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Dating scammer Hillary Collings
First name: Hillary
Last name: Collings
Age: 33
Naomi, Hillary Collins, Ruth Nyanney, Edna Camacho, Gifty Downing, Andrea Malone, Diana Golt, Pearl Dexter, Mariam Zekiu, Rosemary Grayson, Rosemary Garang, Anna, Sophia, Rosemary Graysona, Francisca Antwe, Choco Mil Gh, Betty, Ariana Smith, Victoria Cole, Anabel Browne, Anabel Lee, Jenny Scott, Portia Annan, Sandra Gest, Sally Armstrong, Kelly Svenson, Joyce Mc Tague, Solland, Sarah Hills, Abigail Jerizor, Erica Cllinton, Janet Owuso, Ahdia Schulz, Ardia Shulcz, Sarah Aryee, Lucel Appiah, Angela Lency, Diana Essun, Sarah Belinda, Hannatu Salihu, Lee Koomson, Comfort Brown Yartey, Alicia Gibson, Lona Deboard, Patricia, Betty, Ayisha Mark, Nicole, Joana Boven, Spencer Lady, Johanne Brew, Jasmine Curtis, Evangel Serwaa, Esther Theissen, Porscha, Esther Traicoff, Sheila Aikins, Abeka Lapaz, Debra Augustina, Jennifer Hededzi, Lordina Aikins, Nora Smith, Sarah Anderson, Victoria Andres, Bernice Amoah, Melinda Darwin, Janie McGee, Grace, Mary Havert, Faith Gates, Judith James, Eva Lexx, Sandra Mcbrown, Locia Gomez, Selima, Joyce Jacob
Naomi, Hillary Collins, Ruth Nyanney, Edna Camacho, Gifty Downing, Andrea Malone, Diana Golt, Pearl Dexter, Mariam Zekiu, Rosemary Grayson, Rosemary Garang, Anna, Sophia, Rosemary Graysona, Francisca Antwe, Choco Mil Gh, Betty, Ariana Smith, Victoria Cole, Anabel Browne, Anabel Lee, Jenny Scott, Portia Annan, Sandra Gest, Sally Armstrong, Kelly Svenson, Joyce Mc Tague, Solland, Sarah Hills, Abigail Jerizor, Erica Cllinton, Janet Owuso, Ahdia Schulz, Ardia Shulcz, Sarah Aryee, Lucel Appiah, Angela Lency, Diana Essun, Sarah Belinda, Hannatu Salihu, Lee Koomson, Comfort Brown Yartey, Alicia Gibson, Lona Deboard, Patricia, Betty, Ayisha Mark, Nicole, Joana Boven, Spencer Lady, Johanne Brew, Jasmine Curtis, Evangel Serwaa, Esther Theissen, Porscha, Esther Traicoff, Sheila Aikins, Abeka Lapaz, Debra Augustina, Jennifer Hededzi, Lordina Aikins, Nora Smith, Sarah Anderson, Victoria Andres, Bernice Amoah, Melinda Darwin, Janie McGee, Grace, Mary Havert, Faith Gates, Judith James, Eva Lexx, Sandra Mcbrown, Locia Gomez, Selima, Joyce Jacob
Name aliases:
Abby, Abi, Abigeal, Abigel, Alicja, Allicia, Alycia, Ana, Anab, Anabell, Andreea, Anechka, Aneshka, Anetta, Angella, Angels, Anglek, Ania, Anika, Aniuta, Aniya, Anja, Anjela, Anjella, Anka, Ann, Annah, Annchik, Anne, Annet, Anneta, Annetka, Annia, Annie, Annija, Annika, Annochka, Annulenka, Annulka, Annulya, Annusha, Annushka, Annusika, Annuta, Annutusha, Anny, Annya, Annyshka, Anushka, Anuta, Anutik, Anutka, Anuytachka, Anya, Anyka, Anyta, Anyunya, Anyuta, Anyutka, Anyutochka, Arianka, Arianna, Arianochka, Asandra, Berlinda, Bernicee, Betthy, Daina, Debbra, Debrah, Diane, Dianka, Dianna, Dianne, Dianochka, Easter, Easther, Engela, Ericka, Erika, Ester, Evie, Fransisca, Gracea, Gracie, Gracy, Hanechka, Hanna, Hannushka, Hanny, Hanuta, Hanutik, Hanutka, Hilari, Hilary, Hillari, Janeta, Janeth, Jannet, Janny, Jasmin, Jenefer, Jenet, Jeni, Jenifer, Jeniffer, Jenipher, Jennefer, Jenni, Jennie, Jennipher, Jennufer, Jenny, Jennyfer, Jeny, Jerniffer, Joanna, Johanna, Joice, Joycee, Joyice, Kelli, Kellie, Khanka, Maire, Malinda, Mariama, Marie, Marieh, Marriam, Marry, Marrychika, Marryunya, Marryusha, Marryusya, Melynda, Meri, Merry, Mery, Naome, Nichole, Nicol, Nicolle, Nicou, Noami, Noomi, Norah, Norra, Nusha, Nusha, Nyusha, Pat, Patrica, Rosemarie, Saara, Samdra, Sandrah, Serwa, Sundra, Vica, Vickky, Vicky, Victora, Victoriia, Victoriya, Victorya, Vika, Viki, Viktiorianna, Viktoria, Viktorichik, Viktoriia, Viktorija, Viktoriulka, Viktoriunka, Viktoriusha, Viktoriuska, Viktoriya, Vikulya, Vikusechek, Vikushoka, Vikusi, Vikuska, Vikusya, Yasmine
Scammer's Location(s):
Accra (Ghana); Cape Coast (Ghana); Koforidua (Ghana); Kumasi (Ghana); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Dallas, Texas, USA; Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA; Wantagh, New York, USA; Le Havre, France; Kent, England; Trenton, New Jersey, USA; Los Angeles, California, USA; Manhattan, New York, USA; Houston, Texas, USA; Toledo, Ohio, USA; Markham, Ontario, Canada; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; Rochester, New York, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Michigan, USA; Alabama, USA; Firestone Park, California, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Absecon, New Jersey, USA; Bear, Delaware, USA; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Denver, Colorado, USA; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; California City, California, USA; Berlin, Germany; Killen, Alabama, USA; London, England; Texas City, Texas, USA; Carson City, Nevada, USA; North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
2444 Persimmon Rd., Clayton, Ga 30525, USA
3010 Melody Ln, Toledo 45069, USA
147 Town Palace street, Accra, Ghana, 00233
B735/22 Mantse Jara, Market Street, Block 25, Accra, Ghana
Manyo street, 950, Koforidua, Ghana
Phone number(s):
233 246770507
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Adore One, Asian Dating, Caring Singles, Connecting Singles, Devoted Singles, Facebook, Galactic Love, Google Hangouts, Hi 5, Kik Match, Linked In, Loovo, Loving Singles, Match, Mingle 2, My Life, Russian Cupid, Singles Dating World, Swipe Sluts, Tagged, Telegram, Tender Singles, Thai Love Lines, Tinder, Twitter, Whats App
Scam media:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3


