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Name: Patiance Botchwey
Age: 34
Name: Edith Cyrille Gauthier
Age: 26
Name: Irina
Age: 30
Name: Julia Sedak
Age: 24
Name: Maria Mironova
Age: 25
Name: Alena Artemyeva
Age: 34
Name: Maria Ulgolnikova
Age: 29
Name: Polina Vyrupaeva
Age: 32
Name: Michelle
Age: 38
Name: Dorice Barnes
Age: 37
Name: Nora Bakubar
Age: 23
Name: Karen Hills
Age: 37
Name: Charlotte Giavana Boahem
Age: 38
Name: Alisha Aberscher
Age: 25
Name: Jennifer
Age: 29