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First name: Audrey
Last name: Thomas
Age: 31
Teresa Peoples, Karen Andersen, Stephany Parker, Bridget Thomas
Teresa Peoples, Karen Andersen, Stephany Parker, Bridget Thomas
Name aliases:
Audry, Bridgett, Bridgette, Caren, Karren, Stefanie, Steffany, Stephane, Stephani, Stephanie, Stephenie, Stepheny, Teressa, Terresa, Terressa, Theresa, Theresah
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Borno (Nigeria); Lagos (Nigeria)
Also claims to be in:
Houston, Texas (USA); Boston, Massachusetts (USA); Adelaide (Australia); Paradice, Arizona (USA); St. Louis, Missouri (USA); Istanbul (Turkey); Lebanon, Pennsylvania (USA); Alpine, New Jersey (USA)
N 60 street, Paradice, Arizona 85353, USA
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Adult Friend Finder


REPORT N1 (added on August, 27, 2014)
Frank (USA)
Was contacted by this person under the username frenhud (or variation thereof), asked for my email and got off the site. Claims to work for UNICEF, is in West Africa, and will be home in a week.
REPORT N2 (added on April, 2, 2014)
Dave (USA)
I sent a message to a 30 year old woman in Boston, MA with a profile on adultfriendfinder, tybee75. She replied through AFF and asked for my email address. I sent my email address through AFF on 3/8/15. On 3/9/15 she deactivated her AFF account, and sent me an email. We communicated by email every few days until 3/27/15. In her initial email she stated that her name was Teresa Peoples, she was a native of Adelaide, Australia, and moved to Boston 4 years ago to live with her Aunt after both of her parents were killed in a car crash. She also stated that she was currently in Borno, Nigeria, as an LPN on a mission with UNICEF, but would be returning in 2 weeks. She sent me several photos by email. I was very suspicious of her poor grammar and spelling, and after she repeated information about her parents death 3 times, I did some internet research. I was unable to find any information about her or her parents. I did discover that there is a dangerous freeway in Adelaide that has 10-12 fatalities each month. I also discovered that Australia does not have a national language, but has a few hundred, and most speak Australian English, which is not English, and has no formal regulation, which would account for her spelling and grammar errors. I became suspicious again after she explained that the local food made her sick, she had used all her money to buy outside food, and she asked me for money. I refused. After more closely examining her photos, I discovered she was involved with theChive, which is a social media website, and an organization that uses attractive young women to solicit donations for charities. After confronting her, she was upset, but admitted to being involved with theChive, and appeared to be very open and honest with me. I still refused to send her money. She had mentioned a local airport with a Western Union. I researched the area in Nigeria, the Airport, and UNICEF. I found that UNICEF does have a current mission in Borno, and the airport only uses 2 airlines. She told me that UNICEF contracts with a UK airline for all travel. I was able to confirm that. I was still suspicious, but decided that I may have made incorrect assumptions about her honesty. I decided to send her a small amount of money to placate her, and see if she would want to continue with our plans to meet upon her return, even though I would not send her what she wanted. She said that she borrowed $380 from a UNICEF Commandant, and needed to repay it before leaving. I took a gamble, and offered her $160. She was grateful, our communication improved, and we further discussed plans to meet upon her return. I sent $160, plus a $7.50 transaction fee through Western Union on 3/25/15 (tracking number (MTCN) : 8239553758). I received notification that she picked up the money later that day, using a government issued ID. Several days later she explained that her return trip was delayed due to the Nigerian Presidential election, and potential violence. I confirmed the election, and expected violence on the internet. The next day, she essentially professed her love for me, and explained that her return trip was further delayed, but she could escape the danger and return home at her own expense. I became very suspicious, did not respond, and spent the day doing internet research. I discovered a trend of Nigerian UNICEF scams, traced her email & IP address to Moreno Vally, CA, and through a photo search found many of the photos she sent me on several websites, including this one.
REPORT N3 (added on June, 30, 2017)
Richard (USA)
Said she worked for unicef after two weeks needed money for good food said food she received made her sick.
REPORT N4 (added on November, 30, 2017)
Brian (USA)
Lived in St Louis (who knows). Traveled to Turkey to see her sick father. Her purse was stolen and needed $300. Then her father died and needed another $300 for her part of funeral expenses. Then she stopped communication.
REPORT N5 (added on December, 28, 2017)
Harold (USA)

The person in the picture may be real, But when we got to email had a sob story about father died mom remarried and now does drugs, living with aunt and doing charity work in africa, has no friends.


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