REPORT N1 (added on February, 19, 2014)
Zachary (USA)

She is on 71 websites!
Hilary Collings is a scammer and is from Laos Nigeria area.
Don't be fooled by sexuality and photos.
They will NOT know you are spying on their Email ISP provider of wherever they ARE when they send the email to you.
If they say they are in UK or US or wherever they SAY they are sending the email from the report should say THAT area. If it says Nigeria or any place different it will tell you the % of correctness that they are actually sending the email FROM.
LETS put these blood suckers out of business!
1) If they don't open your profile page and contact you ONLY from your photo = BEWARE
2) If they say they cant contact you from the site and you must email or send them your email address = BEWARE
3) If they have been on the site for only a few day or few weeks and have 1500 friends = BEWARE
4) Use common sense. if they are too good to be true and use words like ****, dear, and love = BEWARE
Get smart guys!!
REPORT N2 (added on February, 27, 2014)
Oscar (USA)

She ask me for money to come to me.
REPORT N3 (added on September, 29, 2014)
Gilo (England)

I checked the picture she sent me and it came back she was a scammer reported on your site in 2013 all that she changed is the name and email address, i have a couple more pictures you shall have now, her letter tells most of what you already know from Maxims first letter the other guy who reported her.
REPORT N4 (added on December, 2, 2014)
Jens (Germany)

