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Dating scammer Elena Alesandrovna Rogova

DATING SCAMMER Elena Alesandrovna Rogova

First name: Elena
Last name: Alesandrovna Rogova
Age: 32
Name aliases:
Alenka, Elanka, Eleena, Elen, Elenka, Elenochka, Elenushok, Elenushoka, Elenushulenka, Eli, Ellena, Ellene, Elona, Helen, Helena, Helenachka, Jelena, Lena, Lenaa, Lenchik, Lenka, Lennochka, Lennok, Lenochka, Lenok, Lenusha, Lenushulenka, Lenusia, Lenusial, Lenusik, Lenusikka, Lenusya, Lienkchik, Lleena, Olena, Olena, Yelena
Scammer's Location(s):
Elabuga (Russia)
Russia, Elabuga, Kazanskaya str., 13, apartment 34
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Flirt, Naughty Fever


REPORT N1 (added on December, 1, 2014)
Morten (Norway)

Get in touch with her on Flirt.*** asked about my private mail address I have sent e-mail with her in three months.
She asked for money to go to me, also asked for money to show off to get visum. She asked a total of 1600 euros.
On Flirt she called Elena4love.

Scam Letters

Emails from Elena Alesandrovna Rogova to Morten (Norway)
Hi there! I am happy to receive your reply, it gives me an understanding that you have an interest in me too.
I'm sorry I did not answer the letter. I left my grandmother for the weekend and could not check the mail. What have you new? What are you doing these days?
I never got to know through the Internet. This is my first experience on the Internet. Do not even know where to begin our acquaintance.
I think you need to tell a little about yourself. My name is Elena. I'm 31. I'm lonely, and I have no children. I live in Russia, I hope this is not a problem for you? With the help of a dating site, I want to find a man for himself. I can not find the necessary man in Russia, which I could connect my life. In addition need our men do not want a serious relationship, they prefer to go for a walk and drink a lot. Obviously, there are many men here, but most of them have one goal - only ***. I need a serious relationship. I have no children and never been married, I think that at my age I seriously need to think about it. For my entire life I have never seen a man with whom I want to spend my whole life. So I decided to use the internet to find a man. I have no luck with men in Russia, and I do not want to go back to my heart was broken. I need an honest, loyal, caring man. The man, whom I will trust everything. I'm not looking for fun and games. You understand me do?
Please read my words and write a sincere answer. If we continue our acquaintance,

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