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DATING SCAMMER Diana Rodriguez

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First name: Diana
Last name: Rodriguez
Age: 24
Name aliases:
Daina, Diane, Dianna, Dianne, Dianochka
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Centurion (South Africa); Guateng (South Africa)
15/25 Nelson Mandela Rd., Centurion, Guateng, South Africa
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Date Hook Up
Fake docs used by scammer:
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REPORT N1 (added on June, 20, 2014)
Shailendra (Malaysia)

I initiated the contact through the site datehookup. She supposed to be a UNICEF posted Nurse and so on. We were in touch for nearly 1-2 weeks. She always write many many longer emails which only a spammer can do. First money request was sent for buying foods and so on table water as She did not paid by UNICEF and so on. The name of the person used was Barack Nelson Camp Commandant to receive the money. Initially it was requested form 200 USD but I sent 150 Dollar ONLY ONE TIME. Later on was demand for 500 USD as She has a cheque of 86000 USD which can be cashed only at Australia once She is in Brisbane and it can not be cashed at International level as well as She got only 1600 USD as a cash so She need only 500 USD to catch the flight to Brisbane from Johannesburg and when She will be In Australia She will pay each penny and so on.

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Diana Rodriguez to Shailendra (Malaysia)
I already told you baby you don't have to send me your account statement bcos i believe you 100% but what i'm trying to say here is that you can still try to get 400RM money to the money you have if only you can be able to ask 2 of your professor friends to borrow you 200RM each And on Friday once i get to Brisbane and i have my pay cheque cashed i'll send you the money back so that you don't get into any argument with your professor friends. I hope you can understand what i am trying to say. All i ask is just 2days and on Friday i will send you the money back my love. You don't have to feel sad and tense for me bcos what i need is something you can do for me. You're a well respected man among your professor friends and i don't think if you ask them to loan 200RM each it will be a problem for them as long as you can assure them they will get it back on Friday. Baby i will be really glad if you can do this for me bcos i have just returned back from the **** shop and all i have with me now is just 290, I really hope you can be able to manage to come up with 600RM for me today my love and you can send it before western union close. I'll be counting on you my love.

Depressed Diana.

Baby atleast if you can get 600RM and i add it to the money i will be getting from the **** shop and commander then i should be able to pay for the balance of my ticket today and by Friday my love i swear it on my late dad's grave that i

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