I was contacted by her on loovo.
Another Contact us on Skype: gifty.downing. The first suspect came up with this email: She has written to me by your late father and your legacy of 12 million dollars, which are in a safe deposit box in the Netherlands.
REPORT N5 (added on December, 21, 2015)
Bob (USA)

Indicates that she lives in Kent, England. However after making a search I came up with a website on google plus and one on facebook. The websites show that she would be in France speaking French. Her voice sounds like a mixture of Latin and maybe African. Has somewhat of good understanding of English. Claims to have moved from Colombia to Norway with her parents and lives with her sister in Kent, England. I was unable to find more data as of yet. She will ask for money to load her sim card and does not have a working phone. When I refused to give money she went away. If I found out more I will post a new one.
REPORT N6 (added on January, 27, 2016)
Marshall (Canada)

She claimed to be in ghana to collect her dead fathers gold she asked if she could put 5000 dollars in my account so I could send it to her at a later date. ****** me I allowed this and after I sent the money she was able to put stop payment on the depostit.!
REPORT N7 (added on July, 21, 2016)
Barry (USA)

I knew it was a scam from the beginning. We had one conversation and she was falling in love and wanted me to foot her bills for her. Her internet was going to be canceled the next day and didn't want to loose contact with me. I worked hard to get everything I could on this one. She would be pretty good if she spread it out over time. Be careful, she may learn.
REPORT N8 (added on August, 29, 2016)
Tim (USA)

This lady look sooooo familiar to me.
REPORT N9 (added on September, 1, 2016)
John (Brazil)

This report deals Rosemary Grayson Rosemary Grayson first contacted me via Singles Dating world, I requested her email address and gave her mine. We began to converse on Hotmail and then Google hangouts.
She told me that her parents were dead and that her Father had left her $25 million and two chests which contained 10 kilos of gold. She wanted to move them From Ghana and requested my help with this offering me 30% of the value for my troubles.
I told her that I was not on the site for business, I was there because I was lonely and looking for a partner, she offered herself to me in this capacity, I requested photos and she began sending me stolen pictures of **** Star.
To try to get her confidence in me I began to tell her I was in love with her and asked for more intimate photos, these she supplied willingly.
Eventually she sent me the address of her solicitor who was allegedly dealing with her inheritance and asked me to contact him. I told her I would do this.
I told her that I had a dead Bank Account in London with a couple of thousand Pounds Sterling still deposited and told her she was welcome to use this cash if she wanted. She told me her solicitor would advise me regarding this.
I have received an email from an alleged firm of solicitors in Accra confirming that they act for Rosemary, here they refer to her as Rosemary Garang and ask for my bank details.
A reverse image check confirms her photos are fake and also shows several aliases she uses.
I am sorry but I did not have time to edit the intimate pictures of her so they are included in the hangouts messages.
REPORT N10 (added on November, 3, 2016)
Joe (UK)

Don't send her money.
REPORT N11 (added on January, 12, 2017)
David (USA)

Received a Facebook friend request from a woman using the name Choco Mill Gh. Then contact by her by private message. Messaged back and forth about relationships, etc. She said she was in love with me and asked me to send her $1000 for a plane ticket so she could come see me. She gave me a Western Union name of Betty something in Ghana. I blocked her and deleted the message thread. Then she contacted me again using the name Azumah Felix (clearly a hacked page, since the page obviously belonged to a man). Claims this is landlord- FULL NAME: Abdul Mubashir Mohammed Shania COUNTRY:GHANA ZIP CODE:00233
REPORT N12 (added on April, 6, 2017)
Joe (USA)

Using stolen pics of **** star. the pics tell the whole story.
REPORT N13 (added on April, 24, 2017)
John (Brazil)

We chatted at hangouts and she asked me to send her money for the air fare to Brazil, she asked me to send it by WU.
REPORT N14 (added on December, 28, 2017)
Bob (USA)

Switches quickly to Hangouts and Skype after making first contact.
Claims she lives alone with her uncle in Toledo, OH.
Says she works occasionally as an English teacher on a contractor basis.
Asks for money.
REPORT N15 (added on January, 19, 2018)
John (Brazil)

