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Dating scammer Zoya Molchanova
First name: Zoya
Last name: Molchanova
Age: 34
Zoya Zoryana
Zoya Zoryana
Name aliases:
Scammer's Location(s):
Kherson (Ukraine)
E-mail address(es):


David (Australia)

I will now send some details of this Scam, Yes I would like to recover my money it is over $3000 us plus gifts, but I am only a working man and a single father with 3 children, and would not like to borrow more money on the chance that I could recover mine, but would be happy to pay a percentage based on the recovery: the Scam I first wrote to a marina on an AOL website it was the first time I had ever done this, I got a reply saying she was engaged but would like to introduce her friend who had not joined the agency, I was not looking for a much younger women or anything apart from a good and long lasting marriage, I had a very bad marriage and when I won custody of my children the judge had said I had proved to be a good and loving father and husband which very few men here are given custody of the children. I started corresponding with Zoya and although dubious because the age gap me46 her 34, it seemed a perfect match after a short time she had joined her so called agency run by her friend Tamara she did not ask for the correspondence money, but commented on getting a second job because it was expensive I offered and paid this my daughter was due to get married I offered for Zoya to come,and she said she needed to go to moscow to get this (I checked she would need to) I sent her the money for this, she returned and said she had not got this as I had not filled out a form she needed (again correct) the paid the same again I was then told she had the visa, I tried to book a flight from here but it was difficult and more expensive, so I forwarded the money she said she would need for all these things, she then started telling me of a lump on her neck and was medical free here, as it was not for visitors, I told her she must check it as time is important with illness, it was then said she had cancer of the blood, I
thought Scam but she said she would go to belarus as treatment was free and she wanted nothing, but for me to wait for her, after some time I started getting told by her how difficult things were and she had lost several hundred dollars on handing the ticket back, of course I was very unsure but did not want the guilt if all this was true and I had not helped, I then started searching blacklisting and scams, but could not find her picture or name on any, again I sent money between these times I had sent food parcels and gifts, I then started searching the websites for her, I found her on many sites, with the name Zoya Zoryana and differing details on hobbies dob divorced and single, I was now only contacting Tamara and all our correspondence was supposed to be her mother taking and bringing letters back and forward from belarus, Tamara is supposed to be a sick old lady and I could not always receive from her, I sent an email confronting her with this as she said she had not joined an agency, she said (I will send the letter) it was several years ago and it was done for free, but she had asked them to remove her but all these sites work together and change details and do not care about any thing but the men pay for these contacts, I did a search on a couple of the sites where you can see the last time they contacted the site, none came up under a year, so it could be true I said I could no longer help unless I come and see Zoya myself, she agreed to this and said Zoya had got permission to come home for one week, and would meet me at Odessa and we would go to kherson by taxi, apart from the cost it is difficult for me to leave my children and go and of course I speak no ukraine, I have a relative in england who is married to a russian lady (she would know if it was me and told me her mother has a very similar voice but speaks no english) I asked her to phone for me and ask for Zoya if she came to the phone I would know it is a scam as she was supposed to be in hospital in Belarus, she did the conversation to zoya was how is you man(Zoya thought she was a friend) she said F--K men I only get women for them, she has made a second telephone call since then it is defiantly a scam, but Zoya is unaware of this I wrote and said I will be arriving in Odessa at 10.25 on the 7th may, Tamara has wrote back her son has come home and meet me at the airport take me to zoya's mother and I will go to minsk with her, I wonder if I would ever get from Odessa to kherson? I now know Zoya is Tamara and she is the one who finds women for men I do not know if Zoya is the same as Zoyas pictures but she exists and the women in the picture does to who is said to be zoya is a big part in the scam her dog is always in her pictures and I have heard it when I telephoned things I have sent are in her pictures, who ever runs this agency I believe keeps Zoya Zoryana's pictures on all these sites are getting the commission from these sites so they are scamming them to, also the way I was introduced to her I would say the other women aware or not are used to direct men to her, so she can pick what I would say easy targets like me it is unlikely a single parent is going to jump on a plane to the ukraine, it is a much easier option to bring the women her if you think you have found a perfect match I would imagine this women has no conscience she not only hates men but uses the women of the agency to gain money, I will attach some etails.Thank you for your help.
Best Regards


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