500 cash) for English lessons, and I also left an Ipad and helped her set it up so we could send email directly. Sveta agreed that she would send email. She never sent any emails, but the email that I sent to the Ipad was received and opened. I know this because I created the account and password. About a week after I left, Sveta contacted me and asked for a large sum of money for 3 months rent. She said that I could stay there and we would be a family with her son when I was visiting her. I sent the money, and she said that she would send pictures of her son in the apartment. None came. I asked again. Still none came. Sveta said that she works as a manager in a computer shop called South Cross, but she also claims that she knows nothing about computers. I asked her to send regular email and she refused even with the Ipad, yet it was clear that someone was opening email messages which means that someone was logging into the account. She only goes through the agency that Valentina runs. She said that she did not know where there was an internet cafe, so I indicated that Ukraine Hotel is right near South Cross computer shop in Sevastopol. Ukraine Hotel has free internet in the lobby. Still no email. Sveta said that I could visit the apartment any time. I asked to visit in November, December, January, February, and March. At all times, she had an excuse and declined. She also did not write as many letters except right before rent was due. This became an obvious pattern. In late November, she told me that her mother was sick and she used rent money for her surgery. After January, I did not send money because she said she was living with her Mom. In March, she said that her ex-husband Roma visited and that she was now living with him in his apartment, and that her son was happy. At this time, I hired a private investigator. The private investigator found that Sveta’s ex-husband Roma Evdokimova has nothing to do with her. He is not in Sevastopol. Neighbors and friends confirmed that Roma Evdokimova is not in Sevastopol and has not been for many years. The private investigator provided pictures of Sveta with another man, Alexandr who is 30 years old. I am providing a picture here. This was taken this spring when my fiance was supposed to be committed to me for marriage. There is a Sveta that works at South Cross computer shop, but the private investigator confirmed that this is not Svetlana Evdokimova. No woman of that name or Svetlana Novikova ever worked there. The girl looks similar but her face is different. In fact, Svetlana Evdokimova has not had a job in 3-4 years, as confirmed by the private detective. The biggest surprise was that cell phone (+380505293188) that I called belonged to Valentina and is actually listed in a property listing in Ukraine as Valentina also sells/rents apartments. I was texting to Sveta in Russian and I tried calling once. A woman answered and then quickly hung up. Sveta later said that she could only receive text and could not accept calls with her phone. Svetlana does not have a cell phone of her own and uses her mother’s land line (458124) or cell phone (+38 050 833 01 27 or +38 095-158-34-40) to call others. The detective agency said this was really suspicious as they could not find any phone registered to her name. I should be clear that I have offered many times to move to Sevastopol to be with her. I also offered to pay for her vacation here in the USA so she could see what it is like. She now said “no” to both options, so this is obviously a scam in many ways. This woman should not be on any dating web site if she is not looking to move to another country and is not looking for a husband to join her in Ukraine. I asked for her to return my money which amounts to $5990. She said she would return it, but no money is coming and she does not want to meet in Skype to talk about it. Sorry for the long letter, but I feel that the details are very important. Sveta is a scammer, and so is Valentina who obviously knew all of this since I texted Sveta 2-3 times per day for many months. Sveta also has many professional pictures done with her “friend” Katya or Ekaterina (LoveMe.com ID 127333). It is interesting to note that Sveta and Katya are still on Army of Brides but there profiles are hidden. I can still retrieve and access messages to and from Sveta, but a search of the site does not show her profile. Sveta’s LoveMe.com ID is 120481. It has now been removed. Katya’s profile is hidden too. Attached here are some of the dates, amounts, and control numbers for the Western Union transfers:
August 13, 2012 1500.00 9624594426
October 19, 2012 1000.00 5835344718
November 21, 2012 800.00 7442159558
December 17, 2012 1000.00 6981254249

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Svetlana Evdokimova to Luke (USA)
Privet my dear Luke!
Sorry for some delay, I felt not well and couldn’t come up to the agency, I think that it was something with my blood pressure, it was too low that’s why I was half sleeping all the time and felt very tired even getting up from the bed in the morning, I used to drink a lot of strong tea and now it’s much better, maybe it happened with me because of the weather changes but now it’s Ok! How are you honey? Do you know that I miss you much? I think you know it. First of all I want to thank you so much for your help with the apartment, I’ve got it the next day you sent it and gave it to the landlord, sorry that I couldn’t write you a message, I tried but it wasn’t delivered to you, I don’t know why but it took 20 hrivnas from my cell phone account so I stopped to try. Maybe it was something with the connection, I don’t know. But I’ve got your messages and I am very thankful to you, I like them and you know how much I need them! I am glad that you are Ok! Now when I feel better I start the moving, I am going to clean the new apartment and than to pack all things and to move them there. I know that you will like it when you see it and it will be pleasant for you to be there when you come here. Dear I am so thankful to you that you helped me with changing the apartment, it seems too much for me (12000 hrivnas!) and I see what a caring person you are. This apartment is much closer to the kindergarten which is very important as well,

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