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First name: Mary
Last name: Bentume
Age: 32
Name aliases:
Maire, Marie, Marieh, Marry, Marrychika, Marryunya, Marryusha, Marryusya, Meri, Merry, Mery
Scammer's Location(s):
Agona Swedru (Ghana)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Yahoo Messenger


REPORT N1 (added on September, 25, 2013)
Al (England)

I have known her for approx1 1/2 months via yahoo messenger, and from the until now she has started to call me husband -got me to send her $170 and is now asking me for more money (amount not disclosed as yet) for her sick mother. I sent her the money via western union an when I suggested sending the money to her bank she told me that she did not have a bank account. he sent me her mobile number to txt her and when I sent her a msg she sent me messages back asking my age what I did for a living, and to tell me all about myself - even though she knew all this info about me. When I questioned her about it - she just said that she did not recognise the number ad that ppl from Ghana always ask these questions. I just got the impression that she was an opportunist and was contacting many - guys at the same time. After a short time she took it upon herself to send me some photos of herself - I was shocked a the photos were extremely ****** and she really did not know me well enough to do that. Also she mentioned the church a number of times which made me wonder about the photos.
When we chat on Yahoo messenger her spelling and her comprehension of the English language is very bad even though she spent 3 years of her life (between aged of 19 & 22) in U.S.A. She spent the first 17 years of her life in France where se was born yet she speaks very little French - She claims that her mum and dad used to speak English with her. I asked her a question in French but she did not understand what the question meant I had to tell her. Also the money I sent to her was sent to Mary betumE I asked her what her mothers surname was - she told me it was betum (with no E at the end) I asked her why the difference in spelling - she said tat she had made a mistake in the spelling when she first gave me the name. Her fathers name is Scott Williams her mother name is Mareima Betum he name is Mary Betum - I asked her why her family name wasn't Williams she told me that her mother changed it when she returned to Ghana. She is now asking for more money for her sick mother, an told me that if she did not love me she would not be asking me for any money. This evening after visiting this site I asked her to send me 5 photos of her face via email to se if she looked the same at that moment as she did in the other photos she'd sent previously - again she sent me ****** photos - The photos look like someone of mixed race parentage -and in these photos she is absolutely beautiful with a model like body - the funny thing is though this latest crop of photos look like they have been taken at a photographic studio - with professional lighting and not with a web cam.
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