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In database 15136 scam letters sets now.
It's the largest collection of scam letters sets used online.

This function can be useful in checking questionable letters you receive from women on dating sites or from an unknown source.

Scammers make use of the same pre-written letters which are sent to different men. They can change photos, names, e-mail addresses and other things. But rarely do they write an original or personalized letter. Your goal is to discover if you have been the target of scam artist. If you come across the same letters in our database, this is to tell you that you are dealing with a scammer. That's all you need to know.

Just copy and paste into the scam letters search field a phrase from the letter and search our database of letters from known scammers. For instance: you received the following letter:

"Hi. My name is Lana. I'm new on the dating site. I don't have time for chat. I want to find my unique man!!! I would like to meet you face to face. I know you are online now and can read my message. I ask you, please, please, please find time to write me at my E-mail. Or give me your e-mail address, please. OK? So I can write to you back. I will be waiting. Your letter will be important for me."

You copy, paste and perform a search for the phrase "I would like to meet you face to face". In the search results you'll find all scammers that have written letters containing this phrase to men in the past.

If the phrase did not match any letters on our site, search using different phrase(s) or phrase(s) from another letter. It is recommended to select phrases from the first letters you receive. They are usually generalized and the least personalized.