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Photo of scammer Olesya Koftum


First name: Olesya
Last name: Koftum
Age: 34
Olesya Kovtum, Olesya Kovtun, Olesya Kofyun
Olesya Kovtum, Olesya Kovtun, Olesya Kofyun
Name aliases:
Alesia, Alesya, Lesya, Ole, Olesea, Olesechka, Olesenka, Olesia
Romance scammer's Location(s):
Ekaterinburg (Russia); Moscow (Russia); St. Petersburg (Russia)
Russia, 620000, Ekaterinburg, Bazhov str., 72-10
Phone number(s):
E-mail address(es):
Operates on site(s):
Fdating, Lava Place


REPORT N1 (added on January, 2, 2015)
Phil (Switzerland)

This person has been pursuing me for 15 months telling me that she loves me, that she wants to be with me, etc. She wrote to me on LavaPlace where I am a member. She initiated the contact, not me.
She sent me countless emails (350 emails or more) asking for money to send her in order for her to buy the ticket or travel package (like she calls it) to come to visit me.
For 15 months I was extremely wary of her and her insistence to want to come visit me while she never met me. Finally after I gathered all the information about her like her phone number, her passport copy, he address and where she works I nevertheless sent her CHF 400.
The money was sent in her mother's name Valentina Koftun.
As soon as she received the money she started to hesitate about coming. Then when I asked her to return the money to me or come, she didn't respond to neither requests.
REPORT N2 (added on January, 9, 2015)
Harry (Germany)

I corresponded with "Olesya" from 17th December, 2014 until the beginning of January 2015. She sent me many photos which look identical to the person listed as Olesya Kovtun (or Koftun) on your site. Also, the style of writing is very similar. The only difference is that my Olesya claims to live in St. Petersburg while your listed version from "Phil of Switzerland" is in Ekaterinburg. All aspects of her "life story" are similar to that detailed in the letters received by Phil - for example, that she has a rich father who owns a civil engineering company and that she works as an accountant for such firms.
REPORT N3 (added on June, 30, 2016)
Ale (Mexico)

She has been writing to me for two years and a half, I have sent her $3000 for a tickets, but she never came. She claimed that she has lost the money through the Agency and that she wants more. I told her that I would send her an electronic ticket and she refused, she only wants cash. I haven`t sent her any money for the past year and a half because I felt that she just stealing from me. She has sent me more than a thousand love mail and very beautiful photos (all photos have the same person and that deceived me). She even held a not with my name and date along with her facial photo to prove that she was the one!. She even sent me an agreement signed by her and her both parents. She used to call me for one minute only many times, but she never answered when I called her. When I asked her to talk through SKYPE she got mad. I am glad I found her at the scammer page even though Its kind of too little too late, but I hope I can help the other before its too late!
REPORT N4 (added on March, 28, 2017)
Ralf (Germany)

You have to pay for many flights.
You become many promise for money from her father.
But something real never happens!
Telephone calls from her last a maximum of 1 minute.
Even to reach it is never telephone!
Popular excuses for missing funds for FlYhe for them are:
- Mistakes in the travel agency
- Error during transfer to the travel agency
- Error in transferring the documents to the travel agency
- disappear the documents on the way to the airport
- Frauliche time before the flight and therefore move the flight
- Attack and steal the papers and other things 1 day before the flight
- no replacement of the flight by the travel agency or insurance company
- endless reasons by repeatedly shifting or failing the flight
- Moving the flight due to issuing a platinum card from her father for the Travel and use also cheated us!
Do not let yourself be wrapped up!
This woman will never change!
Alone during the conversation with me she had contact with Phil, Switzerland, Harry, Germany and Ale, Mexioco.
And over a period of several years at the same time !!
Do not be kidding !!

Scam Letters

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 1
Phil I welcome you. In the first I very much hesitate, in the second I do not see your photo, in third I very much I WANT WILL get acquainted With YOU!
With what to me to begin? I was in Zurich 4 hours, at the airport when flied from Portugal to Moscow and there I have bought TASTY TASTY CHOCOLATE!!!)))))

Time of 0: 46 minutes. Time night...... I want to sleep.
But as you see, I have found time for you what to write you though that what to confirm the desire will get acquainted with you.

Phil my name is Olesia. I live in Russia, in the city of Ekaterinburg, worked as model in Moscow, and now I am engaged in favourite business - accounts department and projective department of civil engineering firms. My hobby - is cookery and walks on wood. And still I want to be alloyed on the rivers. Probably because I love calmness and the nature, far away from city vanity.
My father the well-founded man, the owner of civil engineering firm throughout 15 years. My mum the housewife, very much likes to be engaged in gardening, and the brother has the family.

My intentions to you Phil the serious. I would not want to be late long in correspondence, I want the real man for real life! Also I want to live in more best and cultural country and thus to live in love.

Tell about itself, send a photo please and what girl it is necessary for you for entire happiness?

I look forward to hearing Phil, thanks for the future answer. Thanks.