Lee Koomson is using stolen **** star pics.
REPORT N16 (added on February, 2, 2018)
Dawon (USA)

I have been in contact with this person was wondering if this person actually exists in real life. I did not meet this person in real life yet. This person is already is asking for financial help. She has sent photos of herself not sure if they're of her or not. This originated on the Kik messenger app and continued to the Google Hangouts.
REPORT N17 (added on February, 9, 2018)
Trevor (Canada)

Contact was initiated by Erica on Hi5 by way of their messaging / chat service.
We chatted for an overall time of about 7 months. Not so much during the last two months. Things that I noticed as strange: she did not know her *** size, her height change 3x at 3 points over the chats. She always wanted money sent to her.
REPORT N18 (added on August, 24, 2018)
James (USA)

SHE STATED HER NAME WAS LUCEL APPIAH SAID SHE LIVED IN MERCED CALIFORNIA SHE SENT ME A FRIEND REQUEST ON FACEBOOK AFTER I ACCEPTED HER REQUEST SHE ASKED IF I WAS ON HANGOUTS SO WE WENT TO HANGOUTSI ASKED HER IF SHE COULD VIDEO CHAT AND SPEAK ON PHONE SHE STATED HER PHONE. COULD NOT WORK ON EITHER ONE FIRTH COUPLE MONTHS SHE STAR ASKING FOR ITUNESI MADE EXCUSES OF WHY I COULDN'T GET THEM SHE COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT I COULDN'T AFFORD THEM WE STOPPED TALKING FOR A MONTH THEN SHE REALLY APPEARED ON HANGOUTS SO WE STARTED WERE WE LET OF SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE HAD WENT TO GHANA WITH HER UNCLE WAS STAYING WITH HIS MOTHER SHE TOLD ME IF I BOUGHT HER A PHONE WE COULD THEN VIDEO AND TALK I TOLD HER I WOULD BUT I NEVER DID SHE THEN STATED THAT HER UNCLERobert hook was going to give her the money to come back to tell at some to be with me but told me that I need to open a online account so he could send money from where he was in Canada to the account and I would send to her place a yed it off for about a month before telling her I couldn't do it because I owed a bank money. We then again argued and she stopped talking to me a few months later she contacted me again saying she loved me and could not live without me starting her uncle was not going to help asking me to buy airline ticket for her I told her I would try played that off for a month she then told me she had most of the money for airline but she needed 400 more dollars so I agreed during that time I see a adult film with actress bryci then I realised who she was when I brought it to her attention she told me it was her and she had left the business 2 yrs ago did some checking and realized bryci was still making films she stated it was not her and scammers were messing with her I told her I was not going to give her the money for ticket she finally got tired of trying to convince me and stopped all communication with me it was a total of a year.
REPORT N19 (added on September, 28, 2018)
Brian (USA)

Scammer using photos from a **** star.
REPORT N20 (added on November, 26, 2018)
Frans (Belgium)

I met her through AD and tried to transfer me very quickly to send to google hangouts. Makes me beleive that she would my wife for the future. Wanted aslo to let me close my AD account. She closed her. She gave me even her email and password.
REPORT N21 (added on December, 27, 2018)
Kel (Australia)

This lady sent me a invitation on LinkedIn. I am a professional on this site. Over a period of almost a year we became close. She has tried everything to get my bank details, passport copy, the list goes on. She claims she wants to marry me as soon as i can get to Amsterdam. She has requested large sums of money. By everything she says , there are so many lies. I have actually spoken with her on messenger. I have her so called photos.
REPORT N22 (added on January, 17, 2019)
Chris (USA)

I was contacted by this person on website Swipe *****, she asked me to send a picture which I did then she sent hers. She immediately asked if I would like to meet. I had already looked her up by pictures so I knew something was going on. I told her I could meet her anytime as I lived close to where she was. She asked if I was serious which I said yes to. She then asked if I had condoms, and if I was STD free. I told her of course and she quickly asked me for some type of insurance just to make sure I wasn't a child molester. I asked what kind of insurance and she asked me to go to her private website and leave a message so she knew if I was real, stating that it was site policy to sign up and I wouldn't be charged I just needed to give my credit card information to make sure I was in fact old enough. I made it perfectly clear that I would not do it and asked her if she was trying to pull something and she said no it was site policy. I told her no way and she said ok.
REPORT N23 (added on July, 11, 2019)
John (Brazil)

