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Dating scammer Mariafe Botanero
First name: Mariafe
Last name: Botanero
Age: 23
Ashley Marquez, Jevash Avalled
Ashley Marquez, Jevash Avalled
Name aliases:
Ashely, Ashlee, Ashlee, Ashli, Ashlie, Ashly
Scammer's Location(s):
Boracay (Philippines)
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Badoo, Facebook, Hi 5, Tagged


REPORT N1 (added on November, 14, 2014)
Karl (England)

I first met her on badoo, we was talking for a few days and she pretended to be single mother. I searched her name on facebook and got lucky to find her facebook profile with about 2 years history showing she was in a serious relationship with a ******* which looked like a guy and acts like a guy. there was 100s of photos of them kissing and cuddling and laying in bed together and going to expensive hotels together. I quickly started to question her about what i found since both of them even had relationship showing they was married to each other on facebook and telling everyone that they was husband and wife. MARIAFE or ashley as she likes to call herself tried to tell me they wasnt really a couple and it was just for a joke and pretended to make out she was totally straight and only liked men and didnt like women and didnt want to have ******* relationship. she then started to tell me she was 2 months behind on her rent and owed her landlady 20000pesos and needed to pay the money that very same day or both herself and her 14 year old sister and her 2 year old daughter was going to be thrown out on the street and homeless and pretended to cry. i kind of pretended to play a waiting game to try and gather more proof and said i would help her clear rent arrears but would need time to build trust up. she then told me after about 15 minutes that her landlady was willing to give one extra week. as time was getting closer to when she wanted the money i told her i needed a few more days and made it clear to her that under child protection laws her landlady could not kick a 2 year old baby out on the street and with that she got in a huge mood with me and tried telling me there is no child protection laws in the philippines to stop her landlady from making them homeless. with that i emailled the local government department in boracay and even sent her proof of me sending email to them because i refuse to see any 2 year old baby kicked out on the street. when she saw me trying to protect myself from being scammed she started having a huge go at me and ended up blocking me on facebook and even changed her name on there.
Created: 2014-11-14    Last updated: 2014-11-14    Views: 1431