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 2
Greetings Phil. At me evening, in some hours to sleep, all body is ill, muscles are ill, after on for yesterday's sports. But.... A pain pleasant. :).
I sit in Russia. You there I here. To rejoice or not to rejoice? (About it I will not write, YOU UNDERSTAND ALL). Today there was a first working day in Russia, but it is 50/50. As the country has a rest to 7 or till January, 8th. Because Russian Christmas approaches. I do not want to run into religious polemics, but for me is the big strangeness to mark Christmas in January. All right.
Phil, my mum asks and in Switzerland there are Russian restaurants? You were there? What there? What menu?
Question I will prepare for you - for you soups. You love the such? To me many people have told that in Switzerland there are no soups. How so?! Yes really kitchens of nations of the world happen differ on a variety. You tell what dishes in your diet are the cores.
But nevertheless, to live without liquid dishes to me it seems difficultly. In the first it is useful for a stomach, and in the second is tasty. You eat the first dishes or the second more?
I all think, what colour your kitchen table? What form, you put what devices on a table for a dinner, or all do quickly?! (Do not laugh). I very much like even being at home to arrange fine service from tableware. It so is simple and during too time it is very pleasant. It is possible to create to itself so much pleasant and to create to itself good eveni

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 3
I wait from you the letter. My father has told to me that at its friends means in the Swiss bank have blocked, and today Russia have expelled from the international seven. Sanctions are imposed on Russia! 1000 people cannot leave for limits of Russia in this summer.
It will concern officials, but not simple people.
And against all it my father has a rage to foreigners and it and its friends want to put forward independently the name in the black list. It spits to America! Here a site as officials want to bring themselves in the black list itself. Russian officials spit for the whole world! It is the ERROR And THEY are not right! Our governors go mad! But SIMPLE PEOPLE I WILL SUFFER!!!

BUT Putin will not break spirit of the people! NEVER!

I look forward to hearing.

Learn by heart a verse! :). And our first kiss will be only after you will retell to me this verse. I (joke).

I have met the woman... Impossible!
As a cat soft, careful.
I have met the woman... Interesting!
And to anybody up to the end the unknown person.
I have met the woman... The Madwoman!
Any miracle in this world the come.
I have met the woman... Wildly the passionate!
With hot heart, inflammable.
I have met the woman …. Very gentle.
As snow flakes in weather snow.
I have met the woman... Very sad.
With melancholy on heart, yes simply Russian.
I have met the woman... Very different.
When in cares, once the idle.
I have met the woman... Has simply met.

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Phil (Switzerland) part 4
Good morning Phil. At me the dream was, you lay over me in a hover and repeated my movements. Between us was approximately 50 I see In the sleep felt your heat and even a smell. And so all night long. Has woken up in the morning, as though did not sleep all night long..... You were so really close.

This note to you in Switzerland through phone, simply. So since yesterday evening, having closed the eyes you was a number.
I not superstitious and I do not trust in dreams. But it is simply pleasant. Of what he thinks all the day long and about whom its thoughts are absorbed completely dreams the person.

Hold my note to you. WAIT for my LETTER.
You also write. Urgently.

I would will open the computer what to see from you notes! Very much I want to open the computer more likely.

Yours Olesia

Good morning mine Phil. Urgently I go to shop and I will buy the charger for my laptop, cost approximately in 20$. I have casually left yesterday the charger in shopping centre, have left. And has then arrived, and there it is not present. Who from visitors has taken away my charger. A floor of hour of tears and I in rate.
In Switzerland who be would take away the charger? In Switzerland who would be would take away the another's?
I would trust that in Switzerland people SEARCHED for THAT the COMA to RETURN the charger.
But here...

I will waste time and 20$ what to purchase the charger for my laptop. But me ha

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Harry (Germany)
Mine Harry, I welcome you. Thanks for the letter. Read your letters, thanks once again. Fine. It is healthy to read your letters.
If I do not answer that I work, I will always call back.
Write sms.

We always want to go there where us love or is in that society in which us appreciate. Certainly. Therefore me pulls to you even more.
Thanks you Harry.
Probably I now will tell to you thanks. Thanks Harry. Thanks for all. I am able to be grateful.
Has a little quarrelled with the girlfriend, I have made to it of good so much, and it as a result has made which that the bad. Also you know, it so is sick and so it is opposite.
I try to understand its point of view, but I can not. Sometimes I would like to ask you council, but I will ask only then when we will spend time together, what to me to learn what you live))) and what character from you. :). My mum speaks to me that I need to "relax and be able to live"is violet". That is not to endure, accept people such what they is also nothing to wait from people, despite that you have made for them. But at me character perfectionist. To me that is difficult when that"not ideally".
And it can be never simple was the girlfriend? The true friend will be always grateful also to the true. Here again, I start to arrange the person under the frameworks. But after all there are simple concepts. Norms. Conscience. Correctness. Same so it is normal.
I think that in the world there are true.