Ghanaian scammer who contacted me out of the blue at Skype, She is using stolen photos and films. She asked me to buy her airtime for which she would have fun with me on the net. She called me on skype and I copied a video in which she communicated with me without sound. I blocked her shortly after she gave me her airtime company.
REPORT N24 (added on August, 22, 2019)
Will (USA)

She says she is from Croatia she wants cash iTunes cards etc her grandma is sick RIGHT.
REPORT N25 (added on September, 16, 2019)
Rich (New Zealand)

Sheila Aikins is actually from Accra Ghana. She has stolen a **** stars complete history photos video and can replay back to you on skype and you would not tell if you are not observant.
The scammers from Ghana are very good and this one took me some work to break her.
REPORT N26 (added on December, 4, 2019)
Joe (USA)

Nora claims to be the retired **** star Bryci Zebra. She claims to be in Denver but the narrative sounds West African. She calls me her king. She wants marriage and children. She gives me her uncle's name to send money for travel from Denver to my location. When I asked her why she can't receive the money in her name, she gets angry and never answers the question. She shows pics of the **** star Bryci Zebra and claims that religion has changed her. Bryci Zebra is still working and she states that the company is using her images illegally. Gets very angry when questioned. I would ask her for time checks and she would reply as if in Ghana instead of Denver. A very typical scammer but the deception is the same and remember if you see a **** star image it's probably a scammer. Chat if you want but be ready to block and get out.
REPORT N27 (added on February, 18, 2020)
Frank (USA)

Here is another scammer.
REPORT N28 (added on June, 18, 2020)
Rex (USA)

Typical scammer.
REPORT N29 (added on July, 8, 2020)
Ronny (USA)

She initiated contact on a dating side called: Treff meg. She told me to meet her on hangouts. It was from 14 october 2019 to 3 july 2020. After 2 days she say that she love me. She ask for money to a birthday dress and some food. Joyce Quartey received the money transfer. Western Union closed my account. They say Joyce Quartey and Bernice Amoah was scamming. Bernice say that was wrong. She told me to open a account in World Remit. From 14 october 2020 to 3 july 2020 i have pay almost 200000 NKR. Every month i got to pay 7000 NKR to medication to her mother and 3000 NKR for Internet bill to Bernice Amoah. 16 november 2019 i pay 1000 euro for the inherilance for her father. If i pay she get 2.5 mill dollar. Then she say i got to pay 140000 NKR more fUr her to get the money. I do not that. I told her to go to the bank and loan the money she need, she say no.
REPORT N30 (added on July, 10, 2020)
Jack McFadden (Canada)

One of those Safe Dating sites, where you give them your credit card information, in exchange for her.

"thought Jack you were serious about doing tihs and not just chatting back and forth like this? You know I can't be taking a risk of meeting a total stranger just to get laid I would like to at least know you are who you say it doesn't seem like much to ask? I'm gonna leave this one again Private Profile Here When we meet I can always give you a nice BJ as a way of rewarding your patience :) Seriously I will............"

"These pictures are 5 years old. You really should lose a few pounds. It must be a tough way to earn a living. J"
REPORT N31 (added on September, 25, 2020)
Moses (USA)

"There are some stereotypes that all Latina girls are like in the soap operas, make drama, need hurricanes of emotions and throw plates. Oh, no! I am a very peaceful and patient person, such a mix of maturity, positivity, kindness and good sense of humor. Lovely, tender, very passionate and affectionate, kisses, hugs - that's all about me, lots of affection and touches! I always know when to give a hug and support, simply be the best listener, make a cup of my tea (a secret recipe!) and help."
REPORT N32 (added on December, 18, 2020)
John (USA)

"Am looking for a long term relationship Add me on hangout so that we chat more there gl9745222@gmail.com"
REPORT N33 (added on February, 15, 2021)
Frederic (France)