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Ale (Mexico)
Looking at you, looking at your letters and our plans for the future - I completely intertwine with you. It is not alien. It not the others. It for me so related and. And I understood here that - water will always find a hole! spring. fighting from under the earth. In the beginning we have a fontanel. And here any more not a streamlet, but river. But the river will be in Mexico. The love as the river will be in Mexico. And after there will be a lake in which will settle on a bottom any dirt, stones, heavy particles. And after falls. Tons of the river collapse down and any more not to stop it.
Ale, I learned today as the falls are arranged and I was surprised. It is comparable with our relations, with love. There are falls, water in falls consists of clear water because before falls the lake on which bottom settles heavy particles is always formed.
All bad will settle on a bottom and we will publish tons of love, kind words and creating kind thoughts at each other.
You understand?
Here is how I see ours with you the relations. Here is how I see you. Here is how I see us with you. The noisy river flowing into the lake and creating falls of the honest relations. Honest and sincere feelings! Sincere love.
You will hear from me tons of words of gratitude. Tons of sincere kisses. Tons of complaisance and attention. Because the streamlet will always find the course. Water will always find a hole. And the love always to turn into the river, into a s

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Ralf (Germany) part 1
Ich begru?e Sie!
Ich habe euch die Verhei?ung, dass ich Ihnen den Brief zu schreiben, wie ich jetzt tun erfolgreich gemacht.
Wenn Sie wussten, wie viele Buchstaben hat auf mich auf einer Dating-Website gefallen, so ich als Gluck, hier in Rente gehen))).
Ich mochte den Menschen, die mehr altere mich, bescheiden und nett ist wie)
Entschuldigung, wenn ich, dass diese nicht so spreche ich).
Mein Name ist Olesya, ich lebe in Russland. Ich fair, freundlich und sehr bescheiden.
Mein Vater sehr der Mann der Mittel, der Besitzer des Tiefbauunternehmen.
Trotz Wartung, wurde Ich mag ein normales Leben, NORMAL und ruhiges Leben mit dem Geliebten.
Und wenn Sie einen Flugel haben, ist es moglich, wenn, dass ich fur Sie einen Song spielen ....
In dem ich Gefuhle auszudrucken ....

Mich jetzt Abend. Ich will ausziehen und schlafen.

Ich hoffe, von Ihnen den Brief, mit dem Informationen uber Sie. Wie richtig anruft auch, welche Madchen ist es notwendig, die Sie fur das gro?te Gluck?

Ich freue mich auf Anhorung.

Mit freundlichen Gru?en, Sie Olesya!

Ralf dankt Ihnen, dass Sie mir den Brief geantwortet. Dank auch fur Ihre Fotos.
Ich werde froh sein, Ihnen zu sehen nach einem Foto, wenn Sie mir erlauben. Auch ich werde froh sein, Ihre Postanschrift zu sehen, die ich konnte Ihnen eine bescheidene russische Geschenk fur Weihnachten zu senden!
Vielen Dank fur den kurzen Brief.
Ich sehr gesellig Ralf, in der Kindheit

Romance scam letter(s) from Olesya Koftum to Ralf (Germany) part 2
Sie verstehen den Text in Englisch oder in deutscher Sprache ist besser ??? Vielen Dank fur su?e Fotos.
Ich bin gerade von einem Fitness-Studio angekommen. Heute haben Sie den Tag. Bergwerk Ralf, ich bete Ihre Briefe. Ich verehre. Sowie uber alle I IHREM SCHREIBEN SIE SAGEN, um: JA JA JA. Und wie Sie von Bosingfeld Ralf ist es moglich, sich zu weigern ?! Ich bin uberrascht, wie bis jetzt so, wie hoflich und kulturellen Kerl ein ?! Ob bei Ihnen in Bosingfeld Madchen blenden das ?! Und es kann ein Schicksal das Madchen eines Auges wurde alles, was du mir zu schlie?en sein ?!
An diesem Morgen war in einem Fitness-Studio und hat dort eine Etage des Tages verbrachte. Fuhren von 5 km, dann schwimmen und Yoga. Nachdem wir das Abendessen mit dem Vater zusammen. Wir scherzten und sprach uber ernste Dinge. Ich habe mit dem Vater von dir erzahlt. Der Vater ist froh, fur mich. Es stort nicht mit meinem Privatleben wenn ich sehe, dass stark beunruhigt, sehr stark macht sich Sorgen um meine Idee, auf die man fur am anderen Ende der Welt zu verlassen))).
Mein Vater wird uns mit Ihnen in Bosingfeld das Haus kaufen. Der Vater wird uns mit dem Kauf Kleinbetrieb, zum Beispiel ein Treibhaus / Blumen-Shop, uber den Anbau der sibirischen Rosen. Ich mochte an die Bevolkerung, was nutzlich sein Service zu geben. Wie man denkt, was sie an einem Freizeit Blumen wachsen und den Menschen Freude zu bereiten? Noch der Vater hat gesagt, dass uns mit auf der Kaseherstellun


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