"I'm Mary Havert from Germany.
I'm a registered nurse.
I'm loving and kind and loved to be treated the same.
Mary757228@gmail.com lemme know if you're crushing on me.
I am just a girl looking for my heart.Be good and shall always see good in everything and everyone and even in yourself.I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye.I wish, I could donate my body *** to those in need.My daily routine: Get up, Be brilliant, Go back to bed, Repeat."
REPORT N34 (added on March, 31, 2021)
Morgan (France)

"I'm faith and I'm new here you can text me on the google hangout to know more about each other........ faithgates111@outlook.com
I like how I look on the bright side of everything and having a positive attitude.
And I'm very open-minded.
Looking for someone, who is nice, easy going, honest , caring, good hearted,someone who loves to laugh...."
REPORT N35 (added on April, 13, 2021)
Nicholas (Switzerland)

"Hi am judith and I'm looking for a serious relationship add me ion Gmail or hangout jamesjudith876@gmail.com
Am going for nursing training to get my certificate to be come a nurse."
REPORT N36 (added on April, 19, 2021)
Jeremy (Australia)

"Is eva a nurse from United Kingdom.
I stay with my uncle in London and I do love to see a good man who cares with much love.
REPORT N37 (added on April, 30, 2021)
Steven (USA)

"I'm very well-educated. So you won't be ever bored with me in any sphere. I am an open, cheerful and very purposeful lady. I love to be needed for my family, I want to be needed for my future man and give as much affection and warmth love as he can withstand.
Someone who is kind, and considerate of other people, but not someone who is hesitant because of consideration. Someone who makes me happy when I'm down, someone always there for me. I don't mind his looks because everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways.
If you are interested you can add me on hangout sandramcbrown31@gmail.com"
REPORT N38 (added on June, 11, 2021)
Richard (USA)

I have been talking to this person for awhile now on Hangouts. She has been trying to get me buy her Amazon gift cards. No I did not send any. But she is very persistent and claims to love me and cant wait to be with me. I feel she has used every excuse she can think of trying to convince me. Now she has stopped talking to me after her last session to convince me failed. I have discovered that the pictures she sends are of a Canadian **** star named Bryci. No, Bryci is not the scammer. She has her own website and has a disclaimer about scammers.
REPORT N39 (added on June, 13, 2022)
Scott (England)

I'm reporting suspicious person Jacob Joyce she scammed on twitter @jacobjo51955145 receiving today.

Scam Letters

Emails from Hillary Collings to Jens (Germany)
It is with profound respect and humble submission, I beg to state the following few lines for your kind consideration. I hope you will spare some of your valuable minutes to read the following appeal with sympathetic mind. I must confess that it is with great hope, joy and enthusiasm to write you this mail and I believe by the faith that it must surely find you in good condition of health.

I'm Gifty Downing Citizen of America, age 36 years old. I`m Only the daughter of Late Mr. Downing, former minister for state in charge economic monitoring and the Director of Gold and Diamond Export Corporation of Netherlands all in northern part of Netherlands. My father died in the Intensive Care Unit of a private hospital in Amsterdam due to suspected poison. he was poisoned to death by his business associates on one of their outings on business, I lost my mother long time ago when I was just 6 years old, and since then my father took me so special.

Before the death of my father on 29th November 1994 in a private hospital in Amsterdam, he secretly called me on his bedside, when I sat down to listen to him, he started crying, why? (1) he complained that I am too young to be managing my life, (2)that I have not finished my education as he planned for me,(3)no body to take care of me again as a young girl, but after much crying, he still passed an instruction to me that he has a sum of Euros12.000.000.(TWELVE MILLION EUROS) left in a BANK in Holland, tha

Emails from Hillary Collings to Bob (USA)
Dear,i want to let you know that i am not here to play games,but i am here for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage by the special grace of God. I know some men and women are out there to have fun,but there few who are willing and ready to settle down at the right time,and with the right person. I want to show my honesty for it is important in every relationships

I can see you are haven a perfect life dear , I really enjoy chatting with you and am so happy to meet you on my life, I have deleted my self from the site we meet do that I can talk to you alone ... Still want to know about when you close from work today , I will sacrifice my Self to stay up tonight so that we can chat more when you close from work....
Emails from Hillary Collings to John (Brazil)
I saw your message and i will really like to know more about you

I am interested in you. but i am in Africa right now

My father use to work in Africa. After his death his lawyer called us and told us that My late father Deposited the sum of US$25,million united states
dollars)cash and 10kilos of Gold in two trunk boxes (as a consignments) in a reputable
security company in Accra-Ghana.

so we seek the assistance of an attorney in Accra-Ghana,we went along with him to the security company and we met the director of the company And he shown us the Two trunk boxes that my late father deposited it as family Treasure,and family Belongings meaning the security company did not know the content of it.

we want you to help us take the delivery of the consignments in your country as our foreign partner and beneficiary over there in your country, and after u must have taken it i will come over to your country to start a new life and you are going to help me invest the $25mUSD over there, and we are willing to give you 30% of the money for your assistance.

I will be so Glad if you are willing to help me. We sure will be together

Will you help me ?

Attention Mr Beneficiary

I am Barrister Elliot.Smith A Senior Advocate here in Ghana.

I am Contacting you in Respect of my client Miss Rosemary Garang,she came to me this morning that she have found a foreign partner who will hel

Emails from Hillary Collings to John (Brazil)
My name is sally and I am single woman without kids and I have been single for 4 years now after my x boy cheated and broke my heart. a friend ask me to download this app as I am looking for a real man of my love and soul mate.i am very simple woman who is sincere honest and faithful woman. I am not here looking for money games or lies.i am Christian woman brought from a strong Christian home. I am born and raised in new York Manhattan

I'm an independent lady, kind, loyal, funny and sweet. I have seen a lot of sides of this life but I keep being positive about my future! I hope I am a good mother and I can be a good wife as well. Well, my hobby became my profession and now I am a designer of clothing which makes me happy and hopefully will make me very rich one day. I like to spend time alone just refilling myself with energy, but I love people and spending time with my son, friends and family.

Hey I am Anna Maria ,25 years. Looking for *** and fun ....I am very playful and love to have fun. I am looking for a guy who knows what to do and can also teach me some new things. I like older men too. I am a very happy person. I have anice body and I am very clean..and I have to say tagste great too! I'm not looking for any type of short time relationship. Just don't have the time. So, if that's what you're looking for, I'm not for you.I am looking to meet new guys who want to have some fun

Emails from Hillary Collings to Chris (USA)
Hi there .my name is jasmin,im 24,single never been married,no kids,I'm just looking for hookup, nothing too serious.. hit me up if you are intrested...hug and kissex..

thanks for the nice pic awesome. do you think we can meet sometime? are you single baby?

do you have condoms for protection?im clean & disease free baby!are you?how do i know you are serious?can you give me a little security before we meet so i know you are not a *** offender?

can you write me a message me to my private page so i know who you say who you are,i just want to feel safe before we meet please this is all im asking from you can you do it for me?

hers my private page please click this >>>>>>>>> http://go.verify2chat.com/?a=473&c=79&s1=arm005 <<<<<<<<<< Click this link then click INSTANT SIGN UP!
Fill up all the informations to complete the sign up.
TAKE NOTE Todays charge is $0.00, it does not cost any money to sign up just enter this Coupon Code 2287 at the home page right after you signed up ALRIGHT?
Search for me inside my username is "SquirtGirl1919youxxx"..

its the sites policy to ensure no minors get access to t

Emails from Hillary Collings to Frank (USA)
Oh recently I used my round trip flight to visit my sick granny here , I can get prepare and come to meet you anytime you want.
When do you want me to come ?
She is doing good now, but because of her hospital bills I paid, I have short money here , yes I would love to come on next week, but if you can assist me enough for cab fare to the airport , it’s 2 hours drive
I work for Delta
Can I send you the link so you can open it?
$200 so I can use enough to pay luggage fee at the airport and food
Oh I’m not a scammer , if you got hangout we can see each other live there if you don’t mine
I need more from u them to see u
If u want my money send me a copy of ur passport and u driver license u can. Lock out address on lic
I got passport but I don’t have driving license
That is ok u have ur delta Id that and u passport will be. Sufficient


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